happy life (episode 2)


hai frnds thanks for the support i couldnt rply to some comments coz of poor internet connection. and want to thank my frnds sweatha,atchu n priya without whom this story cannot be created .

days pass on and all the students were busy with thier exams and finishes thier board exam successfully. after the completion of exam ishu n bulbul were talking about thier happy moments in 10th and thinks they will be free for nxt two months without any exams. ishu notices tat pragya was lost in her thoughts. she calls her but no response .bulbul shakes her shoulder and asks wat happened to her. is there any problem?. pragya starts to cry hugs both of them . ishu n bulbul consoles her and asks wat happened. pragya says her dad got transfer to trichy and we will b leaving the city within 10 days. hearing tis bulbul n ishu gets tears in thier eyes. but ishu thinks if we cry it will stir pragyas emotion more. n says dnt wry we will be
always connected through phone and try to meet whenever possible. meanwhile ishu parents decide to join her in hostel as nisha is getting married n they cant take care of her. bulbul family also decides her to join in hostel. but unfortunately they join different school . Suresh also leaves the city due to some personal reasons. pragyas family settles in srirangam which is thier native

leap of 3 yrs….
pragya who was lost in these memories cme back to her senses with the voice of rachana.
precap: intro of abhi n purab

sry guys i wad busy with family function . sry . dnt forget to post ur comments

Credit to: rithu

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  1. Nice yaar… I’m eagerly excited 4 next episode… Im just waiting for intro of abhi..

  2. Pls rithu hereafter write a long ff

  3. Why so short episode please make it longer and nice episode please update twice a day

  4. Superb but too short

  5. wait for next episode…

  6. Nice yaar…..waiting 4 d nxt epi….

  7. Rithu very nice I am waiting for the next episode

  8. It’s too short ya ..bt nyc

  9. Nice……..But its tooooo short……….waiting for next one………..plszzzzz update soon………

  10. Thanks frnds

  11. Nice move.

  12. cool idea

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