happy life (episode 24-part 1)


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Recap: all came back from Bangalore to srirangam

Everyone was busy in their works n getting ready as it was abhigya engagement. Engagement was arranged in a famous hotel. Lets see wats happening today
AT PRAGYA ‘S ROOM ( Few rooms were booked in the hotel for abhigya,their frnds n for the important relatives to get ready).
Pragya was looking gorgeous in a beautiful red saree. N was list in abhi’s thoughts. She was disturbed by some noise. Someone was knocking the door. She opened the door to see bulbul,ishu, rachu.
ra: do u hav time to talk with us
Pragya smiles at them n says always

All enters the room n started to chat
B: ur mom asked us to be with u as u r alone.
Pr: wen will the function start
I: dnt hurry pragya. It will start within half an hour. I knw tat r u missing abhi pls have some patience
Pr: stp pulling my legs
B: hey see our pragya is blushing.
pr: who told?
R: no need to tell ma we can see tat
I: hey leave it ya already she is missing abhi y shld we tease her. Let her to enjoy this day .
Pr: iam not missing him
The trio looks at her with an expression will we believe you if u lie
I: hello madam u can lie to these two. But not me me coz I have experience before u all
R: so our ishu had missed Rv bro before engagement .
I: I mean to say I was very happy at that time.
B: of course ishu he is ur cousin u both r close since childhood thn u will be happy nly na ( in a teasing tone)
I: hello we came here to tease pragya not me
nisha di is calling me I have to talk to her ( she leaves the room).
pragya,bulbul,rachu laughs thinking ishu.
Pr: hey y u three r wearing anarkali. I expected tat u all will b wearing saree.
B: we don’t have any saree tat suits for the function.
Oops I forgot say ishu,bulbul,rachu were wearing lavender,pink,green anarkali respectively
abhi: purab how long I shld wait. Wen they r going to start the function.
Ak: hav some patience bro. The function will start within 10 min.
Ab: tis is wat u r saying for the past one hour.i think it’s getting late coz if pragya I don’t know y these girls take Tis much time to get ready.
Look iam talking tis much seriously tis rv is txting to ishu. No concern for his frnd.
rv: I was txting parul pa. She asked the route to come here.
Ab: I can meet get easily n talk with her before but now she is in the same floor but I couldn’t go near to her room.

Akash opens the door as someone knocks the door.it was rachu.
AK: ya tell me.
R: I need to talk with abhi bhai not with u.
AK: first tell me wat is it. Thn I’ll decide tat to allow u inside r not. Coz I’m his p.a. Today.
Rachu stares at him.
R: permission is not necessary for a sister to talk with her brother.
Pu: akash let her to come in.stop arguing.
Ra: abhi bhai aunty asked u to be ready they will call u anytime.
Ab: tis wat all are saying for the past one hour.
Ra: almost everything is ready just waiting for the pandit.
Ab: ask the pandit to come soon.
Rachu smiles at him n thinks but r missing each each other. N leaves to pragyas room.
Akash was looking at the entrance of the room even after rachu left the place.
Pu: akash rachana has gone. U can meet get after sometime now can u pls turn ur head to us.
AK: my brother told me tat he is coming here to meet me. I asked him to come here as today is abhi pragya engagement. Just waiting for him.

Ishu came to the hall were the function is going to be held. She was waiting for nisha’s arrival. She saw the arrangements over there n a cute smile came on her face thinking abt her engagement but it turned into sad soon as she saw her ring finger without her engagement ring.
She saw nisha n parul coming together ran n hug them both.
I: di iam angry with u . U didn’t come for my engagement na. ( shows fake anger).
N: worst acting ishu better luck nxt time.
Nisha n parul gives hifi.
I: ok where is my princess.
N: she is coming with her dad
seeing ishu akshara( nishas daughter). Gets down from her fathers arms n runs to her . Ishu lifts her n says wow my princess is looking like an angel in this dress
vikram ( nishas husband): oh both sisters have joined together hereafter whoever speak it doesn’t fall on their ears.
I: hai jiju how r u?.
V: iam fine ishu. Where is rv. I need to talk with him.
I: he will b with abhi jiju anything important.
V: nothing ma. Akshu is hungry can u pls arrange food for her.

Ishu makes akshu to sit on a chair n starts to feed her hearing all her stories n jokes.
Rv also came down to the hall( their rooms were on the 2nd floor n tis hall was in 1st floor). To meet parul as she told tat she reached there. He was searching parul while he was stepping down in the steps. His eyes got stuck in the same place wen he saw ishani. He was totally lost in her beauty ( un mela oru kannu plays in background).
He was looking at idhu for a long time. Came back to senses while parul shook his shoulders. Vikram bhai is calling u come soon. Ishu also came back after feeding akshu.
N: as we didn’t attend ur engagement we wanna see it knw.
I: ranveer has the photos I’ll show tat after function.
N: I don’t want to see in photos. I wanna see it real. Ishveer was confused while nisha n viktam were smiling at them
N: ranveer give me ur ring .( He gives.)
Nisha takes a box from her handbag n gives it too rv n ask him to put this to ishu
I: but di
N: dnt say anything tis is my gift to u. Ishu smiles. ishu’s family n bulbuls family n aliya Suresh come there. Bulbul receives them. Both the families went to get ready. Except aliya n subhiksha( bulbul’s sister). Suresh went upstairs to meet abhi.

Bulbul introduce aliya to nisha.
N: its getting late call rachu n pragya ,abhi also
Rachu: they both can’t come here now di.lets take video n show it to them.
first ishu puts ring in rv’s finger. Rv opens the box n puts the ring which nisha bought for her.
They share an eyelock. Came back to senses wen parul coughs. Ishu was on cloud nine to see the ring which nisha bought as her engagement ring n tis ring were alike.
I: di its wonderful where did u get tis
N: in Bangalore xyz mall ( ishveer,bulbul,rachu were shocked as it was same mall they went).
I: oh its looking beautiful di
nisha twist her ears oh I see. Wen u started to lie ishu. I knw its ur engagement ring which u missed in Bangalore.
Rv ( pretending to b shock): how can u be so careless ishani. How can u miss ur engagement ring?
N: dnt act smart guys iknw everything. Infact we left the place after seeing rachu. I recognized her n tis ring to which was found under the table. All drama queens.
Bulbul,rachu,ishu holds their ears n says sorry.
All went to upstairs to meet pragya n abhi. While parul n subhi were chatting happily. ( love of blossom – aadukalam plays in background ).
Dnt think too much akash brother prakash is watching parul. I think both the brothers hav the same philosophy towards luv. Ok let’s start the function.
Its abhi who came down first. N was eagerly waiting for pragya. Pragya comes with ishu,bulbul,rachu n aliya they leave her on stage n sits on their respective seats. Ishu secretly asks aliya di is everything goes as per our plan aliya replies of course sweet heart everything is perfect. Ishu smiles at her.
Abhi was mesmerized by seeing pragya
( chella kutty unna kana selaiyaga nikaran plays).
He came back to senses wen purab pats on his shoulder n says bro everyone is watching u control yourself.
Abhigya exchange their rings after some rituals.they both r on clod nine. As they were expecting for tis day for a long time.
Kadhal kanavae unnai Kai Vida mataen sathiyam sathiyam idhu sathiyamae plays wen they exchange rings. Wen abhigya was about to get down from the stage.
Ishu,bulbul,rachu shouts stop…
What they are going to do… Will rachana’s mom accept akash n rachana’s love
Wait n watch…..

I think I dragged tis part. Sry for disappointing u . Dnt forget to post ur comments both positive n negative comments r welcomed. See u soon. Bye…..

Credit to: rithanya

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