happy life (episode 18)


The episode starts with ishu runs frm the room after hearing tat it is a horror movie.rv goes to bring her back.
Rv: hey ishu come back
I: I won’t ( she speaks lik a frighten kid in the whole convo)
Rv: its just a flim ma
I: ranveer u knw na I will b afraid to alone In darkness. thn how can I watch horror movies. If I watch thn I can’t sleep today. Pls leave me.
Rv: hy idiot I’m with u na. Dnt wry.
I: u will make me scare while watching movie I won’t

Rv: I won’t do anything like tat its a promise.
Ishu was not convinced. Rv says ok we will watch another flim not the horror one.
Ishu smiles.
Everyone was hearing their convo. Abhi feels happy lik a small kid who got lollipop and thinks thank god no need to watch this horror movie. I can sleep well today.
Ishu gets happy. And asks really? Rv nods yes.
Rv: I don’t know y u r afraid of horror movies but I luv to watch tat.
Ishu murmurs yeah how a ghost will b afraid of another ghost. Infact u will feel happy to meet ur frnds ( ghost). But rv hears wat ishu said.

Rv: wat did u say. ( ishu thinks oh god iam finished today now he won’t leave me )
Am I looking like a ghost for ur eyes?.
Ishu tries to run frm there but rv holds her wrist n lift her in his arms n says today u hav to watch tat flim no other way. Ishu screams pls ranveer leave me pls..
Actually abhi starts to dance after hearing tat no need to watch flim ( everyone was sitting on the floor as they were busy in watching ishveer they didn’t notice abhi).
But after hearing RVs words abhi kept his hand on head thinking oh god wat to do now is there any other way to escape?

Ishveer came inside.ishu tries to escape from there rv holds her hand tight.

all the lovebirds were sitting together in different places.
Ab: pragya I have seen this flim already it will be very scary.but dnt wry Iam with u.
He sits closer to pragy n holds her hand to overcome his fear.
P: its ok abi . I will hold ur hand if it is scary.she removes his hand saying it’s paining
The flim starts . Ishu hides her face face behind rvs shoulder. Abhi slowly holds pragyas saree b tries to hide his eyes. But pragya notice tat n asks wat.
Ab: nothing it saree is vry pretty I was looking at its design.

Pragua understand he is scared n sits closer to him n holds his hand.
As the time passes ishu slept in rvs shoulder. Rv thinks to make sleep inside bedroom but ishu was holding his hand tight due to fear. So he makes to sleep her on his lap n gently pats on her head. He thinks abt their childhood days n fights a smile comes on his face.
On the other side abhi was holding pragyas hand n hiding his face by his another hand n watches the flim through the gap between the fingers. Pragya looks on abhi n thinks though he is a rockstar he is a vry small kid by his heart. She cares his hair n smiles.

Neeyae valkai enbaen ini valum kalam ellam neeyae podum enbaen uyirae en ulagamae plays for both ishveer n abhigya.
Rabul comes there at the time of end of flim. They had bought dinner for everyone.

Everyone starts to hav dinner. Bulbul says guys I don’t know whether we will have time to be together here after so me n purab hav decided all shld go for a picnic . So suggest any place.
Abhi n rv says hillstation in chorus.
Pu: frnds pls say a place for tour . Dnt implement ur honeymoon plans here.
Pu: any ways in few days everyone are getting married except akash n rachu. So we shall go to Bangalore we can do our wedding purchase there. Is it ok for everyone.
all agrees.
Pr: purab bro everything is ok but wat to say in our home
R: ya she is right how our parents will allow me pragya bulbul n ishu. No guys have no problem u will say tat u hav gone to meet ur frnds.
I: guys dnt wry I have a plan.

She shares the plan.everyone says fantastic we will do the same.
All our Herod were busy in booking hotel rooms n train tickets.
Ishu gets a call from her office. She rushes to rv n says ranveer I have to send a mail immediately so I need ur laptop where is it? Rv says it’s on table.
Ishu takes purabs laptop instead of rv as both were looking alike. After sending her mail. She thinks to see their engagement pic n show to everyone as none came for the function . He opens the photos folder thn only notices its purabs laptop. She thinks to off the laptop but she was hell shocked to see some pics n thinks to talk to talk abt this to purab immediately she calls him n asks him to come terrace without saying anything to anyone
At terrace

Ishu asks abt the pics that she have seen. And shouts y u r hiding this frm bulbul.
First purab was shocked n explains everything to her ( audio is muted)
Ishu calms down n says but purab say abt this to bulbul as soon as possible if someone inform abt tis to bulbul other than u I don’t know how she will react . Purab nods s n request her not to say tis to anyone until he says. Ishu agrees both comes down to akash flat

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Credit to: rithu

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