happy life ( epi-25 part-2)


Hai frnds. How r u all?. Meeting u after a longtime.
recap: raBul’s engagement also take place along with akchu
The episode starts with Rv n abhi looks pragya n ishu.
They both says if u make plans with help of aliya can’t we?. Akash,purab and bulbul gets ready n come back to stage. When the function was about to start akchu says we don’t need tis marriage now in chorus.

Pragya n ishu: (in chorus) wats the problem now? ( ippo enna prachana?)
AK: now nly she joined in job na. Let her work for some days n moreover how can we get marriedbefore aliya di .
Aliya gets teary eyes n hugs her brother.
Engagement if both the pairs takes place

After sometime.
All the relatives n frnds left the place only the family of four pairs were left there.
All the parents were busy in discussions abt marriage arrangements in rooms which are in upstairs.
Abhigya,raBul,ishveer,Kchu,nisha,vikram,akshu,parul,subhi were chatting in the hall were the function took place. ( just lik how we people will chat with our family r frnds after the marriage in the mandap).
parul n subhi says pragya bhai n abhi jiju wait u both hav some task to do. All blinks. Parul: y u r all looking us lik tis. U all hqv teasing them na now its our turn.
Abigya says ok we will do tat.
Subhi: ok first pragya di.
She comes stands near parul n subhi n takes a piece of paper from the box they gave n starts to read it. After reading it she gives an awkward reaction to abhi.
Abhi: y u r looking as if u saw a ghost( yen di pei ya patha madhiri mulikara). He comes n snatches the paper frm her hand n he too gets shock.
purab: wat is written in tat. Y both r looking lik ginger eaten monkeys.
Subhi: nothing jiju. Pragya di shld sing SING IN THE RAIN( vadivelu song hope u remember) in abhi jiju style).
Abhi: subhi dr .should pragya compulsory do tis? ( subhi kutty pragya idha kandippa pannanuma Vera vazhi illaya? . Mama pavam la pls chlm).
Parul n subhi :no way

Abhi murmers both hav planned to make me comedy piece n sits in his place.
Parul gives akchu’s little guitar to pragya n ask her to do it.
Pragya looks abhi n says sry I have no way n sings the song in his style . Now it’s abhi’s turn.
Parul: u have to dance for otha sollala song
Abhi: see how I’m dancing( ippo paru eppadi aadranu). He starts to dance in western style.
Subhi: hello u shld not dance lik tis .u shld dance with tis n gives lungi for him.
Abhi: do u hav any other option.
Pa: how abt item songs.
Abhi: no thanks . I’ll do this . He murmers lungi ae innaiku than kaila pudikaraen idhu potutu na dance vera aadanuma kadvulae kapathupa
Somehow he manages n dances.
Pragya: hello u both r teasing us as if only we got engaged today. Wat abt others?
Parul: thanks for the idea di.

First rachana di n akash jiju. Wat to say.. Haan u both shld fight now.
akchu: we will try .
Rachu: u knw i hav expected tat u will propose me lik varanam aayiram surya, alaipayudhae madhavan ,theri Vijay but at last u proposed me lik mozhi prakash raj is it fair?.
Akash: i also expected tat u will propose me
thani oruvan nayanthara . Did u said lik tat. Still now u didn’t reply for my proposal.
Rv: adapavi eppo sonnadhuku eppo da rply kaekara( wen u r asking rply for ur proposal. Too early).
rachu: solanana vitruviya tirupi kaeka maatiya( if i didn’t rply won’t u ask again).
Subhi: rachu akka theriyama sanda poda sollitom sry. Niruthunga ( we said u both to fight unknowingly pls stop).
Akash n rachu gives hifi by saying idea success.
Subhi: nxt ishu di. Tell any secret abt ranveer jiju.
Parul: anni i expect a lot frm u.
Ishu: ok done. Wen ur bro was at 8 th standard he had a crush on one of his classmates.
Parul: wait wait. I dono abt tis wats her name.
Ishu: nimmi.

One day he gathered all his courage n decided to propose her ( tv tries to escape from there but parul holds him ). Finally he proposed.she fell on his beauty( Ivan alagula andha ponnu mayangita)
Purab: then wat happened both broke up ah.
Ishu: purab bhai hear it fully. She fainted in as he was in vampire’s attire n makeup for fancy dress .
Abhi: oh u said in tat modulation ah ( oh nee andha alagula mayangaradha sonniya).
Akash: then
Ishu: then whenever she looks him she will run from that place.he had tried to.convince but at last she changed the school itself. Hav anyone heard tat anyone used vampires attire while proposing n laughs
mirudha mirudha mirudha un kadhalai ivalidam solvaya plays wen ishu saying tis. All looks around n finds it plays from subhis mobile. Rv stares. Subhi: sry its my ringtone
Rv: u didn’t get other songs to keep.ringtone( unaku ringtone vaika Vera song kaedaikalaya idhu than vaikanuma).
Subhi: tis is my fav song.
Rv: ippadi poi unmaiya sollitiyae ishu. Enna ma ne ippadi panriyae ma. All starts to.laugh at his reaction.

I’ll try to update part-3 soon. Pls say if it is boring. Both positive n negative comments r welcomed. See u soon bye. If u guys want to know anything abt me pls post comment I’ll rply to it. Bye.

Credit to: rithu

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  2. It was so funny yaar…. No boring

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  3. its just awesome….abhi dance for otta solla song i could not control my laugh….good imagination dr…..

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  5. Neenga tamil la soldradhu pidichiruku but tamil terinjavangaluku puriyum hindi people ku epdi puriyum n especially relation type la tamil la iruku la tats y telling if its hurt u im sry. As a frnd its just a suggestion.

    1. Dnt sayl sry yagitha u r right. Its my mistake only. Thanks for ur support

  6. Ahhhhhhh it’s really sooooooooo cute n funny yaar n awesome I really enjoyed a lotttttt…

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  7. Super Akka super ah iruku why I’m laughing when u said ava alagula mayangitha I could not stop laughing ???. Are you on Facebook if yes pls tell me your id

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      My ID is rithanya selvakumar. Profile pic is 3 candles. Wats urs?

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  8. Superb!! sorry for not commenting regularly but it was so nice!! Tamil dialogues are very cute!!! and yes I agree with yagitha too but anyways the epi was hilarious!! Kalakita rithu!

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  9. Hi rithu as usual superb episode and what are u doing padikuringala illa work pandringaka?

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    V nice but plz try to increase abhigya part

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  11. Karthi srithi

    V nice but plz try to increase abhigya part

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