happy life (episode 24-part 2)


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Recap: bulbul,ishu, rachu shouts stop

Abhigya was puzzled y they shouted lik tis. All three goes to the stage with a mike n starts to speak.
B: excuse me ladies n gentle men. Tis is abhi the rock star’s engagement how it will b complete without music n dance?
R n I : so we have some surprises n shocks to our frnds. Hope u won’t have any problem in this.
Ab: hey wat u guys r doing.
b: we already bought permission from both of ur
parents . Moreover u both can’t escape from us. Just wait n watch wat r all going to happen
abhigya comes down n gets seated.

Bulbul,rachu, ishu dances for kadha kadha kadha kelu iva iva kadha kelu from aaha kalyanam. While they r dancing there was full
abhigyas pictures shown in screen at the stage which was taken at various occasion.
At the end of song the trio drags abhigya to the stage.

Purab, rv n askash were looking at bulbul rachu ishu with shock as they don’t know abt these surprises which they have planned.
rv: purab do u know abt tis
Pu : no rv . They were with us only na how did they plan all these without our knowledge. ( namma kuda thanu irundanga nammaku
theriyama eppadi plan pannanga).
AK: one thing is clear we have to be very careful with these girls. We dnt knw wen they r planning wat ( onnu matum theliva theriyudhu ivanga Kitta jakaradaya irukanum eppo edha plan panranga nu therilaya).

aaliya, parul n subhi were enjoying their

( guys do u want me to continue the char prakash ( akash bro )which I have introduced in previous epi r end tat pls do comments I’ll continue the story according to tat)

After their dance completes. Ishu announces
now it’s time for the dance performance of hero n heroine of the function tat is abhi n pragya n he trio leaves the stage. Abhi looks
as if she is ok with it. Pragya nods yes.

They dances romantically for the song vaseegara en nenjinika un ponn madiyil thoonginal podum. While dancing both lost in each others eyes thinking abt their happy n fun moments together. they came back to senses after the applause tat came after the end of the song.

Pragya was about leave but abhi holds her
hand and ask her to wait. Abhi starts to speak
I wanna to share few things before u all. Pragya is the gift which I have received from god. I think I have blessed to have pragya in my life. She was with me in all my happiness’ n
difficulties. Whenever I miss my family her care will make me to overcome it. She was a vry big support for me to attain tis position. He signs her to go n sit .
Few weeks before I went to new York for a concert. Tat was my first international concert but I can’t enjoy the happiness’ fully u r not with me pragya. I missed u so much there. The only
song which came repeatedly in my mind is only tis. I wish u sing tis for u now n he starts to sing new York nagaram urangum neram thanimai neraindadhu…

While he was singing he was just looking pragya pragya alone. Pragya gets emotional n a stream of tears fall on cheeks abhi
pragya not to cry n smile. She smiles.
After he finished rachu goes there ok bro ur speech was nice tus shows how much u love her. I have a ques for u . U both r interested in singing n hav attended many competition together. Which is the song tat u both sang together in stage for the first time?.
Ab: yeah I remember tat is unnalae unnalae no no not tat mannipaya no not tat.
abhi keeps on giving wrong answers pragya gets disappointed n thinks I know it’s happen before 5 yrs can’t he even think properly. Don’t he remember tat was my favorite song I had said tat many times.

Suddenly abhi sings oru paadi kadavu neeyadi

Pragya looks at abhi with a reaction so u r playing. Abhi winks at her n smiles.
Pragya too joins him. And they sing the song together. With a wide smile on their faces.

After they completes pragyas parents n rachanas mom goes to the dice n says thanks for ur arrival we have another news for u all.
rachana mom: today is not nlu abhi pragya’s engagement . Everyone was looking at her wat she is gonna say.
My daughter rachana ‘s engagement too . She gonna get married soon. I request u too stay here for some more time n bless my daughter .

pragya,bulbul,ishu n rachu were hell shocked as they didn’t expect this. Purab n rv signs bulbul n ishu wats happening. They replied we also dnt knw. Rachu n akash were looking at each other in shock. Rachu had almost tears in her eyes. Rachu mom takes to the room to make her get ready in saree. Akchu were looking each other as they don’t know wat to do n overcome tis situation. Imayae imayae plays in background. The scene freezes on abhigya, ishveer,raBul, akchu tensed faces.


Iam so so sry for the late update frnds I had network problem tats y I can’t update . I have only one exam to complete after tat I will b free n can update without any delay. Thanks for ur patience n support. Pls do comments ur comments only encourage me. Pls say tat I have to continue prakash char( akash bro) r end tat. I think its part is boring while typing sry for tat. See u soon. Byee

Credit to: rithu

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