happy life (episode 26)


Exactly after 7 years.
Time: 7 am

At abhigya’s room
Pragya was really shocked to see her room wen she came to give abhis coffee coz everything was neatly arranged which was all in mess a while ago.on the top of this abhi was combing his little princess’s hair.
abhi: ok princess now ur double plat is ready.his little princess told thank u appa n went hear the mirror to tie ribbon. As soon as she saw her reflection on the mirror she screams dad wat u hav done u hav left tis much of hair without combing n stares him
Abhi: y r so overreacting dear. Its a new style n r going to be a trend setter in ur class. She still stares. Pragya : keerthi come here I will comb ur hair.
Keerthi: dad I told u na I wait for mom.u only told tat I will comb ur hair today see wat u have done. Along with double plat I have to put ponytail for the hair u left.
Pragya: keerthi tis is the first time na hereafter dad will comb properly.
Keerthi: ok maa.sry pa I have spoke harshly to u ( by holding her ears) abhi told its ok baby.
Pragya: wat a surprise today u hav woke up early n arranged all the things anything special?.
Abhi: nothing like tat. Stetday u had lot of work n u was very tired so I thought to help u today.
Pragya smiles at him.

keerthi: ok mom n dad I have to revise for my exam so iam going bye.
Ishani was trying very hard to awake Rv n her son. But all her attempts went in vain. They r not ready to get up from the bed.
ishu: both of them r sleepinglik kumbakarnan.if it gets late than both of them will say it’s coz of me I don’t have enough patience iam going to pour bucket of water n heads to leave but a little girl stops her n signs wait.suddenly the little girl screams as if she got hurt. Both rv n the boy gets up n rushes to her. The little girl turns to ishu n says maa mission completed n gives hifi.
Rv: so it’s the plan of mother n daughter to wake us. Come lets go n sleep again.
( sry both the little boy n girl were twins n their names were surya n swathi respectively)
Ishu n swathi stares at them
Swathi: surya we have test today na and u didn’t complete ur homework.have u forgot it?
Ishu: and mr.rv has an important meeting today.
RV N SURYA in chorus I forgot .Rv surya n swathi gets ready. Rv checks his presentation n the kids was preparing for their test in study room.

At RaBul’s room
A little girl was hidden under the bed. Bulbul comes there with a glass of milk n says preethi where r u ? Come n drink tis milk nget ready fast. ( bulbul was searching for her kid as she will daily find a reason to escape from drinking milk).
The kid murmers oh god I hate drinking milk but mom never understand tis n I don’t want to go to school today. I have to find a new reason today.
Finally bulbul found tat she is hiding under the bed. She told tat ok I thought to give tis chocolate milkshake to u instead of milk today its ok I gonna drink tis. Her kid comes out of the been shouts no. Bulbul twist her ears gently n says I knw tat u r hidden under the bed how is my trick to make u come out
Kid: mom tis is not fair.

Bulbul: if my sanju drink tis glass of mik fully n goes to school without saying any reason n excuses ( her daughter name is sanjana). Thn i wil make all ur favorite dishes for dinner.
Sanju: promise? Bulbul: pakka promise
Sanju: mom where is dad?
Bulbul: dad I busy with office work u get ready soon n revise for ur exam
At akchu’s room
AK: rachana pls say rithvik not to play with my files
R: for that u shld keep ur files on ur table if u keep tat near his toys thn he will play. How he will knw tat it is important one or not.
ak: where is he R: getting ready for school
Oops I have forget to say tat abhigya,ishveer,akchu,RaBul lives in the same house. After seeing pragya,ishu,bulbul,rachu ‘s sad faces on the engagement day our Heros thought tat they shld not be separated any more n moreover abhi,tv,purab,akash also become close frnds so now all live in the same house after their marriage. And now pragya is a professor in IIT, bulbul,ishu n rachu runs a boutique together called orchids, purab n Rv have become partners.
Everyone assembled in the dinning table n starts to have breakfast,packed their lunch n gets ready to their office n schools.
Meanwhile hawahawa valvoma luv luv ah inipo ada kasapo va enjoy panlama hawa hawa vazhvoma luv luv ah eduvaga irundalum enjoy panlama. Neatu enna achu adu neatae poyae pochu neatru indru nalai endrum nee than en moochu. Neeyum nanum serdae valum neram pogum thooram mudiyama neelum unnala ulagam azhagachu playa in background (lets us live our life with full of love n let us enjoy n face together whatever happens in our life.whatever happened yesterday is past u r the heartbeat of my entire life. Our journey of life will never end and u make my world beautiful
I knw the translation is horrible iam not tat much well versed in English so pls forgive me if there is anything wrong)

Abhi drops pragya in get clg n goes to his office, bulbul,ishu,rachu goes to their boutique in another car, Rv n pjrab leaves to their office together ,And akash drops the kids in school n goes to his office as it was his turn to drop them in school today.
Keerthi,surya,swathi,Ritvik,sanju goes to their class n sits together n starts to discuss abt the test which is going to be held today ( the 5 kids r studying in the same class n they r best buddies just lik their parents).
Time: 8 pm

Aliya,nikkil ( aliya’s husband) ,Suresh ,tanu ( Suresh’s wife) came to see abhigya,ishveer,akchu,raBul as a surprise. But they were shocked to see pragya,ishu,rachu,bulbul ‘s tensed faces. N thinks wat will be the reason behind tat

Sry frnds due to error in telly updates I couldn’t upload my ff. Welcome back tamizh missed sm a lot. All new comers r doing a great job all the best

Credit to: rithu

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