happy life (episode 5)


Hai frnds. I knw many of u thought tat precap is wierd . It will b cleared in this episode .

The episode starts with bulbul waits for purab in her college. She thinks I have to confess my feelings to him . God pls give me courage. She keeps on looking her watch and college entrance . A cute smile comes on her face as she saw purab coming. She was lost in her thoughts if I u accept my love then I’ll be the most luckiest and happiest person in the world and came back to senses wen purab waves his hands before her face. Purab asks wat happened ? She replies nothing shall we go . purab nods yes and says Actually bulbul you look so beautiful today.

Kadhal cricket uh vilundiruchu wicket uh unna nanum parthadalae aanaenae duckout uh plays… ( pls imagine the song until rabul’s part ends).

Bulbul takes purab to the auditorium while walking purab was talking abt something but bulbul was only watching him without listening. She introduces to him to her frnds. And leaves the place as someone called her wen she came back she was at peak of anger n jealous as one of her frnds n purab became close. She drags him from tat place by saying silly reasons and takes him to some other place. She tries to speak abt her luv she was interrupted r disturbed by someone. And finally she proposes purab.

Purab was shocked for sometime time. And gives a box to her. As purab didn’t say anything bulbul thinks he is gonna reject her. She opens the box n shocked to see full of her favorite chocolates ( she told purab tat she loves chocolates long ago) with a note WILL U MARRY ME. Bulbul was overjoyed and hugs purab.he hugs her back and thinks iam sry bulbul Iam hiding a truth from u moreover it is not the right time to say abt it.

Meanwhile in ishani’s home.

Ishu was chatting with frnds. She was shocked to see tat she had received few love msgs frm abhi. She rubs her eyes and sees the display again. She thinks no doubt its abhi only.i hav to talk with him.

Their conversation begins( through message)
I: wat is this
A: wat?
I: the message which u sent me before
A: wat is wrong in that .
I: hav u lost ur mind? ( ishu becomes angry after seeing tis kind of replies)
A: i had send tat msg to my love. I don’t know wats wrong in tat
l: i thought tat u r a gud person. Is tis a way how u behave with girls who u call sister.
ishu throws her phone on bed and thinks abhi had not behaved lik tis before. He treated me only like his sister not more than tat.
After sometime ishu receives a msg frm abhi
Iam extremely sry sister. I didnt mean it. It was sent by a mistake. Iam so sry.

abhi informs abt tis to pragya. Pragya i dnt knw wat ishu will think abt me. Can u pls talk with her pls. Pragya agrees.

pragya calls ishu.
P: sry ishu that msg was sent my mistake.
I: how do u knw abt tat
P: abhi informed me. He feels really bad.
I: can’t he even check the number before he send a message( with quite angry tone)
P: i understand ishu. Actually abhi send tat msg to u instead of sending me. It was not done any intention.
I: wat he had send tat msg instead of sending u with a shocktone. Pragya wats happening.
Pragya remains silent for a while. And starts to speak actually ishu… Ishu says wait I’ll put bulbul in conference.
I: now say pragya
A flashback is shown.

Abhi asked pragya to wait for him in the temple where they usually meets. Pragya was thinking y he told me to come alone. Is there any problem between him and his father again?( actually abhi’s father wants him to become a engineer but abhi wants to become a singer so they will have quarells and fights often) Abhi comes there
P: wat happened abhi y u told me come alone?
A: i need ur help
P: yeah tell me
A: i need to confess a thing to something. But am afraid tat they will avoid r hate me.
P: tell wat u want to say. Leave the rest in gods hand(she thinks tat abhi is talking abt his father)

A: ok then pragya u r very special to me. Wen am with u i feel tat whole world is under me and I feel I can achieve anything in my life. My life will b incomplete without u. I need ur frndship throughout my life. Will u marry me pragya.
Pragya was shocked as she didn’t expect tis. After sometime she speaks. Abhi u knw abt me n family my dad is going to be retired by the end of this year. I have few responsibilities and wish to support my father financially can u pls wait until tat. Abhi replies no way pragya gets sad n was abt to leave. Abhi continued then who will isro after graduation ur sister? Iam going to wait until tat. Pragya gets teary eyes and hugs abhi . She thinks he gives respect to my ambition too. Abhi thinks I will give u all happiness in the world and make al ur dreams true. Oru padhi kadavu neeyadi plays…
Fb ends
Hearing tis ishu says wen tis all happened. Pragya says last week. Ishu shocks last week…. Bulbul asks rachu knows abt tis ah? Pragya replies yes. Ishu says so u got time to inform rachu n not to us. U forgot abt us na? In a sad tone. Pragya says nothing like tat da I don’t know how to say. Ishu says if abhi didn’t send me msg me n bulbul will be unaware abt tis until u say.
p: I was thinking to say … Ishu interrupts and says if we both wait then we have to wait for another 10 yrs.

Bulbul says guys I have tto say something and narrates wat happened .

I: today both of u r giving me many shocks. Is rachu is single or she is also in luv?
P: no seeing
I: anyways happy for u both
I n p: bulbul will u send at least photo of purab or we have to wait for years.
B: wait I’ll send u both
Call ends. After seeing purab’s photo ishu thinks I have seen him somewhere.
A leap of 4 yrs

Precap: ishani’s engagement, pragya has a feeling of being followed by someone.

Thanks for the support frnds. Hope u all like tis episode . Iam sry if it was boring. Dnt forget to post ur comments both positive n negative comments r welcomed. Byee….

Credit to: rithu

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