happy life (episode 14)


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The episode starts with abhigya,Rabul akash rachu ishu talking together in the chat stall. Purab n abhi decide to stay with akash. Soon they all reach apartment.after the dinner all 7 members were chatting in the terrace( pragya mom doesn’t know abt abhi’s arrival). Ishu was missing rv badly but she tried to hide it. Suddenly she got a phone call she goes to another side as it may disturb others after speaking she came with a wide smile. Pragya noticed tat and asked to seem to be very happy wat s the reason. She told nisha akka(it means sister) is coming India. As purab n akash dnt knw abt her bulbul tells abt her. Pragya asks wen she will arrive ishu replies within 2 days. Bulbul thinks she is Happy abt her sisters arrival but she is missing rv her face reaction changed wen she ordered panipoori ( she knows tat both will fight for panipoori). Tmrw is her b’day its rv’s b’day too want to do something .( she plans something).
All leave to their respective homes. At midnight ishu gets awake n sees the watch nearby it was 12’o clock. She thinks it’s her n rv’s b’day. She thinks abt an incident. Usually they will have a competition who wishes first.

I: its 12’o clock now its year in gonna win him and calls him.
the phone rings for a long time. Ishu thinks how long he will sleep and murmers son of kumbakarnan. Finally he attends the call.
rv:happy b’day I won tis year also.
I: no tis is cheating.I am the one to call first. So iam the winner.
Rv: I have only wished first so I have won.
I: no I won’t agree. U r a cheater.
Rv: feeling sleepy bye…
I: hey idiot dnt cut the call cheater

Wen she Thinks abt tis tears rolls on cheeks. She wiped the tears n slept again. The nxt day abhi comes to pragya’s home n get blessing from her parents. He told tat he came here tis mrng as pragya told tat bulbul n ishu came here. He talks with them for a while all 7 members decide to go temple in abhi’s car. Pragyas parents n rachanas mom goes to attend a marriage n they will not be available for the nxt two days.they left the home before they leave to temple. All the 3 Heros r waiting in the parking. akash was asking abhi n purab I don’t know y u guys become speechless wen u see ur gf. soon our heroines arrive they all were wearing saree. All there were stunned to see them. Abhi n purab came to senses n watched akash he didn’t take his eyes frm rachu.
A: excuse me akash I hope now u understand y we r becoming speechless.
Pu: can u pls close ur mouth akash . If u keep ur mouth open like tis. Then not housefly tis space tis enough for a rat to go inside ur mouth.( un vaaya knjom muda mudiyuma nee ippadiyae vachirundha e matum illa indha gap la yeli yae ulla poitu varum. All starts to laugh.

Precap: ishu gets a call from rv

Credit to: rithu

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