happy life (episode 10)


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The episode starts with pragya n rachu walking in the platform.they r surprised to see ishani in the opposite platform seems to be arguing to someone.they move towards her. Ishani n tat unknown persons convo

I: r u mad?tis wont suit (ne enna loosa idhu nalla irukadhu)
U:no it will be nice.u r not ready to hear me( nalla than irukum nee than na solradhu kaeka kudadhu nu iruka).
Pragya comes there and calls ishani.she turns to her side
I:u itself say pragya in these two backdrops which one willb nice (neeyae sollu pragya indha rendu backdrop la edhu nalla iruku)
U:she will definetly say my choice is better (na sonnadhu than nalla iruku nu solluva paaru).
I:no my choice is better than urs(illa ennoda choice than nalla iruku)
Suddenly they stop fighting .and looks on pragya ishu happily hugs her and says finally we met.and hugs rachu.
P:ishu n ranveer u both didn’t change . still fighting on silly things as u did it in childhood(ishu ranveer neenga rendu perum maravae illa china vayasu madhiriyae ippavum china china vishayathuku sanda podringa)
Rv:she only started first.

I:no u only started. And keep on quarelling.
Ra:u know him already? (unaku avara munnadiyae theriyuma)
P:yeah they both r cousins .they r like tom n jerry always fighting. (hmm theriyum rendu perum cousins tom n jerry madhiri sanda potutae irupanga). In school days ranveer will come to ishu’s home to spend his vacation me,ishu,bulbul,suresh will enjoy our vacation together(school padikum podhu ranveer leave la ishu veetuku varuvan na ,ishu,bulbul,suresh ellarum leave ah onna enjoy pannuvom)
P:hey stop fighting ya.wat u guys r doing here.u were discussing abt stage backdrops na it means u both r getting married. Finally I found the groom. But u guys will b always fighting na wen did it all happened and starts to tease them(hey sanda podradha niruthunga pa neenga rendu perum inga enna panringa aama stage backdrop pathi discuss pannitu irundinga appo neenga rendu perum than kalyanam pannika poringala kadaisiya mapplaya kandupudichitaen aana neenga rendu perum sanda potutae irupeengla idhellam eppo nadandadhu)
I:I know u wil tease me tats y didn’t say.
P:but wen is all happened.
Rv:pragya I say tat lter.its getting late I have go to my frnds wedding bye. Ishu u can also come with me na u also knw him well. Parul also is not at home u will be feeling bored.
I:wen I said tat iam coming u said u will have no company there u will be sitting alone I also will be busy with my frnds I cnt take care of u.but after knowing tat I cant come u r asking me to come im stunned with ur care(na varen nu sonnapo unaku anga company irukadhu thaniya than irukanum nanum en frnds kuda busy ah irupaen unna pathuka mudiyadhunu sollitu ippo vara mudiyadhunu nu therinjadhu kapuram vaa nu solra un akkaraya pakum podhu appadiyae pullarikudhu)
R:ok bye pragya,ishu. Tis is rachana right. Bye rachu I will talk with u later.
Ranveer leaves .pragya,ishu,rachu walks together
P:me n bulbul expected tis will happen long ago.
P:u n ranveer getting married.
I:now its happening na now stop teasing me watch the way n walk. (adhan ippo nadakudae nee enna ootradha nirutithu vazhiya pathu nada)
Ishu and akash collides.
Ak:she is loudspeaker na?
I:wat?who is loudspeaker how dare u call me like tat.
P:ishu tis is akash he heard our convo sterday tats y he is calling u as loudspeaker.
Ak:congrats ishani.
I:thanks akash.
Ra:wat r u doing here. U didn’t leave ah.
Ak:how can I leave before u?abhi has given me the responsibility to take care of u both.

Ok guys as u didn’t attend my engagement iam going to keep treat for my marriage akash. U can also join us.they leave to the restrarunt nearby. On the way they meet bulbul who came to Chennai from Hyderabad for a meeting. All the 4 frnds meet after 7 yrs. Pragya introduces akash to bulbul as her frnd.they reach restrarunt and order some food. They were talking abt their school days and rachana ‘s interview. Pragya informs bulbul tat ishveer r getting married n they starts to tease her(even bulbul doesn’t knw tat ranveer is groom).thier orders have come and they starts to hav their food. Suddenly ne eppo pulla solla pora song plays. Hearing tat pragya n ishu starts to laugh thinking abt akash n rachu.controls their laughterand starts to hav food. As bulbul doesn’t knw anything abt tis she blinks and asks y u guys r laughing. Both replied nothing.we will talk abt tis later.

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Credit to: rithu

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