happy life episode 22 part 1


Hai frnds iam back.. Thanks a lot for ur comments Sana,durga,sharanya,vishali,sugan sry I don’t remember all the names n silent readers for ur silent support.

Recap: aliya’s flashback abt raBul n akash is aliya’s cousin brother

After having their food all were chatting. Abhigya invited for their engagement n also ishveer invited for their marriage. But pragya was quite sad coz abhi was avoiding talking to her she don’t the reason y he is behaving weird. She was trying to hide her pain with a forceful smile.

Bulbul was keep on asking abt her chocolates so purab took her to buy chocolate n ice cream. As all were tired coz if shopping n running to escape from nisha. They decided to go back to their room n take rest. Akash n rachu also joined raBul they told tat they will come after having their dessert.

Soon rv n abhi also left the place they were talking something seriously n it was a secret too. Now aliya, pragya, n ishu were only left in the restaurant.
I: aliya di I feel very comfortable with u. U r sooooo friendly n kind
P: yeah di I too feel tat.
Al: thank you sweethearts. For calling me di I will often wry tat I don’t hav sisters but today I feel very happy tat I hav got 4 sweet sisters.
Ok u both look so tired go n take rest. I also leave its getting late.
Pr n I: di dnt forgot to attend our function.
Al: dnt wry I’ll never miss tat.
Pragya n ishu took their bags n abt to leave thn only ishu notices tat her engagement ring is missing. She became vry tensed and starts to search the ring under the table with tears In her eyes. Oh god how could i been so careless n slaps on her forehead.
Al: ishu dnt wry it will b here nly. Did u go anywhere else.
i: no i have seen my ring wen i came to the restaurant. Suddenly she think abt nishas
arrival n rushes to the trial room where they r hidden. She searches everywhere she gone but all was in vain.
she thinks I feel tat something bad gonna happen. Is it abt ranveer…. She calls pragya as pragya n aliya was helping her.
I: pragya immediately call rv n ask were r they?
P: ok I will u dnt take stress.
Pragya calls abhi but he cuts the call so she calls rv n ask were r they. He replied both came out of the mall n waiting at near entrance n ask them to come soon as Rahul, akchu ( akash+rachu) reached hotel.
Pragya tells tis to ishu she rushes to the entrance of the mall. Aliya n pragya follows her.ishu could see rv n abhi was waiting at the road to get an auto r taxi a lorry was coming in an abnormal speed to hit rv. Ishu shouts his name as much as she could.
Rv turns n sees lorry which was approaching him. But it was really came close to him he stood still without knowing wat to do. Guessing wat would happen next ishu shut her eyes n ears in fear.

WHEN SHE OPENED HER EYES SHE WAS IN HOSPITAL. She could see ranver sitting beside her holding her hands n stares her lovingly. And abhigya was standing near him with tensed face.
she gets up from the bed n give a bone crushing hug to ranveer n starts to cry bitterly. Abhigya left the room n came to the corridor.
Aliya who came with medicine . Seeing abhigya waiting in the corridor. Ask them is everything ok?
Abhi: yeah nothing to wry. Ishu got conscious.
Aliya enters the room to see ishu crying bittely by resting her head on his chest n rv was trying to console her. Aliya signs rv to her medicine n comes out of the room.and talks to abhigya.
Al: abhi pragya pls dnt tell ishu wat happened it may stir her emotions more. N we have to hide this frm bulbul also. She will blame herself for wat happened. U both take care im leaving.
A fb is shown.
Wen ishu shouts rv by his name. Rv was shocked to the lorry approaching him in a high speed. He don’t know wat to do but luckily abhi pulls ranveer to the other side of the road n they both fall down n had some injuries in their hands n legs. They went to see ishu but she fainted as she saw lory vry close to him n pragya made ishu to lie on her lap n aliya was patting on her cheeks.to make her conscious. As she didn’t get conscious they took her to the hospital nearby. N treated abhi n rv injuries. after doctor said ishu fainted coz of stress n fear.

Ishu: it all happened coz of me. I shouldn’t have missed my ring ( still crying)
Rv: hey dnt talk lik a fool there is no connection between both can’t u see iam alright. That lorry turned right at the signal . Dnt take stress hav these tablets n sleep for a while doctor said tat u shld take rest.
He wipes her tears n gives the tablet to her.
Ishu looking at the tablets n says I hate tablets pls I don’t need tat. Se how big it is I can’t swallow these much big tablet.
Rv: eat tis otherwise I will ask doctor to put injection.
I: no injection n swallow the tablets in a hurry. Rv smiles at her childish behavior. N makes her to sleep by caressing her hair.

Pr: abhi pls say Yu r avoiding me with sad tone.
Abhi was standing in the opposite direction as if he is not ready to look at her face.
Ab: nothing like tat pls leave me alone for sometime.
Pr: wat ur problem abhi ur silence hurts me a lot. R u angry tat I didn’t say abt the accident which happened few yrs back? Abhi pls nothing serious just few scratches in hand n leg tatsall ( with teary eyes) as he was not responding she left the place crying.
Abhi feels tat she is crying n turns to see no one is there. ( sry frnds I forgot to say tat all happens in the garden of the hospital ).
Pragya was walking through the streets with teary eyes without knowing wat is the reason behind his strange behavior n abt their lively moments together. She realized tat she lost her way n looks around to find a way . Abhi calls her but pragya cuts the call in anger. Actually she attends the call instead of ending it.
Wen she looks around two drunken men approach her with wicked smile . She gets tensed n starts to walk fast. They too follows her by saying something nnpragya starts to run as they chase her. She collide with someone its abhi who came searching pragya seeing him pragya stands behind him . Abhi stares them angirly n gives a tight slap to both of them. Both lost their balance n fell on the ground one of them ran away on seeing abhis arrogance. Abhi make the other one to stand n twist his hears n says
Ab: say all Indians r my brothers n sisters and twist his ears more. He repeats it pain
Ab: I won’t illtreat any ladies repeat it. He also repeats tat. Abhi pushes him to pragyas feet and ask him to say sry .
The drunken man says sry madam abhi stares him angirly n ask wat did u say ? Sry sister extremely sry.
Abhi slaps him again n say if I see u again ill-treating women thn u r finished. N leaves his hold on him. The drunken man runs from there

Pragya hugs abhi with teary eye n her hands were shivering due to the fear.
Pr: pls talk to me abhi I can’t bear ur silence. Pls forgive if hav hurted u.
Ab: how is my acting sweet heart
Pragya breaks the hug n asks wat do u mean
Ab: I WAs thinking to surprise u . Advance happy b’day n takes a chocolate from his pocket but pragya was staring him angrily.
Pr: surprise.. But u mde me cry instead of surprising me. Ab: see the climate is soo nice its drizzling u should not b angry at this beautiful time smile pls see
Pr: very funny
I won’t leave leave u n starts to chase him.

Suddenly pragya screams n climbs on abhis back like vikramadithya n beetal.shouts cockroach.
Abhi thinks I think I shld make cockroach as my pet it helps me whenever I’m in trouble thanks cockroach.
In louder voice pragya the cockroach has gone get down. He takes the chocolate again n give it to her

Credit to: rithu

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  1. nice story sissy

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    Today’s episode was superb.loved ishveer scenes.

  5. Amazing rithu I was waiting for your fan fiction finally you uploaded I like ff a lot

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  6. Soooooo cute abhigya scene yaar… It’s soooooooooooo sweet n lovely… I enjoyed a lottttttttt

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