happy life (episode 19)


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Next day morning all were searching for the reason to take leave in office. Abi informs to his family tat he is gonna meet a producer n he will not be unavailable for a week. Akash , bulbul n ishu also informs their leave to the office.

That nyt pragyas parents n rachus mom came back to home after attending the function.Ishu pretends to talk with nisha in mobile in front of pragyas parents.

After awhile ishu comes to pragyas mom n speaks aunty nisha called me just before. I have informed abt pragya n bulbuls wedding she wanna meet them n buy gifts for them. So she requests us to come to Chennai to buy gifts for them .
We need ur permission aunty pls.
At first she denied. Ishu keeps on convincing her n nisha too speaks with her
( actually rv speaks in nisha voice to convince her) . At last she agrees . Ishu informs rachus mom she also agrees.

Pragyas mom asks abt tickets n where they gonna stay. Ishu replies nisha had already booked tickets n we r gonna stay with nisha ( nisha father-in-law n mother-in-law lives in Chennai). After reaching bhava (bhava means brother in law r husband in Kannada. In this ff Kannada is the mother tongue of ishu n rv. Not to hurt anyone’s feeling. So sry I have hurted u . Pls dnt mistake me) will come to pick us so dnt wry.

Nxt day mrng all our heroines arrive railway station soon our Heroes accompany them all enjoy the travel with lots of fun n nokjok fights. Ishu gets a call from her brother in law vikram (nisha s husband). He informs tat they had reached India now they r gonna attend a function at his frnds home after tat they will come srirangam to meet all ( ishu n nisha speaks regularly so she knows abt pragya n bulbul wedding ).
Ishu forgot to inform others abt nishas arrival in enjoyment.
Nxt day in Bangalore…
After reaching Bangalore all were getting ready to go for shopping.they have booked 2 rooms one for the gents n the other for ladies.
While they r on the way to reception to handover the room keys. Abhigya, ishu, RaBul, rachu receives call from thier homes.

abhi says tat he is in meeting so he would talk later n cuts the call
Pragya n rachu exchange thier mobiles n talk to thier moms. Telling tat other one is busy n cuts the call.
purab says he is busy with office work but his father says it doesn’t seem tat u r in office. He signals rv n akash. Both speaks to purab as his clients. His father believes n cuts the call.
Abhigya, rachu,purab take a deep breathe.
But bulbul didn’t attend the call thinking wat to say.
Ishu : bulbul attend the call quick if the call cuts before u attend then they will hear the voice tat u didn’t attend the call In Kannada so be quick.
Bulbul attends the call n says she is meeting with clients on a video call so don’t call her until shecalls n cuts the call.

All went to a mall for shopping. N goes to the restaurant go have their luch( restaurant is in the top floor of the mall. N is had glass doors fully so the ppl inside can see wats happening outside n vice versa)
They order for the food n talks abt how all escaped.ishu informs abt nishas arrival all feels happy.
Suddenly pragya screams ishu nisha akka n points outside the restaurant. Nisha ,vikram,akshara was coming towards restaurant.
Ishu who was drinking water splits it on hearing pragyas words.on shock.
Everyone was shocked as they didn’t expect nisha there. Will they escape from nisha…
Wait n watch

Precap: intro of aliya ( in this ff aliya is not sis of abhi. she is purabs frnd n loves purab).

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Credit to: rithu

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