A fine new start of a new academic year for the Monarch school & as well as college..


Naira and Roohi are shown walking through there cooridor…

Naira : This year.. we have  a lot of.. new addmission is here this year..

Roohi : Yep.. Mahi miss told me.. that it was a task to choose the best students as the admission were really strict..

They were walking while talking about many more things.. On the other corner Mahira was also comming after filling her Bottle.. it was open..

Mahira and Naira collides .. The water fells on Naira’s dress…

Naira : OMG… you girl can’t you just see and walk..

Mahira : It was you who were bussy talking with her.. at least don’t try to put your fault on others.. Even if you think that’s my mistake … Then I am so.. sorry..

Mahira walks away with full attitude…

Naira : Did she just..

Roohi : Chill yaarr.. its okay …

Naira : If our brothers were here.. we would have showed her..

Roohi : Atleast for once be independet..


Alia Manik & Abjay enters through the college gate…

Alia : We were kings in the school … and now o feel like servant..

Manik : I wonder what .. seniors will ask us to do..

Abhay : Chill yaar.. its a part of college life..

Three boys(Rahul, Krish , yuvraj and  two girls(kiya , Tanya) who were elder than them… They waves to Abhay manik & alia and calls them..

Alia : Seniors!!!

They walks towards them.. another three juniors were also there.. who were Meher , Nandini & Adi..

Rahul: Introduce yourself..

The tree trio introduces ..

Yuvraj : We have a tradition in our college.. that we will give you guys some task and you have to do it…

They all nods..

kiya : Then lets start with Manik & Nandini.. please step forward..

Manik & Nandini takes a steps forward.. and they both looks at eachother..

Rahul : You look like a romeo type.. propose her ..

Manik : What!!!

Nandini laughs..

krish : Look she is laughing.. Manik.. she will propose her..

Nandini : Excuseme…

Tanya : Comeon Nandini..

Nandini : Okay..

She turns to Manik.. Boardly smiles at him.

Nandini : What was your name..??

Manik : Manik..

Nandini : Manik… i have fallen for you ftom the first time i saw you yaar.  i love you please except my proposal .. please say that you love me too.. yaar.. ( she goes on her knees . Manik looks at her)

Yuvraj : Okay .. now stop it..

Nandini : Two minitues… he will say yes.. please say yes.. comeon manik.. don’t you find me.. cute and hot.. I swear.. that i won’t move from here until.. you say yes..

Krish : Manik.. say yes.. yaar otherwise she will stay here all day..

Manik : Yes..

Next the seniors pick Meher

Tanya : I am feeling sad… sing me a song dear..

Meher just stares at the senior..

Meher : I don’t sing..

Yuvraj : Now.. you will.. answer seniors.. you better sing lady.. otherwise .. it will get worse…

Nandini : please yaar.. meher sing..

Manik : Its time for class please sing..

Rahul : We won’t leave you untill you sing..

Meher agress to sing while ..

krish : Its not that easy…. Sing for him..(points at abhay)

Meher sings.. Mein tenu samjhava ki.. Abhay stares at her with a beautiful smile…

After finishing the song.. She runs away

Ishita came seeing this..

Ishita : Whats happening here guys..

Rahul : Nothing.. ma’am were just introducing.. them to the campus..

Ishita : Then why did she run away..

Kiya : We don’t know ma’am as for fun.. we just asked her to sing a song.. and after that she just run away…

Ishita : Umm.. These are the kids i know..Alia , manik and Abhay.. So I want you all to look after them.. and all your juniors…

Krish : Yep ma’am..

The bell rings .. seniors goes..

Ishita : Okay guys… best of luck for the class..

Abhay : Thanks..

Ishita : What is your name..

Nandini : I am Nandini murthy..

Ishita : South Indian ???

Nandini : Yes.. ma’am..

Ishita : That’s awesome.. i am also a south indian.. (looks at Adi) and you??

Adi : Aditya bha…

He couldn’t complete it as a staff comes and takes ishita with her..


Naira : Thats a idiotic thing.. Ms. Maya knows we are bffs since childhood then how could she.. exchange my seat with that new commer..

Roohi : Chill… Yaar.. Mahira is a goid girl..

Naira : Are you feeling concern for her.. I hope you have seen her face.. she looks like a donkey.

They both turns only to find Mahira standing next to them..


In class there was seating arrangements of three oneach bench.. while all the girls were sitting with girls.. It was only Alia who was sitting between Abhay and Manik..

Mr.Avasti enters who is there head of the department and he introduces himself.. and he notices Alia’s bench..

Mr.Avasti : Ms. Alia …. do you want to change your bench..

Alia : No.. sir .. i am fine here..

All looks at Alia..


Aliya : Yaar.. i felt awkward..

Manik : You are comfortable with sittingus..

Aliya : Yep.. i am

Abhay : Then.. end of problem..

Adi comes running through the corridoor and he hits alia.. she falls adi without looking back runs away..

Manik helps Alia get up.. Alia notices that Abhay was smiling idioticly..

Alia : Why are you smiling..

Manik & alia looks at the direction were abhay looked .. and they saw Meher.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    manan scene was romantic though it was a fake proposal.oh ishita didnt realize who adi is.adilya scene was romantic though short.expecting more adilya scenes.nice pics

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