happy life (episode 13)


The episode starts with pragya ishu bulbul rachu goes to the temple n akash also comes with them. After the dharshan they r sitting in the temple. suddenly abhi comes there in search of pragya n others n found them. He goes bear them n says hai to everyone he hugs akash n ask how r u frnd( they became gud frnds). And talks with his lovable sisters . He asks ishu to forgive him as can’t come to the function. Bulbul was surprised tat abhigya dnt speak even a word . Pragya turns her face to other side wen she see abhi wats the problem between them.
A: akash u knw these three girls r very close to me. They r like my sisters I luv them a lot. They also care for me like a mother. Iam vry lucky to have them in my life.
ishu whispers in bulbul n rachu ears he is praising us tis much so he definitely plans something big.( ivlo ice vaikaran appo kandippa edho perusa plan panran).abhi continues his talk akash u r also lik my bro. So my beloved bro n sistrs can u pls leave me n ur frnd alone.

I ,b,r : we expected tis. We r waiting in the chat stall near our apartment both come soon . All four leaves. Pragya stares abhi. A flashback is shown.
After the terrace sence pragya comes to home she looks at the calendar in her room n thinks it’s their luv anniversary and she thinks to call abhi.her mobile rings she attends the phone call with a wide smile as it was abhi.
P: hai abhi.
A: hai pragya. Hav u all reached home safely? I have come to India sterday itself now iam on the way trichy I think I will reach before 4 pm.
P: wow super.then? ( she expects tat he will wish her )
A: then wat. Is all my sisters r fine. I have bought gift for them. Iam afraid of ishu as I didn’t attend the function pls help me to convince her n he keeps on talking abt others.pragya gets irritated.
P: stop it abhi. Do u remember abt this?
A: is anyone’s b’day?
P: u hav care n affection only for others not for me u hav changed a lot . Hate u dnt talk to me . She cuts the call. Then only abhi remembers tat today is their luv anniversary. He calls her again but pragya cuts the call so he message
A: extremely sry ma. I totally forgot sry sry…
P: how it will b in ur memory nowadays u r busy no time to think abt me.
A: not like tat my dr. Pls give me a chance pls talk with me.forgive me plsss
P: ok we all r going to temple today eveng. U hav to make me speak. If u do tat thn I’ll talk with u as usual.
A: ok let’s see who who wins
P: sure.

Abhi was talking to himself. I have got trapped wat r u going to do abhi think something. She will be very strong in her decision if u fail to do this.thn she will not talk whatever u do. He thinks for a while n he gets a idea. At present
A: y r u staring at me? Can’t u take ur eyes frm me. Am i looking tat much beautiful.( nee yen enna appadi pakkara en mela iundhu unnala kanna eduka mudiyala? Na avlo alaga irukana). Pragya gets irritated and tries to leave frm there.abhi holds her hand and says i knw u will b beautiful in anger too but dnt be angry for a long time its not gud for ur health mainly its not gud for my heart ( he talks like a kid. Pragya smiles but she tries to hide it). Abhi gives her a small box which is beautifully decorated n it was written for my love of life .wish u a happy anniversary. Pragya opens it thinking wat it will be. She screams n throws the box shouting cockroach. She turns to abi and scolds u know tat am afraid of cockroach. Thn y u did tis. U have given me tis cockroach in a beautifully decorated box as my our anniversary gift dnt u hav sense. The horrible gift ever. Abhi was listening to her with a wide smile.
P: r u mad? Iam keep on scolding u r laughing like an idiot.
A: someone told tat they won’t speak with me but they spoke.
P: i didn’t talk with u.
A: accept tat i hav won.

Pragya smiles and hugs him and says happy anniversary.she breaks the hug ok they will b waiting for us shall we go. Abhi says ok. They holds their hands n walks together. Pragya rests her head on his shoulder..( oru malai neram andha Saalai oram mungum nilavin olliyinilae plays). In stall. Ishu watches bulbuls tensed face n thinks she is tensed since noon and asks her abt tat.
B: i told u na tat my family n purabs family got to know our luv. Both family r meting today to talk abt tis hope everything shld be smooth. Ishu gently pats on her head n says everything will b alright dnt wry. Akash asks ok say wat v can order rachu says thahi poori, bulbul n ishu says panipoori. Ishu thinks tat rv also likes panipoori very much n thinks abt their fight to eat panipoori.she wonders y he didn’t call me after he left to his frnds wedding. Someone blindfold bulbul. Bulbul asks who tat. She removes the hand n surprised to see purab. She asks wat r u doing here? Purab says relax bulbul the both families accepted our love and wish both to be married as soon as possible. Bulbul was overjoyed n hugs purab. Abigya also comes there. Bulbul introduces purab to everyone. Ishu thinks I have seen purab before but I don’t know where. Abhi n purab decides to stay with akash. All leave to respective homes.

Precap: ishu b’day celebration.

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Credit to: rithu

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