happy life (episode 11)


The episode starts with pragya,ishu,bulbul,rachu n akash having food together. Suddenly nee yeppo pulla solla pora nee verum vaya mellama oru vartha sollu solla badhil eduvum illana adiyoda kollu ( wen u r going to accept my love pls break the silence and say a word if u dnt have anything to say thn pls kill me) plays from the music system hearing the song pragya n ishu sees akash n rachu and starts laughing. Thn controls their laughter n starts to hav their food. Bulbul who doesn’t know abt akash n rachu was puzzled by pragya n ishu behavior and asks them abt tat. They replied nothing. Akash feels awkward he makes excuse n leaves from there as he might have some in his cousins wedding. All four continued their chat. Rachu asks abt ishu’s sis nisha. Ishu says tat nisha is in Singapore n couldn’t come for the engagement as akshara was not feeling well at tat time. I missed u all so much tats y i scolded u both sterday. Pragya says it’s k dr. And asks abt purab to bulbul.

P: hello madam u have shown only photo wen r u going to introduce him to us.
B: sorry frnds actually he went to abroad as soon as he completed his degree to join MS. Now he is looking after his own business.i will introduce u soon dnt wry.

They talk for a while n leaves to their respective places.rachu gets placed in tat company. As all the 4 were free on nxt day they decide to spend some time together.they meet in a mall nxt day. Pragya was purchasing some sarees for her engagement. Meanwhile ishu tells abt rachu n akash to bulbul. Ishu was helping pragya n bulbul rachu were wandering around the mall. Rachu was surprised to see akash there n calls bulbul but wen she says there is no one at tat place it happens 2 r 3 times. Bulbul gets irked Pls rachu I knw u like him. But I can’t see anyone wen u show. Keep ur imagination with yourself ( in a kidding way). She goes to pragya n ishu saying pls save me from rachana. Both asks wat happened.she explains.ishu says it’s not imaginary its real.

Akash comes to talk with them as soon he saw them. They talk for a while n leaves. Bulbul also decide to spend some time ishu rachu pragya so all leave for srirangam after 2 days. Bulbul fortunately r unfortunately book the same train and their seats also the same before. They enjoyed their time together after 7 yrs. But rachu was lost in akash’s thoughts. They reach srirangam nxt night. Ishu stays in pragya’s home bulbul in rachu’s home. Nxt day mrng ishu was enjoying the climate in balcony which is pragya’s room. She gets shocked on seeing something and calls pragya . She was also shocked. On opposite side of that balcony they saw rachana n akash were talking ( they were also talking in the balcony which is in the opposite block). On seeing pragya n ishu both gets shocked.n akash splits the coffee which he was drinking on seeing them

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Credit to: rithu

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  1. Good one but too short plz update long episode

  2. Iam busy with my exams sweatha tats y I couldn’t update long one sry for tat

  3. Nice yaar

  4. Nice yaar bt too short

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  7. Superb yar but too short

  8. Its Superb yaar……..

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