Guys… a
It’s subi here…. I’m posting a mini shot….. For the first time.. Hope you like it.. ??

Screen focus on a mansion.. With beauty of elegance…. Moving towards it.. We can see a beautiful garden filled with different kinds of flower with butterfly and birds….

Moving inside the mansion… We can see a man having a cute girl of 5 years in his lap….. They are watching TV.. Spongebob movie ?? soon a lady came there with three bowls of sweets and gave it to them…… Seeing the sweet little girl jumps from the man’s lap and took the bowl
..and started eating while standing itself..

Girl ; mmmm.. Swara ma.. It’s tasty ( she said licking her lips..) Swara smiled at her.. And gave another bowl to the man…

Swa: sanskar say me how is it…

Yes the man is sanskar and lady is swara.. And the cute girl is “HETVI” swasan child.. ..

Trio had the sweet…… And went out for roaming the city…….

After that trio reached home and went to room…. Soon hetvi went to her dad and called him cutely…

Hetvi: Dad…

San: haan princess…

Hetvi: tell me some stories na.

Swa: bed time stories without me ah..

San + hetvi.: who said you too come…

Soon trio settled in bed…. like sanskar and swara inside and hetvi in middle….

Sanskar started: once upon a time.. There was a forest.. A monkey was new to that forest ….. There was a gathering held in forest and all animals came to attend the gathering.. There monkey meet a lioness who is also a member of gathering.. But is not new there.. Soon monkey and lioness gave a intro and talked…. And like this.. Two to three times.. The monkey and lioness met in gathering after that due to some busy schedule.. Lioness stopped coming to the gathering.. After some days.. The monkey itself came and meet lioness personally. Like this both monkey and lioness became friends.. And monkey mad really terrible jokes that made lioness smile and happy always… Monkey always used to tease and fight with lioness to change her mood… Not only with lioness.. Monkey spreaded happiness everywhere in the forest and made its surroundings always filled with happiness. None can be sad in presence of monkey.. It got unique place in each and everyone’s heart…..
That’s the speciality of monkey…. Now the forest is filled with happiness and positive vibration……..and all are happy…

Story over princess…

Hetvi: ( cutely) dad you always say princess story na.. Y animal story this time..

San: ( smiled) because.. Today is very special….

Hetvi: ( innocently) what special dad… Today is 3rd January..

Both swasan smiled at eachother and shouted making hetvi jump in fear and then made her happy

Swasan: because it’s 4th January and monkey’s birthday…. Also our little princess birthday… ” Happy Birthday Hetvi OUR DARLING PRINCESS ”

HETVI jumped in joy……

Hetvi: you are the best mom dad in the world….

Swara brought the cake.. And hetvi cutted and feeded her parents…..

After sometime.. Trio dossed off in eachothers embrace with happiness and satisfaction….

Screen blurs…..

So guys how is this….this os one and only for my monkey… I hope many understand this concept.. For those who don’t understand.. Pls say how is it…

And last but not least..


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    Nicee..happy birthday

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    Awesome subi…Happy bday Hetvi dear…
    Love u subi dear…???

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    nice…happy bday Hetvi

  5. nice
    happy birthday hetvi

  6. nice happy birthday hetvi

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