happy life (episode 17)


The episode starts with ishveer b’day celebration.they cut the cake together. All were playing by applying cake on others face.after that our heros were busy in their chat( purab came at the time celebration). Soon all become frnds. Our heroines were busy in preparing lunch. Parul n rachhu became gud frnds. Aftersometime they all came to dinning table to hav food. Rv was surprised to see his favorite dishes
Rv: thanks pragya for cooking ma favorite dish.
Pr: sry rv I didn’t do tat

Rv: thn it must be my sweet sis
Pa: sry bro I didn’t do tat. Ishu anni made tat.
Rv stood up in shock. Wat ishu u made all these dishes I can’t believe it u hav cooked food ( enna ishu ne samachiya? Nambamudiyavillai illai ne samachiruka)
Ab: rv taste it. I think tat will b fabulous.
Rv tastes it and says wat i wanna say abt this food is ulcer patients, small kids n pregent ladies pls dnt eat tis food( ishu samayal pathi enna sollanum na ulcer patients, chinna kolandainga, aprm pregnant ladies indha sappata. Sapadadinga)
Pa: hey dnt tease anni the dish is really nice
Rv: iam saying truth nly. Its horrible.
Ishu gets angry
I:parul iam so sry i think ur bro is gonna celebrate his b’day in hospital tis year.
Ishu chases rv. Rv runs by saying pls dnt taste it.rv dashes with someone both r surprised to see Suresh.Rv hugs Suresh. Ishu looks bulbul thinking tat is her surprise. Even bulbul was puzzled. Abhi says it’s my surprise to all.all had food together n became. Busy in talking.
Purabs phone suddenly rings. Thn only all notice tat its evening.after attending the call purab says bulbul my grandparents were on a pilgrim trip now they r in srirangam they wants to meet u. So we have to meet them immediately as they r leaving the city tonight.parul also says I need to go its getting late. Soon Rahul,parul n Suresh leaves.
All 6 thinks wat to do until purab n bulbul come n decides to watch flim. Akash connect his pendrive to the tv.

I: akash wat flim is tis?
A: its a horror movie
Ishu screams I won’t watch this n runs to the door ( she is afraid of horor movie) rv goes to bring her back
Abhi thinks oh god even iam afraid of horror movies I don’t know wat iam going to do.

Precap: ishu hides her face behind rvs shoulder n abhi closes his eyes by pragyas saree while watching movie.

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Credit to: rithu

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