happy life (episode 1)


hai frnds i didnt expect tis much of comments thanks all lot for the persons who commented and for the silent readers who spend thier of reading my ff. someone asked abt abhi and other leads they will b introduced in the upcoming episodes .

All the students after reaching chennai and they first travel to agra and visit tajmahal and some palace thn they move to jaipur and visits amber fort jal mahal many tombs n palace and finally kanjan kaesari where they enjoyed magic show camel ride pupet show and dinner in Rajasthan. style. ( they travel via train frm one place to another).
and finally reaches delhi and visits parliment india gate red fort and reaches a
park to have thier lunch . praga ,ishu n bulbul enjoys the whole trip with a lots of happiness.
As they ,reaches a park they could see a group of college students who was also having thier lunch there ( they might also came for tour). while eating bulbul have hiccup continuously and pragya goes
to buy a waterbottle on the opposite side of the road as thier water bottle is has finished

while crossing the road a car hits her and she falls. down . seeing this bulbul ishu screams pragya and rushes to her. hearing thier scream suresh also comes there they lift her and makes her to sit in a shadow. ishu says thank god there is no severe injury . meanwhile suresh gets a first aid box from the teacher . seeing tis bulbul starts to cry bitterly as she only forced her to come and she was hit by the car as pragya went to buy water bottle for her.ishu was so doing firstaid and tears was rolling frm her eyes as cannot see the pain of her frnds . seeing ishu suresh said i’ll do the first aid you just feed pragya. ishu starts feeding her.

seeing ishu and bulbul crying pragya dnt wry drs just a small scratch in my hand nothing to wry i will be alright. ishu gets calm after some time but they cannot console bulbul . ishu n pragya worried tat if she cries lik tis thn she will hav wheezing problem. pragya says stp crying otherwise i wont talk with u with quite anger tone. hearing tis she try to control herself. ishu says go n wash. ur face come and hav ur lunch. and asks suresh to go with her. bulbul said its k suresh u be with them n goes to wash her face. a college student comes and asks is ur frnd is alright now .( as bulbul n ishu screams everybody notices. thm) bulbul who still have tears in her eyes nods yes. she says dnt wry she will be alright and gives her water to drink . bulbul thanks her and leaves. next day all leave back to chennai. during thier travel suresh ishu n bulbul takes care of pragya with lot of care.
precap: seperation of ishu pragya n bulbul

thanks frnds for the support . pls say ur suggestions both +ve n negative comments r welcomed. pls forgive me if this part is boring. dnt mistake me if didnt rply to ur comment. bye…

Credit to: rithu

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  1. Nice yaar…….

    1. thanks sharmi

  2. Hi rithu,
    Your ff is awesome.
    Even I’m a tamilian so don’t worry about Hindi.
    Rithu nice work

    1. thnks ammu

  3. Nice yaar… Bt wat abt our heroes still u dint give intro r else tz story s between These 4 only ah

    1. no durga they will b introduced in upcoming episodes pls wait

  4. Its Nice……But Separation ????Waiting for next one…………….

  5. Hai,rithu am also tamilan your ff is awesome keep continue:-)

    1. thnks sweatha gud to hear tat u r tamilian

  6. Pls post longer ..it’s too short ya

    1. ok madhu

  7. Wow super…

    1. thnks sree

    1. thnks pinky

  8. Awesome yaar
    I am in Mumbai but Tamil nalla theriyum
    Native Chennai thaan
    Continue soon

    1. thnks akshaya

  9. Keep going its vry interesting!

    1. thnks suga

  10. nice rithu awesome work

    1. thnks reji

  11. its super rithu continue

    1. thnks moni

    1. thnks sritii

  12. Its nice

  13. nice pa…….

  14. Nice.you’re showing the bond of friendship. Its really awesome.

  15. Waiting for abhigya scenes dear

  16. Btw till now its nice yaar

  17. Wow……dont know who is dat clge guy…..but y separation of the 3 bff….no fair…but stil i loved ur ff

  18. where is abhi purab when u r intr them please bring them fat nice epi

  19. nice episode

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