Hi friends,
Today is the friendship day that we all know.
Every relation in the world is beautifull as like as dew in the beautifull rose.and every relation made strong by trust.but then also some relations may be bitter as days passed.
But there is only one relation which can be set by a simple but cute lip movement that is smile and that relationship is friendship.
So let us see some of the great friends who made their friendship as an example to the world.
In mahabharatham,
In the epic days it is said to be that a man and woman cannot have a relationship as a friend.
But lord Krishna and draupadi broke that customs.And They have a re bounded by their friendship.
Lord Krishna always addressed draupadi as “sakhi”-(female friend).
Whenever draupadi faced a tough situation she used to pray to his friend,lord Govind.
Let us see an incident
One day lord Krishna and draupadi were playing a game of kite which is used to fly high in the sky.during playing the thread which is so hard make a cut in the hands of lord Krishna and his hands were bleeding .draupadi immediately torn her cloth and she tied the wounds in Krishna’s hand.
Some of the stories also described in the way that,
When lord Krishna killed the shispaula-the sindhu king due to his misdeeds.in that time Krishna used his sudharchana chakra to slay the shispaul head.due to that the sudhrachana chakra which is very hot because of krishnas anger made his hand very red and suddenly the bleeding start from his hand.so by seeing that draupadi immediately torn her cloth and she tied the wounds in Krishna’s hand.
Apart from yama and Yamuna story this epic incident is also said to be the planted for the festival’rakshabandhan’where sister is used to tie the’ rakhi’ thread in his brother hand for his long life in the same way draupadi did.
A friendship which does not see gender bias as it is purely only on the unconditional affection between two.

This duo is always a great example for their friendship.
In the epic period we can see a person is evaluated by his status.in the same way Karna from his birth he was always treated as a sutaputra by the royal people .and they even does not give a platform to show his talents as because after all he is a sutaputra.but duryodhanan who is portrayed as a main villain in mahabharatham is a hero in his friendship.he respected karna skills in archery and his talents and duryodhana made him as a king of angadesh.
Lets see an incident
One day karna and duryodhanan wife bhanumati is playing a game of dice.in the game karna was in winning side and bhanumati was in losing side.in that time duryodhanan entered the chamber.seeing this bhanumati stood up as a respect to pay for his husband.but karna who didn”t see duryodhana think that bhanumati was trying to escape from her defeat.so he pull her drape mistakenly to make her sit and to continue the game.but due to his strong pull the pearls in the drape are rolled down on the floor.
Seeing this bhanumati feared and karna also ashamed for his act and he stood before duryodhana for his punishment.but duryodhana in a where cool manner asked whether “I should gather the pearls or string it them?”.
Because he have a trust in his love towards bhanumati and moreover he had a faith and unconditional love in his friendship.
This unconditional love in his friendship made karna weak and he stood up in all duryodhana misdeeds.
Karna a man who always want to show his gratitude to duryodhana .
So after knowing that he was a sathriya and he was born to the great son god and kunti.And he never revealed it to anyone and he also get a promise from kunti that she doesnot want to reveal it to anyone till his death.
Because he does not want to show his real identity to his friend duryodhana which will leave duryodhana in a confused state.
So he fight against his own brothers and he faced his death by his own brother arjuna.
In tamil there is a saying ”uppu itta varai ulu alvam ninaye”which means we have to always think of a person who is helped in your need.which karna always did.
There are so many friendships in the epic .but this two pairs are close to my heart.
So happy friendship day my dear friends so enjoy the day with fun with your loving friend…

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