happy life (episode 27)


aliya,nikkil,Suresh n tanu r shocked to see pragya,ishu,rachu n bulbul’s shocked n tensed faces.
Tanu: aliya di wats happening here y they r looking tensed.
Aliya: I don’t knw lets go n ask them
Suresh: hai everyone
Seeing them our heroines become more tensed.
Nikkil: hey wat happened y r u looking so tensed.
Pragya,bulbul,ishu,rachu speaks together at a time. Other 4 couldn’t understand wat they r saying.
Tanu: shh.. Speak one by one .
First pragya.
A flashback is shown.
Before 4 hours
Ishu,rachu,bulbul picked pragya frm clg n reached home as kids had extracurricular classes they had informed rv n purab to pick them..
Wen pragya entered her room she saw tat room was fully decorated n there was a card on the table written happy anniversary. She took the card n thinks anniversary??? . Today is not our luv anniversary r wedding anniversary I don’t know which anniversary he is planned to celebrate. She searches for abhi suddenly someone blindfold her n says happy anniversary dr ( of course he is abhi) . Pragya removes his hand n looks him puzzled. Abhi: hey y u r looking puzzled? Dnt u remember today is our anniversary ( pragya still blinks n nods no). Hey pragya we got engaged on tis day 7 yrs back.hope u remember.

Pragya: I totally forgot abt tat. Wat happened u haven’t celebrated tis day before.
Abhi: special occasions have to be celebrated. I have something for u n switches on the tv.
The video starts with the song unnalae ennalum en jeevan vazhudae..
All abhigyas pics starting from their clg days,their special moments,Bangalore trip, engagement dance, marriage pics,pragyas pregnancy times, abhis torture to make pragya to eat well. Abhis crying pic wen pragya was in labour ward ( while seeing tis video pragya gets emotional n leans her head on abhis shoulder on seeing abhis crying pic she gets surprised n looks abhi with the sign is tat true he nods yes.). The video continues with their special moments with keerthi. Her naughtiness. Pragya n abhis happiness wen keerthi started to speak . N whatever special moments tat happened in the past 7 yrs n the video ends with the slide happy anniversary n happy mothers day. Pragyas eyes were welled with tears at the end of the video.
Pragya: thanks for all the happiness tat u gave me in these yrs. N hugs him
Abhi: no need to say thanks. I had all the happiness in my life coz of u. coz of u nly I got 3 lovable sistrs ,3 close frnds n a little angel as my daughter. N wipes her tears. Keerthi comes shouting happy mothers day amma. Pragya lifts her n says tq my princess n asks u have extracurricular classes na thn how did u came?
Abhi: she dnt hav class today . I nly said her to lie to surprise u . Infact she only helped me to decorate the room.

Nxt ishu started
Usually wen I enter the room after I came from boutique I will see surya n swathi’s pic first . But today wen I entered I found the room filled with me n ranveers pic n me n RVs childhood pic near surya swathi’s pic. Before I see other pics rv closed my eyes n said happy anniversary. I removed his hand n looked shockingly n surprised. As it was not our wedding anniversary
Rv: I know the reason for ur shock.but think well today nly we got engaged
Ishu: we got engaged in April not may.
Rv: I knw but we exchanged rings for the second time at abhi pragyas engagement do u remember? Ishu nods yes . I wish to celebrate tis on tis day coz u were really happy on tat day and all our frnds were with us on tat day. N made our second engagement complete.
Then he showed other pics which were in the room.infru neatru naalai endrum nee en devadai plays in background. Many photos from their childhood fight,( ishu looks at the pics with a broad smile thinking abt the silly reasons for their fight in childhood days),engagement pics,their b’day celebration in akash’s flat,pics from Bangalore trip,abhigyas engagement, pics took in their marriage n the funny rituals ( which I had mentioned in few episode back), ishu ‘s pregnancy time,surya swathi troubling ishu wen they r young and her best moments in the past yrs.
After seeing all the pics ishu turns to rv with some tears in her eyes n says I luv tis surprise.
Rv: I knw coz surprise is planned by Rv the great.( Ishu stares him.)u hav another surprise n points surya n swathi.both gives ishu a card.made by them. Ishu opens it n sees Happy mothers day mom.we luv u a lot. U r the best. With few drawings . Ishu gets emotional n hugs them n starts to cry. Rv console her n conveys his mothers day wishes.

Next bulbul.
Wen she entered the room she saw her fav cake on the table written happy anniversary on it.purab comes there n explains tat they got engaged 7 yrs back as she also forgot abt tat. Then he takes her another room. She was hell shocked to see the room coz it was full of bulbul’s sketch done by purab. Uyirin uyire unadu vizhiyil en mugam nan kaana vendum plays. The first pic tat saw was feeding a biscuit for a puppy near India gate ( the first moment wen prab saw bulbul). She looked purab surprisingly. He said after my Delhi trip whenever I miss u I would draw ur pic tat will make me to feel Tat u r with me. She was filled with tears seeing all the sketch.
Bulbul: y u didn’t show tis to me before?
Purab: coz I was waiting for tis day. N says happy mothers day n gives another sketch in which bulbul was holding sanju in her hands for the first time. N continues to speak wait I have bought all ur fav chocolates. Bulbul wipes her tears in a hurry n says really? Where is tat?.They came back to their room again n purab opens to fridge to see empty . Bulbul stared him angrily.
Purab: believe me ma I had kept chocolates here nly.
Both of them hears a sound behind curtain they opened it to see sanju eating all the chocolates in a hurry. On seeing them she blinks in shock. Purab n bulbul burst out in laughter onseeing her reaction.

At akchus room.
Akash presented an album of photos from the day they meet until now at their spl occasions.( suda suda thooral polivadhu nee thana plays in background)
Aliya n tanu stares nikkil n Suresh as they didn’t give any surprise today
Suresh: they had surprised u all. For that y u look tensed.
Pr,ishu,rachu,bulbul in chorus: after tat we all gathered in hall n our kids were conveying mothers day wishes through songs ,drawing,n dance in their own cute way. After tat our husbands told tat they have planned another surprise which made us tensed to the core
aliya: wats that
Pr,I,b,r: they gonna prepare dinner by themself.
Aliya,tanu,nikkil,Suresh in chorus : if we had kbw this we would have came here ( idhu therinjirundha vandirukavae matom)
Pragya: lets check wat they r doing
All entered the kitchen.
Abhi was preparing sugar syrup for gulabjamun.
Rv: hey abhi wait wait wat r u doing.
Ab: gonna add sugar
Rv: tis is salt not sugar
Abhi tastes it n finds tat was salt. N says sry some technical problem.
Rv: u can’t say tis to pragya. B careful.
Akash to purab : purab see this curd to soo hard I have to cut this with knife
Purab: tat is paneer not curd.
Rv n purab: better we can order food from restaurant.
AK n ab: gud idea
All others : do tat first.
( I forgot to say tat parul n subhi got married . Parul has a daughter anitha n subhi is pregnant now)
Thandavam piano music plays in background. ..
After some time all had dinner together. And elders were chatting in dinning hall n the kids were playing in the hall along with arjun( Suresh,tanu ‘s son) n Sri ( aliya n nikkils daughter). The screen freezes in with photos of abhigya ,ishveer,Rahul,akchu n their kids in the hall with the note


Thank u for the support frnds which u gave me right from the beginning of the ff. Thanks durga,reshma,ammu,pavi,sharaya,sana,abhigya,kutty,Iola,suga,yagitha,vaishali,tharu,sabeenia,darshmi,shriti,sweatha,karthi sriti,nasima,indu,akshaya,emy,tamizh,sugan,jjjjj ,prince for ur comments sry if had left any of ur names. And thanks silent readers for ur silent support.and finally I have to thank my frnds atchaya,sweatha,priyanka without whom tis ff could not be created. In case if I had hurted ur feelings through tis iam terribly sry drs. Gonna miss u all. Bye take care all the best for newcomers keep rocking. BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY.
With regards
Rithanya selvakumar.

Credit to: rithu

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  1. Rithu.. you have maneged all 4 cpls and kids very well.rocking yaar. Love the way you wrte

    1. Thanks tina

  2. really rocked…. miss u..be back with smoother ff….

    1. Tq sabeenia. Miss u too. Tc frnd

  3. It is awesome. Loved it.

    1. Thanks boomi. Keep smiling always

  4. really rocked…. miss u..be back with another ff….

  5. Awesome amazing I loved it when they heroins say that the heros gonna cook I laughed so hard and after that you gave shock that you have ended this ff and thank you for giving awesome 27 episodes and I would said that you should start a new ff at least just for your readers I would love to read it and this is one of my favourite ff and it has very happy ending and gonna miss this ff

    1. Thanks da thangachi be in contact through mail I had send a mail to u pls check. Miss u ma. Nxt ff ku innum eduvum yosikala da but edavadhu idea kedacha kandipa eludaraen dnt wry but adhu yeppo nu than therila

  6. Superb end really awesome episode n amazing end i dint even expect it thn yeah I vl miss ur ff a lotttttttttttt bt I thk rather than tz it vl never a best end yaar… I hope tat u vl cum with othr ff bt badly miss happy life yaar… Anyway u rocked it yaar

    1. Thanks durga dr gonna miss u badly. I really luv the way u comment. U will express whatever u feel while reading the epi. Luv u dr.
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  7. Awesome rithu…loved it…superb ff…actually I didn’t comment in the before episodes…but I always read ur ffs…so nice…it’s a superb love story. ..good job…thank u so much rithanya selvakumar for this wonderful ff …I will be waiting for ur next ff…so come back with a bang soon…all the best for ur next episode….

    1. Thanks reji. I am big fan of both ur ff I’ve story of romantic couples n abhigya- majic of my love. Both r fantastic. U r a superb writer. All the best keep rocking always.
      I didn’t plan anything abt next ff yet. Lets see. Keep smiling always

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!! Really Such a Beautiful Ending…….I loved it………We have to Thank U for giving such a Beautiful Story to Us……???????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Thanks fo the support tat u hav given reshma. N I really like the way u comment u will express whatever u feel through tat. N its encourages too. Miss u dr.
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  9. So sweet ending rithu. Luv u. All the best fr ur futre. Take care. Always keep smiling and i wish even in ur life there should be a prince and sweet kids as u mentioned in ur luv story. I will miss this happy life. Be hapy drlng.

    1. Mikka nanri tamizh.thanks for the wishes. I also wish tat u shld have a sweet husband n family lik sm.all the best dr.
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