happy life (episode 12)


The episode starts with akash splits the coffee which he was drinking in shock on seeing ishu n pragya. Pragya n ishu’s shock increases as they see bulbul with them . Pragya calls bulbul frm her mobile and ask her n rachu to come to the terrace. In terrace.
P:wats happening here . How did he came here?. Even though he stays here how u guys knw abt tat.in this early morning (inga enna nadakudhu avan eppadi inga vandadhan Seri avan inga thangirundalum unga rendu perukum eppadi therinjudhu adhuvum ivlo kalaila). Both remained silent for a while.its was bulbul who broke the silence.a flash back is shown.
Rachanas mom went to the market nearby to buy some vegetables as bulbul n ishu came here after so many yrs she wish to invite them for lunch n dinner to her home. She bought many vegetables n was on the way to the apartment. As her health is not in gud condition she feels dizzy suddenly and the floor was slippery due to sterday’s rain. She faints. Someone splash water in her face n helps her to stand n gives her vegetable bag. Its akash.
Rm: who r u? I haven’t seen u before here( yaru pa ne idhuku munnadi inga pathadae illayae romba nanri pa) anyways thanks a lot.
AK: iam new to the city aunty . I will be here for 3 to 4 months for an official work
Rm: where do u live
AK: xxx apartment aunty. Its actually my frnds flat he is in abroad right now so he asked me to stay there.
Rm: i also live in the same apartment
AK: ok thn i will come u till ur house ( unga veedu varaikum kuda varaen)
Rm: its ok no problem
Ak: no aunty u r weak i will come with u its final. Rachana’s mom smiles and says ok. He comes up to her door n leaves to his flat.
After coming to she keeps on praising him( she forgot to ask his name but she knows abt the block n door num). Rachu who is interested to hear tis tries to leave to her room. Her mom stops her and asks her to give breakfast to him( she was keeping the breakfast ready in a plate). Rachu refuses n moves to her room.
B: r u mad? Y u refused?
R: i dnt want meet anyone.
B: so u dnt want to meet akash.
R: akash????
B: the person who helped ur mom is akash. Its a gud chance to meet him with ur mom permission.
R: how do u knw its akash
B: i saw ur mom n akash talking from the balcony. If u dnt have interest to meet anyone thn i will go.
R: stop.. I’ll come.
Her mom decides to go by herself as rachu refused. Rachu stops her. N says I’ll go
Rm: just now u said u will not go. Wat happened to u.
R: no ma just now only realized he helped u n came till our home to ensure tat u came home safely its our responsibility to help him. Give me the plate n leaves. Bulbul also goes with her.rachu mom thinks wat happened to rachu
Akash shocked to see them. Rachu says u helped my mom tats y we came to help u.akash whispers wow i helped my motherin law unknowingly wat a gud coincide. Bulbul helps akash to clean the rooms. Rachu prepares coffee for him by watching at akash.( nenjorathil en nenjorathil ennai ariyamal nulaindhu vittai plays) Rachu gave coffee to him n thanks him for helping her mom at that time u both saw them .
I: ok at least rachu tried to speak with him its a big thing( Seri at least rachu akash kuda paesa try panniruka idhuvae periya vishayam) but he splited the coffee on seeing both of us in shock ( aana pavam engala patha shock la coffee ah thupitaru)
they all here a voice its not coz of shock its coz of salt
Everyone turns to the direction were voice came akash was standing there
p n i: salt??
AK: yes she added salt instead of sugar tats y splitted. He turns to rachys side n says in future pls add nly coffee powder in milk myself will add the sugar.
B: in future??
AK: yeah in future wat sis u r asking as if u dnt knw anything ( aama future la enna sis eduvum theriyadha madhiri kaekaringa) he smiles at rachu n leaves. Soon all four leave to respective home . In eveng all go to ranganathan temple which is famous in srirangam. Akash follow them.

Precap: abhigya Rahul meets.

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Credit to: rithu

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  1. Nice abhigya scenes eh illa two min kooda read panna mudila abhigya scenes we want equally as others tq for lovely episodes

  2. Frnds pls say if it is boring

  3. Finally abhigya meeting super… today’s episode was good I will enjoyed mainly for salt in coffee

  4. Sry guys there is somemistake. Actually wen rachumom praises akash she gets irritated n leaves to her room. I forgot to say tat the flat in which akash stays has all furnitures n basic equipments. In precap its abhigya n purab bulbul meeting

  5. Nice rithu……how can I give rotten eggs and tomatoes ……….u r a good writer so I will giver flowers 🙂

  6. Wow rithu your amazing superb

  7. Superb yaar really sema thn tat salt in coffee it’s really awesome n cute…

  8. Awesome rithu?????

  9. Its Superb yaar …….& The cover pic is Awesome….????

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