Happy Friendship Day – Abhigya (one shot)


Hi guys !..this is an one shot story of Abhi which means only one episode . i will give a small intro . Abhigya are studying in a college ,both loves each other . Rabul and Taaliya is their best friends . here we gonna see a new role Arjun . so this is the intro !!..other no brief intros

It was a clear morning . Pragya and Bulbul r rushing to the college . Sarala says be careful beta !. Bulbul says ok ma . Pragya was in thoughts she thinks Today is friendship day my first wish is only for Abhishek . Bulbul snaps her hands and says di where are you ?..come it’s getting late . Pragya says ok come . Purab was waiting there with his bike . Tanu and Aliya was standing there with a car . Pragya thinks Abhiskek khahan hai ?..she asks Purab .Purab says Don’t know Pragya , i think he reached the college first itself . Pragya says ok . Tanu says Prags you come in car we will go together . Pragya says ok fine !..

They all reached the college .Abhi sees Pragya coming and mesmerized with her beauty . Allah Waariyaan plays . Pragya searches Abhi . Abhi thinks hey Abhi she is searching for you . Today i only first gonna say my friendship day wishes . Pragya comes across Arjun . Arjun says hi Pragya . Pragya says hi . Abhi gets jealous seeing this . Arjun was about to say his wishes but Pragya cuts and asks where is Abhishek ?..Arjun says oh Abhi !!..i don’t where he is ?..Pragya says oh i want to search for him !.and she sees somewhere . Arjun says Pragya come with me i want to show something to you . Pragya says but.. Arjun says come ..Arjun drags Pragya and went .

Abhi gets more jealous seeing this . Abhi says how dare he is ?. Pragya was about to say my wishes but he drag her and went . Rabul and Taaliya came there . Purab says hey bro wat’s up . Abhi says no bro feeling sad . Aliya says where is Prags?..Abhi says she was with that Arjun . Suddenly Abhi gets a call from Arjun . Abhi says hello . Pragya says hello Abhishek (her voice was very tensioned) . Abhi says hello Pragya .. where r u ?..Pragya says Abhi here Arjun …Abhi says kya Arjun ?..Arjun says it’s me Arjun . now pragya is with me . I am gonna marry her soon . if u want to stop it means .come to this place ..bye !..Abhi says hello hello !…Bulbul asks bhai kya hua ?. Abhi says Arjun kidnapped Pragya . All gets shocked..

Purab – What r u saying ?
Abhi – i have to go now . he is gonna marry her .
Tanu – we r coming with u
Abhi – no need u guys come after sometime
All nods

Abhi reaches the place where Arjun called !..He sees nobody there . Abhi cries my Pragya left me . A sound comes there who said i left u ?..Abhi turns back and sees Pragya . Abhi emotionally hugs her . sanam re plays..Pragya says HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY .Abhi gets a happy tears . Abhi asks where is he ?.. Pragya asks Arjun na ?..

A fb shown
Arjun drags Pragya towards him .. Pragya asks Arjun wat r u doing ?..Arjun says i love u so much Pragya . i can’t live without u . Pragya says Arjun just leave me . leave me i said ..Arjun says no i will not . Pragya says i didn’t loved u . i love Abhishek only.Arjun says just shut up !..i am going to marry you now itself and took her out . After reaching that place Arjun said to Pragya do you want to speak to your pyaari Abhishek one last time . Pragya just looked him in anger . Arjun called Abhi and gave the phone to Pragya . ..After speaking .Arjun says now i am going to marry you Pragya . Pragya says i will not be yours . Suddenly Arjun looked outside he pushed Pragya and went .

Abhi says don’t worry i am here na ?..nothing will happen to you .Suddenly they heard a voice i will not leave you Abhi . Abhigya turned back and saw it’s Arjun with a gun . Arjun says what do you think with scare only i left her went uh ?..To just see your guys cryings only i went . Now Abhi you will be gone and Pragya will be mine forever . SHOOOOOT !!..evrybody was frozed . Arjun was shocked . Abhi says Pragya !!..Pragya pushed Abhi and she got the shot !…Arjun gets scared and ran away . Abhi shouts Pragya !!.Rabul and Taaliya came there and they gets shocked ! .

They all rushed to hospital . Doctor says Pragya is in critical stage .She can hear listen but can’t open her eyes , if someone wants to speak with her means u can ,there r chances that by hearing the person’s voice she can wake up . Abhi rushed without saying anything . , He saw Pragya . and shouts Pragya !!..wake up ..wake up ..
Abhi – Pragya my soul is also combined with your heart only , i can’t live without you , why you pushed me ,i will be dead and you will not not be in this condition na ?..
Pragya’s eyes rolls
Abhi sees and says Pragya , Pragya
Tears got from Pragya’s eyes
Abhi – why u got that shot ?, you will not be in this condition if i am dead
Pragya closes his mouth bol do na zara plays ….
Pragya – don’t ever say that word
Abhi – why ?
Pragya says because I LOVE U !
Abhi says LOVE YOU TOO !..
They both hugs each other .. sanam re plays..All sees this from window and smiles

Ok !!..I think now you all enjoyed this episode ok HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO ALL OF YOU MY FRIENDS !!..i did this OS to wish everyne from the bottom of my heart !..
i will wish some names but don’t take it seperately this wishes is for all , if you liked this one means please comment and let’s all be friends and enjoy this friendship day !..

My friends

That’s all i remember but anyways once again everyone HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY -LOTS OF LOVES – from REJI !!

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  1. Happy friendship day reji dr

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      Happy friendship day rithu !!..?

  2. happy frndship day reji!!…..beautiful story!….i loved it <3 🙂

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    Superbbbbbb Os !! Happy Friendship Day to u too ! Love U loads ! Keep Rocking !!


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  7. Happy friendship day…. Tz one shot story s really nice n full of love yaar

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    osam and happy friendship day

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