Hi Friends,
Today June 19-father”s day
so i wish a happy Fathers day to all the fathers in the world.

Father-who is a daughter’s first love and son’s first hero.
A role of the father cannot be replaced by others.
there are so many people in the world who have a strong bonding as a father_son,father-daughter relationship.
their bonding cannot be expressed by words their pure bonding can only expressed by their feelings and emotions.
now,let use see some of the heroic fathers from the two great epics ramayana,and mahabharata.
king shantanu-father of devavrata(a)bhishma
king shantanu who was married to river ganga had promised her request that he won”t raise any question again her in his lifetime.but he raised the question when ganga take his eight son to drown in the river.it is due to his love towards his putra his more than his love towards ganga.he don’t want to lose his eight son also.And after few year king shantanu again fell love with the beautiful fisherwoman satyavati..he asked satyavati from her father fisherman to marry her.but the fisherman asked a boon that her daughter satyavati son only want to rule the kingdom after shantanu.king shantanu was shell shocked and he immediately rejected the proposal because he want only bhishma to rule the kingdom.
his love towards bhishma is greater than his love towards satyavati.
king bhishma-god father of hastinpur
though he was”nt a king i alwys assumed him as a great king.
he has took a oath that he will remain brahmacharya till his end because of his father wish to marry satyavati.so that he can”t marry and have a son or daughter.
but he took care of satyavati son chitrangada,vichitravirya,dhirdhastra,pandu,vidrura,pandavas,gauravas in the role of father.
a father role is to guide the children in the right way which he followed in his life
king vasudevan-father of god shree krishna,balram,subhadhra.
when vasudev married devaki a lightining appeared and says that “devaki eight son will kill the devaki brother kamsan”.
soon kamsan tried to kill devaki and vasudeva.lather under the request of vasudeva he didn”t kill them but kamsan imprisoned them.
king vasudeva forced to see the death of six son”s which is horrible to a common man.
but he didn”t lose his hope and when devaki was bearing their seventh child it is transplanted to vasudevr first wife rohini.later when the eight child lord shree krishna was born all the doors of the prison are opened and all the guards were forced to get sleep and seshnag stood umberlla for krishna and river gave a way to walk.
he carried lord krishna in a basket and handover to his friend king nandagopal with great difficulties.
a father duty is to protect their child from all the hurdles which he had done in a great manner.
king Nandagopal -foster father of krishna
who as a pride of being a father to the lord itself.
when vasudevar handedover jrishna to him he return his new born daughter to vasudev to escape vasudev and devaki from kamsan.
who has courage to do this.being his wife yasodha_nandagopal had played a beatifull mother role in krishna childhood.
king Draupad-fathed of draupadi
king draupad performed a yagam to get a son who has a power to kill dhronacharya.
but when both draupadi and dhristadhyumana born from fire.he wasn”t pleased with draupadi as she was a daughter.but slowly he felt his daugter is his pride.he love his dauhter very much.he wished to get a best life partner for his daughter who want to love his daughter more than him.that”s the father love.
king Arjuna-father of abhimanyu
arjuna-subhadhra son is abhimanyu.arjuna teached abhimanyu about the chakravauga before his birth itself.when subhadra was pregrant he teached suhadhara how to enter into the chakravaghu which was heard by the child abhimanyu in his mother’s womb itself.[the first guru of the child is his father).
later at kurukshetra war when abhimanyu was brutally killed by six warriors[killers]because of the plight done by jayathratha.he vowed to kill jayathradha before the sunset of next day if he missed to kill jayathradha he vowed that he won”t see the sunrise hereafter which means he said he will kill himself.
Dronacharya-father of ashwathaman
he love his son very much.he can do anything for him. his strength and weakness are none other than his son.his weakness is used by pandavas and they lied to him that ashvathaman died.which make him to weak his strenth and they used this chance to kill dronacharya.his love towards his son make him blind in war.
now ramyana,
Rajarishi Janak-
though sita wasn”t her own daughter.he poured love towards sita which cannot be measured as like as water in the ocean.he brought up his daughters with great knowledge and wisdom.because he believed that knowledge which he gave on that day will guide his daughters in their future.
when the four daughters sita,urmila,mandavi,shrutakirti are getting married to four sons of king dhasratha they are ram,lakshman,barathan,shatrugan.
He felt so happy for them in the same way he felt very sad because he want to leave his daughter.[A Father happy tears rolling down from his cheeks while doing kanyadhan to his daughter will show how much they love them].
King Dhasaratha-
Father of four great son’s
His love towards ram cannot be expressed simply.he love his life because of ram.he felt that he is the luckiest man in the world to get son as ram.
When kaikayei asked dasaratha a boon that bharatha want to be crowned as a king of ayodhi and ram want to sent to exile for forest[vanavasa] for 14 years.
He felt that rather granting for this boon which will separate ram from him.he can die
He died due to his love towards ram when ram went for vanavasam.
So we should respect our father and love them till the end.not their end,till our end.
The orphange and the old age homes are raising due to the son”s and daughter in the nation should not be increased hereafter.
As they took care of us in our childhood .and we want to took care of them in their old age.


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  1. Lovely post and am glad u chose to connect with mythological dads
    My personal favourite is Janak so will elaborate a bit
    He loved Sita inspite of the fact that she was not his biological daughter. He accepted her as his janaki. Most importantly he gave his four daughters freedom to express, freewill and deep rooted values
    It is said that he says to Sita bring happiness in marriage don’t search for it he taught her to be autonomous and responsible for those around her and each moment it is his teasching that mouldy Sita. He told her to give agnipariksha if necessary for her self esteem. He gave her education and respected her. An education of a girl forms a nation and yes his daughters did form ayodha in all sense exposing it hypocrisy.
    Janaka gave his daughters to the sons of Dashratha, saying, ‘I give you Lakshmi, wealth, who will bring you pleasure and prosperity. Grant me Saraswati, wisdom. Let me learn the joy of letting go.’ This ritual came to be known as kanya-daan,
    He had made urmila fierce and bold
    Mandvi responsible and mature
    Srutakirti supportive and innocent
    Truly Sita was Janak ke janaki in all sense
    This rajrishi played the role of not only father wonderfully his daughters wanted Janak in their husband his eka patni virath which his 4 daughters seeked in their marriage.
    He was father in law for ram yet he was a father why I say this he did not question ram on Sitas second exile
    He understood that ram by taking blame for Sita exile had vindicted her now and forever
    He did not question laxman on leaving urmila for 14 years. He remained true to his kanyadaan

  2. Happy FATHER’s Day to all the father of the world

  3. Very nice description about father.it’s awesome ? ?





  7. Aami

    miss u my sweeeet dad…….. thnk odbto make me urs little princess….. u r he first man who i love……. my super hero….. my role model…… my best buddy….. my guide…… my mom’s lovr ?……… my bro’s buddy…… ur evrythng to us….. u r soooooooo much to us….. we lovr u lotzzz……. ??????

  8. Priya15

    Happy fathers day dad………u r the strength of me…more than a father u are my best friend…u r my first love…u gave me freedom …u always trusted me …i m happy and blessed to get a father like u……u r the only person with whom i share all secretes……u r my everything……love u so much Papa ……i m proud to say that i m ur daughter…u r the worlds best father…

  9. Thanku guys for u r support

  10. what about karna’s foster father

  11. happy father’s day to all

  12. I wish I could live with my father but I don’t have a father I never saw my father but I still wish him happy Father’s Day

  13. Akshaya

    happy fathers day to all fathers . father is a super human being who hardly shows his sorrow to his children. love you daddy kutty ( i call him like that)

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