hey guys this is lisa !
I was a silent reader for a long time and guys I luved all ur ffs especially tisha , naveena , queen , surbhi , reji , tripthi arora, rithi Riya and many more. And now I mustedred up all my courage to write a new ff and it goes as follows


(Neil ) Nicheket Mehra: one of the topmost cardiologists in world and also does business along with his son
Ragini Nicheket mehra : she has a tailoring institute where she teaches a lot of students and it is one of the biggest institutes in Mumbai
Abhishek prem mehra: son of neil and ragini and the leading rockstar of the country . Love interest of pragya
Purab mehra: second son of neil and ragini and he looks after all the companies along with his father
daljeet mehra : dadi of abhi andpurab , mother of neil , moter in law of ragini

Sarla Arora : head of the family . she lost her husband a long ago .Now she is one of the leading bussines women in Mumbai but is very traditional and simple
Daljeet Arora : she is mother in law of sarla
Pragya Arora: one of the top most fashion designer in india and mostly designs for her sister . love interest of abhi
Tanu Arora : leading model in india and she loves nikil (her producer)

the epi starts with heavy preperations in mehra mansion a and abhi is sitting sadly in his room
Purab : aren’t u ready this is ur engagement day and we have to go to the venue so pls get ready soon( and leaves)
Abhi: sorry pragya ! ihave no other go and I have to do this for my family and for my dadi
and abhi sadly gets ready for his engagement
A fb is shown
Abhi : pragya come here I wanna give u a surprise!
Pragya : what kind of ?
Abhi : wait here and don’t go anywhere ok !(goes somewhere and brings a cake along with some boxes and the lights go on )
Abhi : Happy bday darling and one more thing I love u
Prgya : (pragya was confused as she thought abhi was joking) I could not hear the thing u said aat the last ………..pls come again
Abhi : I Love u pragya I love u !
Pragya : u are not joking right
Abhi : I am not joking
Pragya : how could I believe u
Abhi : wait ! if u ask me I would give u anything in my life
Pragya : really but I don’t believe u so pls ! I thought u were a good friend of mine but I didn’t expect u to do these and let us be friends ! friends forever and not more than that
Abhi : but pragya ! (she leaves)
Abhi : no hw could she not accept me …. what did I do why is this happening to me
Fb Ends


pragya is in her bed sarla is asking her to get ready

Sarla : come on get ready soon as the grooms family would arrive here by anytime
Pragya : ma ! pls ma 5 more mins
Tanu : come on doll wake up !
Pragya : Pls di ! engagement is for u and why should I get up early
Tanu : how would I do engagement with a guy without u so pls get up …… u re my dear sister nah ….so my lil princess get up and as my fashion desingner u have to make me ready
Pragya : u are ………(gets up and goes to the washroom )

guyz hows my ff and should I continue ! pls do comment more!
thnk u …………………..bye and …………………….TAKE CARE!

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  1. Nice but where is my bulbul

  2. it’s nice….plzz continue it….

  3. Divya chandru

    Good yaar… nice intro with different subject move

  4. Nice yaar.. Continue ur story

  5. Hema d'Souza

    Wow its amazing yaar pls continue

  6. hey sorry guys I forgot to mention
    Bulbul is a good frend of abhi and pragya ..tobe clear abhi pragya are best friends and bulbul is like a lil sis to pragya and she stays in hostel
    Aliya is a good frnd of tanu

  7. Really nice…continue yaar……nd all d best 4 ur new ff……

  8. Nic amazing ff plz update ur ff another epi fast plz

  9. Superb Lisa but can’t wait for ur ff next episode

  10. Superb yar nice story line and nice intro pls continue can’t wait for your next episode pls update fast

  11. nice…..

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