“Happy Birthday Sarah and Sunehri!!”

“Happy Birthday Sarah and Sunehri!!

“So today is 12th of June! My princesses’ birthday!” squeals a woman, who is wearing a white sari, with golden and silver embroidery.
‘‘Yeah, yeah Sanam, I know that it’s their birthday!” says a young gentleman, who is seen buttoning his coat.

*Yes the woman is Sanam

“ Ohhh! Aahil, you always spoil the excitement! Ya Allah! What type of husband have I got!” yells Sanam.

*Yes the young gentleman is Aahil.

“My dear wifey! I remember this day because this is the most special day of my…actually not my, our life’s most special day, because this day we became compete!”says Aahil.
“Yes, Aahil, that day we came to know the actual meaning of joy!” exclaims Sanam, hugging Aahil.
“Look time passes so quickly, it looks like it was yesterday when our angels came in this world, and today they are turning 13!” exclaims Aahil.

Suddenly, a woman enters, who is wearing a long frock, rust in color with golden and black embroidery over it, with a golden churidar pajama.

“Continue with your romance later, the kids are waiting impatiently! Chalo!” says the woman.
“Seher we are coming!” says Sanam.

*Yes the woman is Seher!

“Okay come down, fast, I am leaving!” says Seher as she leaves.

Later…In the hall…
2 girl are seen waiting impatiently for someone…one is wearing a red maxi while the other one is wearing a pink maxi…
“Ammi and Abbu are always late!” says the girl wearing pink maxi.
“Ohhoo..Sarah! They are coming, as Khala said!” says the firl wearing red maxi.

*Yes the girl in pink is Sarah…

“Sunehri, I am not like you..always patient!” says Sarah.

*Yes the girl in red maxi is Sunehri…

“It is good to be patient! Learn something from your sister Sarah!” says a girl wearing purple maxi, looking elder than the Sarah and Sunehri!!
“Ohhh…Halima Api, not again! Look it’s my birthday no lectures today!” says Sarah.

*Yes the girl in purple maxi was Halima.

“Look Halima, don’t irritate her on her birthday!” says a girl in royal blue maxi, as old as Halima.
“Nuszat, I am not irritating her, I am just stating a fact!” says Halima.

*Yes the girl in royal blue maxi is Nuszat.

“You and your facts!” exclaims Nuszat.
“Look Nuszz..” says Halima.
“Nuszz, and Halima Api, stop fighting!” exclaim Sunehri and Sarah.
“Who said we are fighting dear!” exclaim Halima and Nuszat.
“You always forget me guys!!” yells a voice from the back.

All turn to see a girl (ME..Hahaha!!) in green maxi, looking younger than all of them.

“No we never forget you dear!” exclaim all other.
“Because you are our cutie pie, Ms.Zuha Fatima!” says Sarah.

*Yes the girl in the green maxi is Zuha (that’s me by the way…LOL)

Sanam and Aahil step down the stairs, singing, “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sarah+Suenri, Happy Birthday to you!”
Now all sing together, “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sarah+Sunehri, Happy Birthday to you! May you have many more, may you have many more, Happy birthday, Happy birthday to you!”

Sarah and Sunehri in gay, “THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU!”

“By the way, I am telling you guys, no gifts for you from my side as I am younger than you!” tells Zuha.
“No that’s not fair” shouts Sarah.
“And being one year younger is not a difference!” squeals Sunehri.
“Okay, okay, stop shouting on my ears, I have a gift for both of you, my drama queens!!” tells Zuha.
*She forwards 2 boxes to both of them respectively.
They open to find 2 wrist watches, one in black color (for Sarah) and one in white color (for Sunehri)

“Thank you so much for this lovely gift, dear!” says Sunehri.
“And we love you!” says Sarah.
“That I know, and love you 2 guys!” says Zuha..The trio hugs!
“Nuszz, and Halima Api, your gift??” asks Sarah and Sunehri.
“Ohhh here it is!” says Halima.
“Where??” asks Sarah and Sunehri.
“Have a look at the wall!” says Nuszat.

*They look to see a wall in pink color (I know it’s very girlish!) over that wall there are many pictures of Sarah and Sunehri, from their birth till present, with small messages like, “Our princesses says the first word!” “The first achievement!” etc. related to each picture. This bring tears in their eyes and they hug Nuszat and Halima tightly!

“Thank you so much guys, this is a wonderful gift!” exclaims Sarah and Sunehri.
All give gifts to them except for Aahil and Sanam…
“Now papa and mama, your turn!” announce Sarah and Sunehri.
“Ooppss…we forgot!” says Aahil.
“Papa don’t joke okay!” says Sarah.
“No, seriously no gifts!” says Sanam.
“Mama!!”glares Sunehri.
“Ok, fine! There is a gift for both of you but in your room!” says Aahil.
“Seriously!” says Sarah, as they both rush towards the room, followed by all others…

*There they found two gifts, one has a card for Sunehri and other one for Sarah. They hurriedly open their gifts

Sarah finds a new play station and gets happy after seeing it and hugs both Aahil and Sanam.. “Thank you so much both of you for this!” exclaims Sarah.

While Sunehri finds a guitar for herself and she also hugged Aahil and Sanam “It is an awesome gift just loved it!!” squeals Sunehri.

Scene shifts to the hall again…
All is set for cake cutting…The girls were about to cut the cake when they stop..
“I have a question!” says Sarah.
“What?” ask everyone.

*Sarah winks at Sunehri and Sunehri understands and smirks.

“Mama, Papa, we wanna ask, how you met?! PLEASE!!” asks Sunehri.
“Sunehri and Sarah!” glares Sanam.
“Okay I will tell you!” announces Aahil.
“Aahil” glares Sanam.
“What…well leave it so listen…It was Sanam and Seher’s b’day and as being the business partner of late. Asad Ahmed Khan who later turned out to be my father-in-law, so I was invited in the party…when I saw your lovely mother I was mesmerized in her beauty… although she was unaware of the fact that I have fallen for her she became my friend and that is how our love story begun.” Tells Aahil
“Wow! Now I will also wait for my Prince Charming, on my birthdays!” squeals Sarah.
“Shut up! And let’s cut the cake!” says Sunehri.

*And both of them cut the cake…
Sunehri and Sarah, daughter of Sanam and Aahil.
Zuha, daughter of Seher and Rehaan.
Nuszat (Nuszz) daughter of Shazia and Sarfaraz.
Halima daughter of Nazia and Ayaaz.
So today is the birthday of my lovely friends Sarah and Sunehri…MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!!!! Altough this is not a big gift but yes a small token of love for you guys!! I hope you enjoyed!! And I Love you Guys so much that I can’t express in words, although we have never met one another! May you celebrate lots and lots of birthdays…And live a happy, Long life!!

“Sun Likes Sunnday
Moon Likes Monday
But I like one day
That is your

Zuha Fatima.

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  1. this story so cute…

  2. Happy birthday SUnheri and Sarah girls you rock 🙂

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    Aw my little Angel, this is beautiful!!! You almost made me cry for some reason!!! love this storyline!!
    Man I love you so much and Happy Birthday Sunheri and Sarah, keep smiling my doll


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    Wow…awesome, love you? happy birthday Sunehri and Sarah… ❤️?

  5. Ohhh myyy…..suchhh a loveeelyyy n cuuutee episode??Wishing Sarah n Sunehri a VERYY VERYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!?????????

    1. I mean story..not episode

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    Aww so cute happy birthday sunehri and sarah

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    BTW, the pic is some kind of misunderstanding.

  8. Wow awsm story…..happy bday sunu n sarah????

  9. This one is best gift for my birthday! !!!!!!! Just loved it my god 😛 and last shazia sarfaraz 😛 ayaz nazia 😛 loved everything our bonding was so good. .. love u all

    Sunehri mehta ( sunuzurahlima sis forever ) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    1. Hey did you checked your g+ i have messaged you saying happy birthday!
      Btw happy birthday in advance!

  10. A very big happy birthday Sunehri and Sarah
    may u have all the joy your heart can hold
    enjoy your day with lost of love ♡

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