happy life (episode 15)


The episode starts with everyone laughing at akash. Akash says tis is how u both were looking 2 min ago.I was just imitating. Bulbul says do ur imitation later shall we go to temple now.all goes to temple in abhis car.after their dharshan abhigya n purab was walking around the temple. Akash rachu ishu went to another small temple nearby.
A: y u wore saree today
P: y r u asking lik tat . Is it not looking nice.
A: no u looking very beautiful ( pragya blushes) actually if u wear saree lik then I can’t wait.I think we shld prepone our marriage.He comes close to her.
Pragya suddenly shouts dad I didn’t do anything. Abhi jerks n moves backwards. Pragya laughs.abhi starts to chase pragya runs. Suddenly pragyas leg slips n about to fall abhi holds her. They share an eyelock kadhal kankatudae plays.they came to senses wen pragyas phone rings
Other side Rabul was walking together
Bulbul was talking something seriously but purab was looking somewhere else.bulbul suddenly turns n notices tat purab was looking at another girl
B: stop looking at her.
P: her saree is nice na I was thinking to buy this kind of saree for u.
B: oh really I believed u. Open ur eyes wide r go for an eye checkup( in angry tone n leaves).
Thn only purab notices both sarees are alike . He keps his hand on his head as if he is finished. He thinks oh god its very difficult to convince her pls save me. He runs to bulbul.
P: sry bulbul
B: dnt talk to me. U hav no interest on me right. Go n marry her itself.
P:so my queen is feeling jealous if I see another girl and winks at her. She stares angrily.
B: totally wrong mr.purab I feel extremely sry for her.
p: wat?
B: yes no one can manage u its very difficult. Only i can do tat.
I knw tat u r making me to feel jealous i dnt want to disappoint u so i was acting. :
P: incase if lik tat girl thn wat will u do?
B: nothing I will just kill u. Hope u will not ask these kind of ques hereafter. Or u wanna know my reaction after tat.( she was keeping a small knife in her hand .purab thinks if i continue talking lik tis then she will really stab me its better to change the topic)
P: no thanks.shall we go

All 7 members were returning to the apartment. Ishu was sad as she didn’t receive any msg r call from rv. Akash was driving the car. Purab didn’t come with them he went to meet his frnd. Ishu was looking at her mobile often. She thinks everyone is busy with their mobiles . She gets irritated n snatches abhis n pragyas mobile n shocked to see both r chatting in watsapp ( with each other)
Ishu stares at them n says u both r sitting together u guys can talk directly na y u r wasting mobile data n battery. Abhi smiles ( he smiles just lik wen he come in between tanu n pragyas fight n thinks whom to convince). She turns to bulbul n asks whom u r talking to . Is tat purab bro?
B: no its my frnds b’day iam wishing her.
I: who is tat frnd
B: Abi
A: bulbul its not my b’day today
B: r u the only abhi in this world. I’m not talking abt abhishek iam talking abt abinaya.
P: is it necessary for u? Keep quiet.
They reaches the apartment. All thinks to go to akash Galt n be there for sometimes. They enter the lift.suddenly ishu gets call frm rv.
Rv: hey ishu I’m going to my frnds home . I have told mom tat i came to see u if she ask anything manage her. ( he speaks in a hurry) ishu thinks to wish him but before tat call ends. She gets tears in her eyes.
She gives abhigyas mobile to them.
The lift opens all say some reasons n leave the place . Ishu gets keys frm akash n opens the door. She was surprised to see the house was beautifully decorated n rv was sitting in the sofa n there was a chocolate cake on the little table near sofa ( it was her favorite).
She runs n hugs him. He says happy b’day to my dr frnd, cousin and my to be wife. Ishu breaks the hug n slaps him hard.

Precap: ishveer fight

Credit to: rithu

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