happy life ( epi-25) part 1


Hai frnds. How r u guys? Hope all doing good. Lets go to story without any delay.
Recap: rachu’s mom announced abt rachu’s engagement.everyone is shocked.

Rachu was getting ready lost in akash’s thoughts she was wearing a green saree with matching accessories. Her mom asked her to wait for some more time and goes to the stage. She announces tat the good time will be starting only after 15 minutes n the groom’s family hasn’t arrived so I request everyone to wait for some more time.
Meanwhile ishu,bulbul, pragya was discussing how to stop this engagement.

I: wat to do now. How to stop this ?
B: even I don’t know . It’s a big shock to me
P: We hav to talk with aunty immediately

The trio tries to talk with her mom. But they couldn’t as she was busy in arrangements she was not ready to talk with them. They tried to talk with pragyas parents so that they can console rachus mom. They they were not available at tat time n their mobile were out of reach.

B: wat to do now. Shall we kidnap rachu. So tat engagement will b stopped na
P n I : stupid plan. If we do this wat will happen to her family’s reputation.
B: sry sry I didn’t think abt tat
P: the only way to stop this is to talk to groom abt her love before engagement.
I n b: we agree with u. But we don’t know who is tat.
P: anyway he will come to stage na we have to request him to talk alone with him n tell abt tis. No other way.

On the other side.
abhi, purab, rv was seriously discussing while akash was trying to leave the place. He was caught by aliya.
Al: akash were r u going
AK: di I feel uneasy tats y I’m leaving to flat.
Al: r u ok akash? She checks the temperature.
See rachu has come to the stage wait for 10 min the function will get over thn we can leave.
AK: no di. I can’t I need to take rest I feel dizzy ( talks hiding his tears)
Al: ok u dnt go alone .i’ll come with u. Wait I will inform pragya n cone
Akash stops her n says no di we shld not disturb them its thier frnds engagement let them enjoy. If we inform abt tis they will start to feel bad. Lets go without informing

Al: ok if we leave by main entrance everyone will notice us. We will go by back gate.
Both leaves from there.
AK: di u knw the way r not.we r wandering in the same place I think
Al: I knw the way. U keep quiet.

Aliya brings akash to stage from backside. He was hell shocked to see rachu n his parents on the stage n looks aliya she smiles at him n starts to explain.
Meanwhile ishu,bulbul,pragya was also shocked. And looking at each others face.
Abhi ,rv, purab comes near pragya,ishu,bulbul and stands with folded hands, wearing coolers, n looking upwards.

P: y these 3 ppl r standing lik this. ( murmers to ishu n bulbul).
B: hello gentlemen may we knw Yu ppl r standing lik statue in merina beach ( hello gentlemen ippo yen neenga merina beach la irukara sillai madhiri nikkaringa nu therinjikalama?).
Abhi,rv, purab: y not sure.
B: first remove ur glasses looking lik jokers.

The trio murmers they r feeling jealous tat we r looking handsome ( ivangaluku porama namma alaga irukom nu).
They remove the glasses.
Pragya, ishu, bulbul in chorus now tell us y three r giving tis buildup.
Hey this engagement happens coz if us.
Pr: wat.
Abhi explains..
after we met aliya in Bangalore. We thought tat we can reveal akchu’s love to their family with the help of aliya . So purab talked with aliya n requested to convince akash family. I convinced rachu’s mom. Both family’s have already fixed engagement with another family we have taken risk to solve this.
I: abhi hav spoken to rachus mom. Purab hav spoken with aliya. Wat u hav done to pose lik a statue with them . She points rv ( abhi aunty Kitts paesunanga, purab aliya kita paesunanga. Nee enna panna nu ivanga kuda pose kuduta).
Rv: hey I only have tis fantastic plan to them. Ishu looks abhi n purab with an expression is tat true. They both nods yes n puts hands over rv ‘s sholders n says nanbaenda.
aliya comes there.
Al: so u three knw wat happened.
I: di u didn’t say to us?.
Al: sry sweet heats this 3 hav ordered me not to say. As they wished tis shld be a surprise for u 3 also.
( oops sry frnds I forgot to say tat I have ended prakash track).
B: di they told both family have fixed engagement with other family . How did u stop tat.
Aliya looks at them and asks wat u have told them. The trio signs not to tell tat.but she didn’t notice tat.
Al: actually tats true. Nly bulbul. Even i was shocked wen uncle ( akash dad) told tis to me). Then only i came to knw they have fixed engagement with rachana only. Even if we didn’t plan anything tgier engagement will happen by gods grace.
pragya, bulbul,ishu stares abhi,purab n rv in anger.abhi,rv, purab slaps on thier forehead as aliya told everything.
Al: ok i have work. Ttyl.
Pu: dnt go dnt go.she left ( pogadha pogadha poita….)

Pr, i,b: someone told tat they have taken risk.
The trio shows all thier teeth’s. N says its is common in Herod life. Arasiyal la idhellam sadharanam appa.
At the stage.
Akchu were speechless coz if over happiness’. Rachus mom, akash parents, ishveer, RaBul,abhigya n aliya were standing on the stage.
B: i feel very happy.lots of happiness in the same day. I feel like flying.
I: shall i increase ur happiness.
Bulbul looks puzzled.
Ishu pushes bulbul forward n aliya pushes purab forward.
Pragya,ishu,aliya shouts our surprise for u both.
Subhi n parul brings rings for both the pairs . Nisha n Suresh starts to take photos as it was very important day for them. RaBul looks each other in happiness.
Uyirae en uyirae ennavo nadakudadi plays.
Akash says we have got company in engagement too. Ravmchu smiles.
Abhi ,rv looks at pragya ishu.
They both replied do u think nly u can do such plans.

Precap: akash n rachana says we don’t need tis marriage

Credit to: rithu

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