happy life (episode 20)


Hai frnds tis is my 20th episode thanks a lot for ur support . My university exams starts day after tmrw so I can’t update regularly I’ll try to update whenever I get time so pls dnt mistake me.
the episode starts with ishu splitting water but water spreads on rvs shirt. He stares ishu angrily. Ishu don’t know wat to do n says iam sry bhava ( in Tamil mama). RVs reaction changes wen hears the word bhava. He asks wat to do now ?. Do something.
Abhi thinks this rv melted after hearing bhava. ( indha paiyan mama nu oru varthaila urugitanae…)
I: we have to run from here before she comes tats the only way.
Ab: ok thn me, purab, akash, rachu will stay here. Others go quickly.
I: wat r u going to do here. Nisha hav seen u n purab.
Ad n pu: wen

I; we don’t have time to explain all these.
Akash n rachu stay here. Rachu dnt show ur face to my sis hope she might have forgot ur face now be careful

Nisha,vikram n akshara enters the restaurant meanwhile all the pairs escape through another door all starts to run in different direction.

Ishveer runs into a textile showroom in the same floor ( opp to restaurant) n hides in the trial room.
Abhigya hides at the backside of a pillar which is at some distance from the restaurant.
RaBul goes to the down floor n enters a cafe there.

Nisha n vikram sits on the table which is opposite to akash n rachu. Rachu gets tensed as nisha can see her clearly. She starts to pray tat nisha should not identify her.
on the side side.
Ishu was very tensed n holding RVs hand tight. Rv asks her to relax nisha won’t mistake us even she she see all of us.
I: I knw ranveer but I have lied to her for the first time. I not ready to face her.
R: shall I ask u something.
I: ishu turns to him and asks wat.
Then nly ishu notices he was standing vry close to her.
Rv comes more closer to her and keeps his hand on both side of the wall ( ishu was leaning on the wall) so she can’t escape.
Ishu gets nervous n her heart beats fast.

Kannala kannala plays in background.

Pragya was looking at the restaurant. N tries to see where nisha n vikram r sitting.she hears abhi s voice n turns to him ( he was standing behind her)
Ab: wow she is looking vry cute ,her eyes r beautiful.i hav never seen a girl like tis I wish to spend the whole day with her.
Pragya was at peak of anger as there was a group of college girls in the direction which abhi was facing.
Abhi suddenly turns n sees pragya to looking at him in anger.
He understand that pragya had hear him
Ab: pragya dear y u r looking me lik tis ( in a frightened kid voice).
Pragya sees him n the college girls n stares him again.

A: hey u have mistaken me I was talking abt the little kid there n points the kid. She was very cute . U knw na I love kids. I was thinking that to make her sit on my lap n play with her the whole day. Nothing lik u think.
Pragya still stares him.
A: now on wards I won’t talk abt any girls. Even my sisters n mom. Pragya I promise I won’t talk even abt our daughter in future.
Pragya burst out in laughter.
At the restaurant….
Rachu very tensed. Akash holds her hand. Rachu looks on..
AK: dnt wry stop being nervous. They r leaving.
Rachu turns n looks at the main door they were abt to leave restaurant . Akash says relax no problem hereafter. Rachu says call others n say cone back if nisha akka(di) sees them thn were r finished. Akash says ok n call to others.
Back to ishveer…
I: wat do u want?
R: y r u looking tensed?

I: no..thi..ng..
R: I need to.. ( ishu heart beats even more faster) can u call me bhava once again
Ishu gets relaxed sry golden words r not repeated with a smile. Rv was abt to say something but he gets akash call thy move back to restaurant.
nisha n vikram comes to the cafe where raBul were r there.
Back to abhigya.
Pragya starts to laugh
P: oh u r looking cute wen u r scared n pulls his cheeks.
A: hmm so u r playing with me
P: hmm
A: ur cute fiancee will look even cuter if u give a sweet kiss. Pragya shocks.
P: vry sry abhi we r not engaged till now. Our engagement is going be commenced on nxt week. Hope u remember tat.so u hav to wait until our marriage.
A: ok I won’t compell u until our marriage ( pragya smiles) but I will kiss u now. He comes closer to her . Bgm of munbae vaa en anbae vaa plays.
At the cafe..
Bulbul sees nisha coming to the cafe. She hides her face in her shawl in a hurry n signals purab to cone with her. Wen they abt to leave frm there someone holds bulbuls hand. Bulbul was shocked n turns back.

A small kid was holding her hand n waves bye to her she smiles at the kid n kisses on forehead n cheeks n leaves from there in a hurry n reaches restaurant.
Back to abhigya
Abhi comes closer to pragya both were lost in their eyes. Both came back to senses as abhis mobile rings. He attends the call by saying WRONG CALL AT THE RIGHT TIME. It was rv.
R: hello bro stop ur romance n come back.
A: yeah yeah coming ( in a hesitation voice)
all came back n was ordering foods.
I: purab say the truth to bulbul at least now in a serious tone.
Everyone was puzzled.
P: sry bulbul I have to say abt an incident which happened few yrs back..
Someone pats on his shoulder. He was hell shocked to see aliya there.
Al: purab u totally forgot me after bulbul came into ur life ( in a sad tone).
Bulbul thinks how she know my name. I have seen her somewhere but I don’t know where…
Ishu thinks I have seen her photo in purab’s laptop.
Everyone was puzzled…. On seeing aliya

How was the episode guys any guess wat is gonna happen in upcoming episodes. Pls share it valuable comments. Iam so sry if this part is boring. I try to update whenever I get time pls dnt mistake I cant update regularly . Bye….

Credit to: rithanya

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