happy life episode 21 part 2


recap:Aliya sees bulbuls pic in purabs phone.

Aliya is shocked to see a pic of bulbul which she was feeding ice cream to the puppy. And some pics were taken In the park. Aliya thinks its idiot had made to pose for the snap n took her .
Purab enters the room. N shocked to see his mobile in her hand.
A: ne tirumba tirumba andha ponnu pathi paesum podae enaku doubt ippo conform agiduchu ( i hav doubted wen u repeatedly talking abt her now it’s conform).
indha ulagathulayae Nazi kutty ku ice cream kudutadhu pathu impress agi luv panra orae aal ne than( u r the only person in the world to love a girl by getting impressed wen she feeds a puppy).
Purab shows his teeth see
A: close ur moth otherwise mosquito will enter. Its ok u hav choosen a good like me.
P: excuse me wat did u say
A: u hav choosen a good girl. But how to find her we don’t anything abt her
P: tats wat iam thinking now. Do u hav any idea.
A: the only thing i knw is they r frm tamilnadu n her frnd name is pragya.
P: wow super aliya n hugs her.
A: wat
P: we will search i social websites
A: they r school students will they use social website? Ok let’s try.
They search in various social networking sites but they cannot find pragya nor bulbul
Years passed . After 3 yrs.
purab n aliya was talking in their college.
A: today many other college students will come hope we can find her.
P: i really fedup with these aliya. I lost my hope tat I’ll meet get again.
A: dnt loose ur hope . My instict Ull definitely meet her today
aliya stops walking and looks in shock
A: purab she is her. P: aliya I’m not in a mood to listen ur prank.
A: hey idiot look there n turns his face.he was on clod nine to bulbul coming in a hurry.
netru nan patadum unnai thana sol indru nan kanbadum unnai thana sol. Aadai maara jaadai maara koondhal padam yavum Mara kangalo un kangalo hey maravillai kangalo en kangalo yaemaravillai plays.
then u guys knw purab saves bulbul from his junior arrogant behavior. Aliya leaves the place thinking not to disturb him. Purab spends the whole day with her. Aliya message purab.
A: purab pls stop the waterfalls which is coming from ur mouth
P: dnt tease me. Actually iam afraid
A: for wat u met her na thn ways ur problem
P: if she calls me bhai ( Anna) thn wat I will do
A: its almost eveng she is calling by ur name right thn she won’t call bhai hereafter dnt wry. Try to get het mobile num
P: if she mistakes me
a: stop fearing thn there will b no use of meeting her after its long time. Wats her name.
P: u r right. Her name is bulbul
A: someone is blushing. Ok will talk to later.
Bulbul asks for pirabs num before he asks. N they start chatting. Days passed on. Bulbul invites purab for her dept symposium.
Purab shares this with aliya.
A: ok thn propose her.
P: wat.?but its very soon.
A: ok we shall see horoscope n fix a date for tis. Purab stares her.
A: I think she likes u. Thn y shld she invite you for het clg function.
ok iam leaving its getting late.
U knw bulbul he didn’t let to sleep on that day. He was calling me continuously n repeatedly ask she won’t mistake me na?. Hearing tis bulbul stares him purab turns him face.
But after ur proposal he totally forgot me. Not even a single phone call . Intact we meet after a long time.
b to pu: y u didn’t say tis. P: I thought to say tis as a surprise but ishu saw ur photos which I took in Delhi. Sry ma
B: u can’t escape by saying sry I Need tis much chocolate n widens her hand purab smiles n ishu u also have hidden tis frm me so u shld buy me ice-cream

Aliya smiles at them n says I feel jealous to see ur gang can I join in ur team
B: of course di. Can I call u like tat?. A: sure.
Bulbul introduces everyone.
Al : hello bro do u hav idea to say abt me r not?
P: sry I say. She is aliya my bestfrmd during clg days.
Al: I didn’t ask u. I asked my bro n points akash.
AK: sry di. Actually frnds she is cousin sister. Al: how u joined in their gang.
AK: we stay in the same apartment di.
Soon aliya became close to everyone.
Precap: ishu finds her engagement ring is missing n a lorry was abt to hit ranveer.

Frnds pls say if its boring or u dnt like. Pls share ur comments. If u dnt like the ff thn I’ll end it. And i have to ask sry i didn’t translate the songs which i mentioned. Those who knw both Hindi n Tamil pls mention the equivalent sings in comments.

dnt forget to share ur comments both positive n negative comments r welcomed even rotten eggs n tomato’s r welcomed. Bye… See u all soon…

Credit to: rithu

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