happy life (episode 4)


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The episode starts with abhi n pragya reaches another college for a singing competition. They move to the auditorium after their registration is done. After some time various competitions like paper presentation, dance,quiz takes place

after some time they call abhi as the 1st participant for singing. He starts to sing un parvai podum vanam mela nilavu theavai illai… And oru malai elaveyil neram azaghana elaiyudhir kalam … They was a great applause wen he finishes. After some participants pragya was called to stage. She sings un vizhigalil vilundhu nan elugiraen elundum yen marubadi vilugiraen… . Everyone enjoys her singing. As the results will b announced later the students were asked to have their lunch. As abhi gets a cal frm his mom he asks pragya to buy lunch for him also. Pragya says ok and leave.

after talking abhi searches for pragya.he searches her for a long time . And finally found her near garden. He saw pragya was talking to someone but he couldn’t see the face. He came near called her. She turns with a happy face n says cme abhi meet my frnd we both meet after a long time. Abhi thinks who is that and shocked to see the person. IT WAS SURESH.

Abhi hugs him happily and asks how r u my frnd? Pragya was puzzled. Suresh explains pragya tat they were classmates in 11th n 12th. Pragya says guys iam very hungry lets hav lunch n continue our chat. They go to canteen and strts to have their lunch. While eating pragya n Suresh were continuously talking abt thier school days. Meanwhile abhi was looking at thier faces with a reaction guys have u both forgot me? I’m also here pls consider me. Abhi feels jealous n possessive abt pragya. Even though he knows that Suresh is her frnd he can’t tolerate that pragya totally forgot abt him.
he keeps the plate without eating.
Suresh says ok frnds I have some work so I have to leave. Abhi thinks thank god he is leaving( appada oru valiya kelambaran).suresh hugs abhi and gives shakes hand with pragya . Watching tis abhi was at the peak of jealous.

Results were announced in eveng abigya has won the the first place. They receive thier certificates and leave. While on the way to home abhi was lost in his thoughts he thinks I can’t bear pragya talking to another guy. He is my frnd too. Then y I behaved strangely today? Wat happened to me? I haven’t felt tis before. He says to himself pragya is more than a frnd to me. Meanwhile pragya thinks y today abhi behave strangely today.he didn’t eat properly too . Is there any problem in his house? And thinks I have to talk with him.

A month passed

Bulbul was talking regularly with purab. As days pass on her feelings becomes strong day by day. She thinks to confess her feelings to him and invites purab for the symposium of her dept . Which is going to be held in a couple of weeks.

Ishani thinks nowadays bulbul is talking to her properly. Even wen I call her ,her mobile is busy most of the time. Ishu doubts tat is bulbul is in luv with someone. Ishu speaks to pragya regarding this pragya says dnt ask her anything until she says. Ishu agrees.
Precap: ishu receives love messages from abhi

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Credit to: rithu

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