Are you happy with Humsafars getting shut?

Humsafars starring Harshad Chopra and Shivya Pathania, which launched in September last year is leading towards his end. Humsafars which witnessed the story peak of Sahir and Aarzoo’s marriage got into a thrill zone recently. The ongoing track of the show goes like.. ACP Rathore wants to know more about Alvira and is questioning Arzoo about it when they hear Alvira screaming. Upon rushing to her room, they realise that she has been tied to a tree and there is fire all around her. Sahir and Arzoo manage to save her but ACP Rathore is still insistent on questioning Alvira. Alvira is conscious again and ACP Rathore has questions for her. Alvira says that all that she remembers is that someone came to her room and hit her on the head. On the other hand, Arzoo discovers Sahir’s sketchbook, in which he has made Zeenat’s sketches. She wonders if Sahir still loves Zeenat.

The show is going off air this month, but before that audience’s wish is finally being fulfilled with Sony Entertainment Television’s Humsafars bringing some cute romantic moments between the lead couple. The viewers will also see Sahir and Arzoo get into a romantic mode as they celebrate their first Valentine’s together. Sahir, who would be completely engrossed in solving the mysterious things happening in the house, especially around Zeenat, will tend to overlook this, hurting Arzoo in the process. However being the loyal husband that he is, he will quickly realize his mistake and decide to apologize to Arzoo. He sings a song for Arzoo by playing the guitar. Are you happy with Humsafars getting shut? Let us know in this poll.


  1. Nancy Rahman

    This is the only show right now with some excitement…please do not shut it down. If u must shut something down, shut down “Hum Hain Na’ ..It has become ridiculous and boring

  2. fari

    Please dnt shut this show down . This is the only show that I watch. .I love saahir & arzoo there chemistry is beautiful. ..Please leave it on air…

  3. Roma

    Please don’t shut down this show. I love Sahir and Arzoo. The story is getting interesting now. I am seeing Harshad after long time, he is the BEST actor and Shivya although she is new, is doing brilliant performance. Please don’t end this show…. 🙁

  4. gayathri

    Nooooooooooo iam watching only this serial these days dont shut it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..if u want trp then adjust its timing..plssss dont shut it

  5. gayathri

    Remaining serials in sony are soooo boring…..shut that serials plsss not this one…..our SAAZZZZ……i love them sooooo muchhhhh

  6. Saaz

    Ye Sony ka interesting show hai u guys don’t know how I wait for the updates everyday please don’t back the show off!!!!!

  7. Jyothi

    Y u guys r not understanding this!!! Don’t let the show go off air!!!it will infact give u a worst trp if u let it go off air!!!

  8. culll

    Yay i m so happy it is ending yay wohooooo cnt wait 4 last episode n i m waiting 4 it 2 end it was rly getin boring but i did enjoy it aliitle so hpy its ending cuz it became 2 much trajic

  9. culll

    Yay i m so excited it is ending yay wohooooo cnt wait 4 last episode n i m waiting 4 it 2 end it was rly getin boring but i did enjoy it aliitle so hpy its ending cuz it became 2 much trajic

  10. culll

    Yay i m so excited it is ending yay wohooooo c n i m waiting 4 it 2 end it was rly getin boring i m so hpy its ending cuz it became 2 much trajic

  11. culll

    yay wohooooo c n i m waiting 4 it 2 end it was rly getin boring i m so hpy its ending cuz it became 2 much trajic

  12. anonymous

    This show cannot end
    If it ends their will be no happiness of any kind
    Also if this show ends no other serials will suceed
    So this show can never end
    Make sure this show does not end

  13. anonymous

    Shut down
    saath nibhaana saathiya
    Hum hai na
    Maharana pratap
    Balika vadhu
    Diya aur baati hum
    These shows have been running since long long long time
    These shows should get shut

  14. Alka

    Pls dont shut this serial. I luv Humsafars. Harshad is my favourite actor n I adore his acting. It was so heartbreaking news for me that show is going off air.. pls save it.. Shivya as new comer is outstanding. Luv Harshsd n Humsafars.. Let God b him n the show..

  15. bhuvi

    Oh…am really upset yaar..y r they shutting good show..senseless ppl… I will really really miss this show… Especially harshad n shivyani …

  16. IMAnam

    Don’t shut Harshad Chopda’s show we love SaAz and this show is my source of pleasure
    Sony wold be making the worst decision ever if it’s going to axe our beloved show
    #SaAz #Humsafars #HarshadChopda

  17. aruna

    Pls dont shut the show…….its a very gud one….much better than all the remaining sony shows…..its too premature…..let the story grow on the viewers…..and pls sony promote it…..with repeats. ..pls

  18. As sahir Harshad is doing too good and As a new face Shivya is doing amezing…please don’t shut humsafars..If sony shut this show then i will never watch sony’s any show..

  19. vidhu

    It’s only show am watching ….it’s full of love thrill excitement ……don’t do this. ..actually Sony tv is enough with cid I think …They are repeating nonsense cid episodes bt not humsafars
    …..plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t shut down

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  21. j

    I feel pity for Sony television. ..can’t you understand which show is running good with strong fan base and sensible story y…lot are other serial are real one will njoy them…stop hum hai na..tum aise he rehna..instead of HUMSAFARS …THIS IS THE BEST SERIAL EVERY WATCH. ..dont air off this. ..think wise

  22. Juneli

    Pls don’t shut this show…this is the only show i watch…first of all…this is a very intense dark love story which is ONLY meant for mature viewers…saying that means the 8.30 slot is NO way suitable for this show…hence the drop in trp…had it been in late night slot I am sure the trp would have been good…the channel should reconsider this…and NOT shut down just becoz of the mere trp!!

  23. Jannatul

    Please don’t shut this show. There is more show to shut which is non-sense. But not the one pleaseeeeee

  24. sameena

    Except for humsafars , there are no other serials worth watching on sony tv…. if the channel decides to end this lovely story then its like sony tv’s attemptting suicide….. i dont know who decides the trp ratings…. i think it shouldnt matter sony tv abt the humsafars low TRP as long as it has some loyal viewers….. as a concerned viewer of sony channel, i would like to stop the channel from suicide attempt by ending humsafars…..cheers sony tv☺ …… love humsafars

  25. Lav Saaz

    Love #Humsafars … #SaAz rock with their Sizzling Chemistry!!! Please Do Not ShutDown The Show… Love to see it for a long time.. #HarShiv are brilliant in their performance! Keep It Going Pls!!!

    Lav SaAz!

  26. shakti

    It sounds so stupid and rude of Sony of they axe this show. The fineness and cuteness filled in such a story like humsafars has to be shown. Its such a lovely story of a yong couple.

    Boring middle aged love story kitchen politics or MIL DIL crap enough of those stories.

    Audience want romantic genre that to between young couple and for sake of god not of divorced parents or something else. I hope the management understands fans interest and reconsider Humsafars journey in our lives and continue airing it

  27. I feel the script need to be change.. seems like a family story leading to more mystrey and dectative show. Please change the story line the TRP can go high. WE ARE WATCHING THIS SHOW BECAUSE OF HARSHAD.(PREM) .



  29. j

    If this show is stopped in sony tv…I wil never watch sony again…just get this channel taken off from my plan…nway no other serial or program worth watching there…except waste of our time..

  30. Kashish

    Please don’t shut this show .it is a dearest and earnest request to the Producers of this serial that do not shut this bcoz I only watch Maharana Pratap and Humsafars serial on Sony channel.Please we love Saaz ,their characters and the script of this serial.It will be a huge loss to Sony channel if it stops this serial.Like Star Plus stopped Ek Hasina thi serial it losses trps and the popularity of the channel and audience’s view.

  31. Kashish

    No the audience is not happy to see this serial stopping.If you have asked our views then our serious and earnest views are that Sony should not stop this show otherwise there will be a huge loss to the channel.

  32. Roz

    I am disappointed the show is ending. If there is any possibility plse keep it alive! It has a huge fan base both locally n international!

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