Happy days… swasan & amp; raglak


I was a huge fan of both helly&teju….helly plays the role of swara…is too gud..at the beginning of the serial …in jeans&tee she looks too pretty&
Teju plays the role ragini in a perfect way…and in yesterday episode and hairstyle and dressing style is too gud…
Sanskar suits for swara than that of ragini…bcoz their facecuts makes them suit for each other
Laksh looks perfect for ragini…2couples are the best

Shekhar & shomi are couple they had 2daughters swaragini..
Rest of the characters are all same
Shekhar is a bank employee&but he is the bestfrnd of DP…they used to meet regularly in weekends&but swara&Sanskar they both hates eachother(it is the 1st step for love)
Sanskar when ever sees swara he used to create a chance to fight with her…
DP loves swaragini alot…
Their houses are also sidebyside only
But raglak are studying in abroad…
They don’t that they related to eachother,
But LAKSH Is Having some memory loss if he concentrates on one work if anyone tells another work he will forget that work which he is doing now..
Swasan are studying in different places…swara in hyderabad&sanskar in Chennai

They know them by their nicknames only
Swara: shona
Sanky:Bobby(other than sanky bcoz for my story convienence

Swaragini are just like who used to fight alot when they are closed& feeling loveable when they are apart

Sanlak are just like close frnds..

In baadi in our 2be√†utiful girls swaragini’s rum
Swara: (screaming) ragini why u wore that dress it is mine
Ragini:didi…pls only one day plss shona..
Swara:noo I don’t like people wearing my dress…she is screaming by standing in bed wearing night dress pant& pink top
Sumi came to their room by hearing their noise…
Sumi when she opened the door…she had seen that swaragini are throwing pillows&in floor everything is messy…
Sumi:closed ears(bcoz they both are scolding eachother in loud voice saying this is my one&no this is my one)
Ragini:maa u say too di naa…u brought this dress for me rite…
Swara:mumma…u pls her that u brought this dress only for me to wear for mehetha uncle’s son’s wedding
They are pulling sumi one holding one hand and another holding another hand…
In-between them sumi’s hands are paining…
Sumi:can u pls stop it….
Give me that dress..I will give that dress to maid…now OK for u both…I brought that dress that u both can wear by exchanging…but u both again started catfight..
Swaragini holding eachother hands no mom we will wear by exchanging
At dinning table
Swara:mom u did not make ladyfinger fry
Ragini:I came to home after a longtime but u didn’t make aloo fry I miss it alot…u made bendi fry I hate it..keep this to u r favourate daughter
Swara:mumma u know Na I hate aloo…but u again kept it for me…only keep this to u r lovely daughter…I don’t need it
Ragini:I 2 don’t need it…they both went away…
Dida,dadi,sumi are laughing by their innocence bcoz both curries are present there…but shomi is mother too them she can’t see her daughter’s hungry so she went and keep 2plates…dida&dadi takes it and told they will feed them…dida feeds swara&dadi feeds ragini by their favourite curries

In mm:
Ap&sujatha are calling everyone too cum&eat..
Laksh is coming but Dp&rp did not came…DP has a habit…when thinks about anything he used to pen At head while thinking..RP will not come out without ironing
Their habits have make the day worst for them let’s see
DP asks ap for pen & Rp asks sujatha about iron box…
They are busying in preparing lunch….
Laksh is coming… ap :laksh beta give this pen to your father.he takes it and kept it in pocket
Sujatha:laksh !!! Give this iron box to your cha-cha immediately bcoz it is too hot&uttara had ironed her dresses
Laksh takes that tooo…due to memory loss
He gave the iron box too DP ….
DP without seeing that thinking it as pen he keept in his cheeks while thinking…(very much busy in thinking)
U all know what happened…he screamed soo loud….
In RP room laksh pen to RP…RP is looking at it…while taking the cap of it ink spells on his favourate shirt which he is used to wear for meetings…. Whatnext they both started screaming loud…
All presented there….
Ap&sujatha understands situation&touched their heads…laksh….
DP looks ap angrily for giving that too laksh&RP looks sujatha angrily…they started scolding their wives…they both are standing like that only….without uttering a word…
DP:now what should I do…my cheeks is burned …how can I go out now
RP:chod bhaiyasa u can sleep no need to go out…u will get rest also but what about my shirt…how can I get it again as original one without having any marks…
DP angrily RAM…but his cheeks are paining
RP:bhaiyasa…it’s better if u don’t speak…
DP: turns too adarsh asks him too call doctor…
Ap looks dp eyes and thinks he is asking laksh to call doctor
Ap:laksh meri bacha…u call the doctor bcoz I can’t see u r father in pain…
Parineeta is shocked&uttara takes it lite…
Dp beats his head with hands continuously looking too ap.(chi)
Everyone leaves…
Parineeta:mamiji&chachiji..why u r like that…papaji&chachi ji are scolding like that…and u didn’t utter a word..
Ap&sujatha looks parineeta’s lips…and then they removed cottonballs from their ears….parineeta is shocked….
Sujatha :parineta…u can tell now we can hear now
Pari:what is this chachiji…
Mamijii u too
Sujatha:haa chori…we learnt this trick from our sasuma…it’s better u also learn this bcoz when ever men are scolding we can’t control ourselves &so that we used this trick not to hear their scolding…
All ap,pari,sujji&uttara laughs…
They moved to their routine work…

Precap:swara is going for her studies…swasan meeting and raglak meeting&swaragini emotion+masthi

Credit to: Kirti

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  1. this was so funny
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    laksh is so cute overr here

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  5. R u telugu. …bcoz the character of laksh is similar to that of nami in bhale bhale magadivoy

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    1. Ha yep megha….his character will be like that but the story is not same here

  7. Awesome

  8. its sooo funny yr…awesome n one think u said correct ragsan doesnt suit coz of face cut..

  9. its soooo awesome yr…n one thing u said is very much correct ragsan doesnt suit coz of face cut..

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