happy life (episode 23-part 1)


Hai frnds. Hope all doing gud. Thanks for ur support abt 50% of my ff is from real incidents tat happened in my life n my frnds I think tats y u all like it.i had replied to all ur comments after a long time. Sry if didn’t reply to ur comments. Ok let me stop my bakbaks and go back to story.

All were returning to srirangam in train. Abhigya n ishveer were together raBul n akchu were together in another compartment. Ishu was still upset abt the incidents tat happened sterday. Rv n abhigya dnt knw how to divert her. Abhi msgs Rv
Ab: hey rv ishu is still upset do something

Rv: I knw abhi but whatever I do I can’t divert her.
Ab: the only way to divert her is marriage
Rv: marriage? Wat do u mean? How can i marry her now
Ab: did i ask her to marry her now? I think if we speak abt marriage we can divert her
Rv: but wat to speak?
Ab: I’ll do tat . Rv: i want her back to normal do whatever u want
Ab: ishu
I: ya tell me
Ab: do u any rituals in ur marriage?
Rv stares abhi asking wat r u doing
I n pr: each marriage have rituals wat r u asking
Ab: i mean is there any different rituals in ur wedding.

I: yeah
Ab: tell me abt it .its boring let we talk abt this.
Ishu starts to explain n abhi imagines himself n pragya in the place if bride n groom.
I: a day before wedding groom’s family will come to brides place. Give jewels , saree,sweets to her .
A: can groom come to that occasion
I: no groom shld not come nly his family members
Abhi thinks it seems i can’t meet get before marriage oh god…
Ishu continues.
I: the bride will get blessing from all elders n leave with grooms family to groom’s home.
Ab: wow super so the groom can meet bride in his own house can spend time with her
I: (with a smile) no bro both can’t meet ( abhi shocks ) if there is reception tat eveng they can meet during evening pooja otherwise groom has to wait until nxt mrng to meet bride.
Ab: ok next
I: the next ritual is after marriage.

The groom n few of his family members will leave the mandap after wedding
Ab: without bride? Y so?
I: they will wait in the nearby temple r some other place in the mandap . Before they leave they shld inform bride’s family tat groom left the place in anger
Ab: but y groom should get anger
I: its a ritual bro .
Pr: if u gave asked doubt lik tis in class thn u would have become topper of the class
Ab: if I did tat. Thn I could not have become rock star
Ishu u continue

I: the groom cannot enter the mandap until bride come n convince him abhi thinks oh god already I will be tired if pragya didn’t come thn I can’t hav lunch I have to wait in hunger until she comes
Ab: wat will the bride do
Is: the bride will come with family members. The groom will be sleeping in someone’s lap who is close to him covering his face with towel.
Bride will wake up him
Ab: so groom shld awake immediately
I: no he shld not. He shld make it late as possible

Ab: till tat bride shld wake him?
I: yes if the groom didnt get up for a long time thn she would pour a jug of water on his face r she will pat harder. Its a chance to beat in front of everyone.
Abi Thinks I was planning to make pragya wait for a long time but now ishu says the bride will pour water if pragya pours hot water in irritation wat I will do. My dress hairstyle will b spoiled n everyone will laugh at me no I shld not do tat
Ab: ishu I have a doubt
Ab: will the bride pour hotwater?
Rv n ishu laughs
Ab: u both stop laughing n answer me
I: no hot water nly normal water i mean which we use regularly
Abi murmers thank god hot water is not used

Ab: ok if the groom gets up thn wat will they do
I: the bride will give neem stick to brush he will ask for toothpaste n brush dnt ask tat grrom has to brush its a formality
Thn bride will apply powder on grooms face comb his hair make him to drink any juice thn all will leave to mandap together

At this ritual everyone will b teasing bride n groom it will be very funny to watch . These two r different ritual in our wedding.anything else
( she explains everything with a smile n she came back to normal)
Rv thanks abhi ( in msg).
Abhi replies dnt mention its a duty of a brother n frnd.
Rv smiles at him

Meanwhile in pragyas home. Pragya’s parents n rachanas mom were talking
RM: brother i like the family tat we meet in the wedding. They wants our rachana to make their daughter in law. Wat do u say

pM: i knw their family. They will take care if our rachu well dnt need to wry abt it.
PF: U SAId tat both of the horoscope match well na. If everything sets gud thn we will keep rachana engagement along with abhi n pragya
Inform tis to rachu
RM:no bhai i knw abt my daughter she will nothing against by wish. Let it be a surprise for her.
PM: ok let’s do all the arrangements n inform grooms family. Let it be a surprise for abhi pragya bulbul n ishani rachu.

Precap: abhigya engagement

The rituals i hav mention above is followed in my family at the time of wedding . Hope u enjoyed it if i had hurted anyone’s feeling iam extremely sry. Dnt forget to post ur comments both positive n negative comments r welcomed. Bye take care….

Oops i forgot advance tamil new year wishes to all.iniya Tamil puttandu nalvazhthukal. Belated ugadi wishes too sry. Bye..

Credit to: rithu

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  1. hi rithu….u r telugu people….same rituals my family wedding……and ur missing some rituals..just am asking…..its to funny…..

    1. Hai indhu my mother tongue is Kannada dr. I had mentioned only 2 rituals which we follow at wedding times. I had skipped many rituals coz I don’t know how others will take tis. Thanks for ur support dr

      1. u can add d abhigya wedding…plz its funny…..

  2. Its Superbbbbb…………Especially the rituals……….. & Hot water!!!!!!Oh god…….Seriously!!!!!???????

    1. Thanks reshma n zari for ur support

  3. Awesome… Love the ritual and abhi was imagining pragya and abhi……. I want to ask one thing the guy about whom rachu’s mom and pragya s parents were talking for rachu’s marriage is not akash right???

    1. They r speaking abt the family tat they met few days before in a marriage. The details abt the boy tat they speak will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

  4. Happy tamil new year im also a tamil girl

    1. Happy Tamil new year Iola

  5. super dr ritual scene sema fun.

    1. Thanks dr

  6. Nice yaar really tat ritual s tooo cute n really superb episode yaar I really enjoyed especially tat ritual part ..

    1. Thanks durga n sharanya sissy

  7. Amazing rithu Akka and happy Tamil new year

  8. Awesome dear?
    Happy new year?
    And thanks for ugadi wishes???

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