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“Happy Ending!!!” TwiNj OS #Chulbul


Hi frnds! Tu pe bohot ffs hothe the! Ab tho bohot kam hi hothe hain! Aisa kyun?-and yeh os meri chulbul ke liye hai! 23 ko likhna chahthi thi par nahi complete kar payi! Ab complete hogaya! Isliye chulbul maine tujhe dusra gift diya! I hope u like this!

Lets Begin!

Tamanna and Bulbul are besties. They met on a website called telly updates. Tamanna leave a comment on a ff named “it was all a lie! Last epi” by chiku. Bulbul messaged her. They used chat. They even exchanged the numbers. They used to chat daily. They became besties.

Tamanna: chulbul
Bulbul: haan bol aishu!
Tamanna: Lets start a ff together.
Bulbul: okay chal! Lets share the idea in call.
Tamanna: okay.. Umm…
Bulbul: kya hua?
Tamanna: i m Nervous!
Bulbul: nervous kyun ho?
Tamanna: pehli baar kisiko nahi deke baat kar rahin hun!
Bulbul: come on yaar…
Tamanna: okay!

Tamanna calls her. She receives it.
Tamanna: (slowly) hello
Bulbul: hello! Tu kya kehrahi thi, nervous!
Tamanna: haan…
Bulbul: yaar mai bhi insaan hi hun tumhe khaa nahi jaaungi!
Tamanna: (feels comfortable) hehe!

They talk for some more time and go to sleep.
*******[till here was not fictional]******

*******[fictional story starts here.]*******

Tamanna goes to her cousins house. She met her two cousins, Mahi and Twinkle. Both were of same age. Wait wait they are not Twins. Okay so Mahi was their Own child while Twinkle was adopted. Twinkle’s father was the bestie of Mahi’s father. Twinkle’s parents died so Mahi’s father took care of her. But 3 years he also left her. His wife (Mahi’s mom) used to treat her as a servent and Mahi as a princess. Twinkle seeing this always felt Sad. She even used to cry. Tamanna very well knew it so she even took Twinkle to her house but her aunt forcefully took Twinkle back.
One fine day,
Mahi’s Mom: Mahi tere liye ek accha rishta aaya hai! Ladka bada paise wala hai! Himachal me rehtha hai! Tu usse mil le! Wo kya kehthe hain singer… Haan wo ek singer hai! Naam Kunj Sarna hai!
Mahi: okay Mom! Paise wala hai tho teek hai!

Mahi goes to room where Twinkle and Tamanna were sitting.
Mahi: Twinkle tujhe mere saath himachal ko chalna hoga! Chalegi?
Tamanna: lekin kyun?
Mahi: wo ek ladke se milne jaana hai!
Mahi’s Mom: Twinkle tu iske saath jaayegi!
Twinkle: teek hai maa.
Mahi’s mom: maa nahi Ma’am.
Twinkle: (teary eyed) sorry Ma’am.
Tamanna looks at her sadly.
Tamanna: Aunty kya mai bhi jaa sakthi hun himachal plz!
Mahi’s Mom: haan kyun nahi chali jaa.. Waise bhi iss Twinkle ka kya bharosa ke kab meri mahi ko akela chod de.

Twinkle looks at her with teary eyes.
Tamanna: (thinks) budiya kahinki khudko samajh thi kya hai! Meri Twinkle di ko rulayegi! Huh! Agar permission hothi na tho mai abhi iska gala ghot dethi! Huh

Twinkle, Tamanna and Mahi are all set to go.
Twinkle: (thinks) plz god plz izz baar mujhe usse mila do..
Tamanna: (thinks) chulbul dekhlena mai tujhe surprise dekhe rahungi!
Mahi: (thinks) paise wala wooww.. Mai tho abhi se imagine kar rahin hun… Raani ki tarha rahungi.

They bid bye to thier family members and moves in train!
At Himachal Pradesh!

Bulbul: Tamanna is so bad! Nahi nahi bad nahi good hai! Huh i love her! Aaj mera birthday hai aur ek wish tak nahi kiya! Huh! I m not going to talk to her.

Someone blindfolds her by keeping hands on her eyes.
Bulbul: (smiles brightly) Kunjjjj!!!!
Kunj: tujhe hamesha kaise patha chal tha hai ki yeh mai hun!
Bulbul: mai hun hi smart aur tho aur mai tumhari best friend hun!
Kunj: (smiles) haan! Aur waise Many Many happy returns of the day. Yeh le tera gift. (He said giving her a box with colourful wrapping paper!)
Bulbul smiles brightly and starts opening it. She finds a photo frame with her photo. She looks at kunj and hugs him tight. (Shukriya bol chulbul maine tujhe sid se hug karaya)
Bulbul: thank you so much kunj! I love you! And happy birthday to u too..
Kunj: thank you so much! i love you too! (Frnd wala hai yaar)

Someone knocks on the door. Bulbul opens it. She was shocked to find Tamanna standing there smiling.
Bulbul: Aishu….
Tamanna: haan chulbul.
Bulbul hugs her tight. Tamanna hugs her back.
Tamanna and bulbul have some random chit chats. Chulbul introduces her to kunj. Tamanna wishes both of them,happy birthday. She gives bulbul a gift. It was a pendent written friendship forever on it.
Tamanna moves toward a hotel where Twinkle and Mahi were already present. All goes to sleep.
Next morning,
Mahi dresses up well and goes to meet the guy with Twinkle and Tamanna.
Here Kunj and Bulbul too comes there. They come face to face. Tamanna and bulbul meets and hugs each other again. Here Kunj and Twinkle were sharing a painful eye lock. Twinkle was teary eyed and kunj’s eyes were blood shot red.
Tamanna (to bulbul) : Twinkle di kya hua?
Bulbul (to kunj) : kya hua kunj?

Before 2 years,

Twinkle meets kunj through facebook. They used to chat daily and eventually fell in love with each other. They even met each other several times. But one day, mahi’s mom got to know this and asked Twinkle not to meet him. Kunj used to wait for her daily at the same place where they used to meet but Twinkle never came. She didn’t even replied to his messages. One day, kunj recieved a message from Twinkle. It read: “Hahaha kunj, u r such a fool! Like seriously u believed that i loved u haha! It was just a time pass for me.”

Kunj was angry and Twinkle was shattered. She sent him that message so that he may hate her and move on. But it was not possible for him.

Flashback ends.

Kunj: she is Twinkle.
Bulbul: what? (She looks twinkle being shocked.

Twinkle: Kunj…
Tamanna: he is the same Kunj. (Asks with shock. Twinkle nods.)

Twinkle goes toward him and hugs him but kunj jerks. Twinkle’s eyes starts water.
Kunj (to Mahi): i m happy that i m going,to marry you! U r so beautiful! And u r so clean hearted. I know.u won’t break my heart like others. (He said looking at Twinkle.)

Twinkle looks at him with pain. Both share an eyelock. Twinkle’s eyes showed love and pain. Kunj’s eyes showed both love and hatred.
Kunj: come mahi! Lets move toward our house. (He says to mahi and holds her hand. Both move hand in hand.)

Bulbul looks at Tamanna. Tamanna looks back. Twinkle was crying. Tamanna consoles her.
Bulbul: why did u do so Twinkle?
Twinkle was just crying. Twinkle runs from there.
Tamanna: u don’t know the whole truth chulbul. (She tells what mahi’s mon did)
Bulbul: Twinkle ne itna suffer kiya… Aishu i have a plan to unite both of them. (She tells something muted.)
Tamanna: wow what an idea chulbul! Awesome.

So now starts the plan.
According to the plan,
Bulbul takes kunj saying she is gonna give treat of her birthday. Tamanna said she wanna meet bulbul and takes Twinkle.with her. Mahi was sleeping.

They meet in a hotel. Both twinkle and kunj were.shocked to find.each other.there.
Tamanna: twinkle di u stay in the room 256 i would be there.
Bulbul says the same to kunj. Both Twinj were unaware that they have to stay in same room. Twinkle moves first to the room. Some kind of juice falls on her dress so the waiter asks her to go to her room and change the dress. He would give her the dress after dry cleaning it. Twinkle agrees. She goes to the room no. 256 and changes her dress in bathroom. She didn’t had any dress there so she had to wear the bathrobe kept in the bathroom. She came out wearing the bathrobe. Someone comes to that room. Twinkle thinks it to be Tamanna and sits quietly. It was kunj but Twinkle didn’t notice and was busy drying her hair.
Twinkle (without noticing): tum agai..
Kunj: (mesmerized by her): yes.
Twinkle hears a manly voice and looks at him.
Twinkle: (shocked) tum!!!
Kunj: (gains his senses.) Tu… , mujhe tho yahan bulbul ne aaneko kahatha.
Twinkle: mujhe tho Tamanna ne…
Both: shit!!! (They get to know that it was their plan.)
Outside the door: hum tum ek kamre me band ho aur chabi kho jaye…
Twinj: you both… (angrily.)
Tambul: yes we both! Now enjoy! (They both leave locking the door from outside. )
Twinj looks at each other shocked.
Kunj: tu kehnahi sakthi thi ke tu hai…
Twinkle: tum nahi bol sakthe the…
Kunj: wo i was lost in you. U look so hot. (Bites his tongue.) Wo wo.. The day is so hot na.. (he.says looking here and there.)
Twinkle blushes badly.
Kunj: haan…
Twinkle: (comes close to him) really!
Kunj: (shivering) ye..yes..
She.comes more closer to him teasing him. Both looses the balance and falls on the bed with Twinkle beneath him and kunj above her. Lost, both move towards each other’s lips. Both forget everything of their past. Their lips met. After abt good 5 minutes they broke the kiss. Kunj’s eyes fell on The water droplets on twinkle’s collar bone. He bends his face and sucks the dropes of water. Twinkle mouns. Unable to bear the pleasure, Twinkle runs towards the window, breathing heavily. Kunj slowly moves towards her and back hugs her. He moves her hair from one shoulder to other and kisses her there. He makes her.face him. He slowly kisses her eyes, then cheeks, earlobe and finally lips. While kissing he slowly opens the robe.and moves his hand on her bare waist. She clutches his shirt. He was caressing her waist. Twinkle removes his shirt and moves her hands oh his bare chest. Kunj carries her to bed in his arms. They make love. (Are thoda tho privacy do yaar une. Hehe)

In another room,
Chulbul: I just wish hamara plan successful hojaye,
Tamanna: hoga chulbul hoga don’t worry! (Yes yes everything was their plan, I know gutter mind bacche hai yeh! πŸ˜€ )

Next morning,
Twinkle wakes up first. She looks at,her Kunj’s position and blushes. She quickly wears his white shirt and plants a sweet kiss on his forehead. Kunj smiles in his sleep. Twinkle moves towards the window and sits on the chair looking outside. Kunj opens his eyes and doesn’t find Twinkle beside him. He looks around to see her sitting near the window. He quickly wears his pants and moves towards her. He slowly back hugs her and keeps his chin on her shoulder. Twinkle smiles. She turns and pecks his lips.
Twinkle: Kunj I m sorry. Maine tumhe dokh…. (kunj pecks her lips)
Kunj: shh… I know! Mujhe sab batha diya bulbul ne… How much u suffered. Ab sirf khushiyan hongi Twinkle. Lets forget our past and hope for our future. Waise lets repeat yesterday night. What say?
Twinkle blushes and smacks on his right arm.
Twinkle: (blushing) dirty mind.
Kunj: yaar tu aise blush na kiya kar… Mai khudko control nahi kar patha…
Twinkle: (blushes hard)
Kunj: dekh ab kuch hogaya tho meri galthi nahi hai! Maine tujhe warn kiya tha! (By saying this he again captures her lips in a deep kiss)
(Ab bus…privacy dedo)


Twinkle and kunj come out and Tamanna and bulbul waiting for them.
Tamanna: so how was yesterday night….aaa..
Bulbul: (stamps her feet) hehe! Kya mazaak kar rahi hai! Inko dek ke lagtha hai ki morning bhi bohot mast thi!
Twinkle blushes hard. Kunj looks around, embarrassed!

TwiNj: thanks yaar..
Tamanna: thanks tho apko bulbul ko kehna chahiye yeh uska plan tha!
Bulbul,: nahi yaar…

All share a Group hug.

=The End=

Here it ends! Hope u like it! It was so long! I hope I haven’t bored u all! Mujhe tho yeh story utna pasand nahi aaya lekin aadah likh chuki thi isliye complete kiya!

With Love,
Urs Tamanna

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