Today and tomorrow is the auspicious day,as today is the saraswathi pooja and tomorrow is the vijayadashmi in south india. And in north india it is celebrated as dusserra.
The main of celebrating this festival was to make us understand that education and tools which help us to make our life to lead in a successful and in a better way.
This shows that god lies everywhere.so we used to pray the god with books and tools in the day of saraswathi pooja.
And we took those books and tools after the day and we use it on the day of vijayadashmi to make our life successful.
So let us see how this festival was intiated by the great saga epics mahabharat and Ramayana.

In Ramayana,
The vijayadashmi/dussehra pooja is celebrated because of the defaeat of ravanan.
When sita was abducted by ravanan.the lord ram who is the incarnation of lord Vishnu and a better half of devi sita in the treta yuga
Lord ram want to return sita from the clutches of ravana and to destroy the ravana.so he prayed to goddess durga and by the blessings and wishes of goddess durga .lord rama defeated ravanan and his ten heads.along with his ten bad qualities they are lust,anger,greed,attachement,overpride,jealousy,selfishness,injustice,cruelty and ego.

In mahabharatham,
In the dvapara yuga,the pandavas lost their kingdom because of the game of dice.and due to defeat in the game of dice they were sentenced to be in vanavas in 12 years and agnanvas for 1 year.
In the agnanvas there is a condition that both pandavas and their wife draupadi should live a life of hiding their true identity to anyone.so after completing 12 years and when their agnanvas is going to start they hide their weapons like yudishtir spear,bheem’s gadha,arjun gandipa bow,nakul and sahadev sword in the hole of shami tree.
And after that when the agnanvas was going to complete the kauravas find that the pandavas were living in the virat kingdom.and moreover the kauravas also steal the cattle(the group of cows) in the virat kingdom.

So pandavas got the weapons out of the shami tree in the day of vijayadashmi and fought with with kauravas,bhishmar and dronacharya,karnan and they won the virat war .
So only it is said to be that in those days if we use to pray god with our tools and books then we can get education and power from the ultimate power .


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