happy life episode 21


Hai frnds… Hope u all doing good. I had said tat aliya loves purab. In previous episode i had said tat aliya loves purab i gonna change tat. She is purabs best friend.
recap: everyone is puzzled who is aliya n wat purab is hiding from bulbul

A: hai bulbul how r u ? I have heard tat u both gonna marry soon. Happy for u both.
B: iam good. Sry to say tis i dnt knw who u r?
Aliya to purab: u haven’t said abt me ah? Tat means she doesn’t know wat happened.
B: pls dnt create suspense tell me abt it.
A flashback is shown.
Before 7 yrs
A girl was talking in her mobile suddenly screms n holds the hand of the guy who was beside her. Well its purab n aliya
P: hey aliya i knw u r afraid of dogs. But it is a puppy i won’t do anything .
purab takes the puppy and starts to feed biscuits for it
Aliya smiles. P: y r u smiling. At me. U knw i love pets.
A: i was thinking abt a girl who i saw sterday. She was feeding ice cream for a puppy. U both r alike .
P: where did u see her?
A: near India gate we were taking photos na . There only I saw her.
P: I didn’t see anyone there lik tat.
A: adhuku nee ponnunga irukara pakkam
thanu. Nee than ponnu nu sonnalae 10 adi thalli nikkaravan achae. Ne paesara orae ponnu na than.( for tat u hav to see girls na. U always run frm the place if u see any girls in ur way. Iam the only girl who u talk)
P: I think she might an Ngo who cares for street dogs.
A: I don’t think so. She was a school student I think they might also came for tour lik us.
P: hmm.
A: purab tis is the girl I saw stersay at India gate n points a girl ( of course she is our bulbul).
P: ok leave the topic. Come lets take some photos. He takes few snaps of aliya.

Suddenly they hears someone shouting pragya..( hope u all remember my 2nd epi. Pragya meets an accident at Delhi).
Aliya n purab watches them.
P: see these two girls hav lot of affection for their frnd.
A: tat girl is vry lucky to have a frnd lik tis.

Abhi suddenly shouts pragya u met an accident but u didn’t say abt tis to me. Pr: nothing serious it was a small scratch. Tats all.
Aliya smiles at them n continues
p: hey ur frnd is still crying.
A: frnd?
P: u only said tat u knw her before. A: but I haven’t spoke to her before. Thn how can talk to her.
P: but u feel for her right? A: yeah
P: thn talk to her.
( the college student who talk with bulbul after the accident is aliya. Hope u can imagine n relate both).
Purab n aliya were on the way to home after tour( in bus).
P: aliya she was crying continuously. She can’t see her frnd in pain. I think she is very good n kind by heart.
A: purab pls tis is the 45th time u r saying. My ears r paining .
purab couldn’t stop thinking abt bulbul.
after some days aliya came to meet purab to his home. As he was busy she was waiting in his room. She took his mobile to see the pics which was taken in tour . She was shocked to see a pic of bulbul which seewas feeding ice cream to a puppy. N some of the pics were taken in the park.

Credit to: rithu

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  1. plz. write full name too confusing. form p : purab & pragya & from. A : aliya abhi

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