happy life (episode 3)


Hai frnds sry I couldn’t upload long episode as I was busy in my family function.thanks a lot for ur support and comments and for the silent reader who spend their time for reading my ff.
Pragya who was lost in her thoughts came back to her senses as rachana called her. Pragya asks wat rachu? Rachana says u nly told me we can go for temple today. Hav u forgot?. Pragya says sry lets go.she looks at the clock which is attached to a photo frame on her table. (the photo frame has pragya,ishu n bulbuls group photo. All the three has same piece of clock with them). She smiles at it and leaves for the temple with rachu. Lets see abt rachu

Rachu: rachu is the only daughter of her parents. She loves her mom vry much as she broght up her with lot of struggles as rachus father passed away wen she was a child.she is persuing her 2nd year bba in trichy neighbour as well as clse frnd of pragya and gud frnd of ishu n bulbul too.
Let me expain wat are all happened in the lep of 3 yrs. Pragya was persuing her 2nd year of engineering in trichy and in a plan to join isro after the completion of her degree. Bulbul n ishu are persuing thier 2nd yr of engineering and bsc respectively in coimbatore. Meanwhile nisha got married and has a cute 2 yr old kid akshara.the sad part is the three frnds couldn’t get a chance to meet in three yrs and they lost their contact with suresh.

Back to the story…
Pragya n reaches temple . pragya does archana for bulbul as it was her bday. Wen they was abt to leave pragya collides with someone. Its abhi.
Abhi: classmate n gud frnd of pragya n rachu. Intersted in singing and travelling. Talkative n humourous. And he is very much interested in luv marriage.
Conversation between them:
P: hai abhi.
R: hai anna(tis is how rachu calls him.it means brother)
A: hai guys..
P:wat a miracle u came here

A: to remind u abt the competition . u r coming tmrw right?
P:yeah sure
(there is a inter college competition abigya hav enrolled their name for singing)
A: how is my sisters?
(he asks abt ishu n bulbul. Actually he talks regularly with ishu n rarely with bulbul)
P: both r gud. Ok its getting late I’ll meet u tmrw.
Rachu and pragya leaves.(actually frnds abhigya are very close and they like each other but till now they didn’t realize their feelings for other)
Meanwhile in Coimbatore:
In bulbul’s home. Conversation between ishu n bulbul
I: hai bday baby how was the competition?.(bulbul went for another college for a dnce competition with her frnds)

B: hai ishu and starts to describe wat happened ( a flashback is shown)
Bulbul hurries to get the registration form as she was late. She asks for the registration form but the boys who were sitting there didn’t respond properly they starts teasing her. She got tempered and shouts at them. A boy who was looking lik the leader of the gang holds her hand tight and says how dare u?. bulbul tries to remove his hand but she cant . her hand starts to bleed.
Suudenly someone comes and slaps that guy and shouts is this is the way how u behave to other college students ? in very anger tone. Its purab.

Purab is the final year student and secretary of their dept too.
Purab asks bulbul whether she is ok. Bulbul nods yes. He gives her firstaid. And helps her in the registration as she forgot to bring her id proof in the hurry. Purab stays with her the whole day as she might get trouble by those guys again.
Fb ends.
Hearing this ishu says thank god he saved u. as she got a call from her mom she leaves.
But bulbul didn’t ishu that she likes purab and got his phonenumber.
Nxt day abhigya reaches another college for their singing competition

Precap: abhi gets jealous as pragya was talking to someother guy

Pls share your comments about the episode whether it is boring or not. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed.bye…..

Credit to: rithu

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