My new story.. happy days is about friendship love and also mending up the broken relationships…. it is a journey of happiness.. sadness.. and all the funny things.. they do.. So lets experence the things happening in MONARCH INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE & SCHOOL. and the twist and turns of friendship

ABHAY SINGH OBEROI – A smart boy with brains. Serious about all those in he gets involved. He is a carefree boy. His parents died when he was 15. Till then his elderbrother took care of him and his family . He is studing at Monarch International College.. He is a MBA student. Aliya & Manik are his bestfriends

MANIK MALHOTRA – Manik is a happy go lucky boy. He is the Romeo of his college.. All girls are mad around him.. But he is not intrested in all this. Aliya’s twin brother at the time bestfriend of her and Abhay

ALIYA MALHOTRA – She is cool girl with a free mindset. She is independent and happy go lucky at the same time prankist. Manik’s twin sister at the same time his and Abhay’s best friend..

NANDINI MURTHY – She is a new admission for Monarch International College. She is a one and only child of her family. A daring girl. A tomboy..

MEHER KAPOOR – A silent girl who have jo intrest in making friends. She is always on her world. She is also a new admission.

ADITYA BHALLA – He is also a new student. who is nerd. Yet and the time he is rude to people and sometimes so much sweet.

NAIRA SINGH OBEROI – A teenage girl with teenage mindset always thinking about falling in love and all types of fantasy. she is now in her 12th . Abhay’s younger sister. Studing in Monarch Internation School which is in the same area where the college is. Roohi’s bestfriend.

MAHIRA KAPOOR – She is an angry bird who gets angry on little things. Meher’s younger sister. She is now on 12th. A new admission

ROOHI IYER – She is a matured girl.She takes everything seriously as her situations were like those. She is Naira’s bestie.. And she also shares a great bond with Abhay and Manik and aliya

ISHITA IYER – She is a business management teacher in Monarch Internation college. A sweet and caring lady.She is Roohi and adi’s mother , yet he is unware of ishita’s identity. She was married to Raman bhalla but then they got divorced .

AHIMANYU MALHOTRA & SHAGUN MALHOTRA – Aliya and Manik’s mom & dad. They are a happy family . Shagun & ishita are best friends

SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI & ANIKA SINGH OBERO : Naira and Abhay’s brother and sister-in-law. Setteld in london

LEKSHMI MURTHY – Nandini’s mom. She raised her daughter all by her self And given her the whole freedom to do whatever her heart tells.

AVNI KAPOOR – A businees women and a cunning mother who always thretans her daughters for her profit. Meher and Mahira’s mom

RAMAN KUMAR BHALLA – A businessman who has no time for his son. He is a divocerd with Ishita. Roohi and Adi’s Dad. Yet Roohi is unaware of him

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow New ff. loved yhm background in it.since adilya pair has ended on yhm tragically happy to see adilya in this ff. is this ff inspired by the movie happy days?waiting for you to start it also your other ffs

  2. Varshini

    loved the intro , all the characters are amazing , waiting for the first part

  3. Riana

    Omg its beautiful….So many famous couples and actors ?????…I m looking forward to it…Updt soon ?

  4. Wow girl where did you get those pics from??? Divya look stunning in blue infact all your pics are awesome.

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