Hiii guys again sorry for not posting my ffs…i will post soon..i wrote special os for our angel bday..hope u like it…

One girl is shown,who is sleeping peacefully,her sleep disturbed by alaram sound..she take off blanket from her face irritating..she is ragini(our birthday princess teju)..she murmurs i cant sleep peacefully in my birthday too..she took her phone nd sees birthday wishes from her friends..her attention goes to one msg from unknown number…
” Wishing u a very happy birtday to most sweetest,prettiest,gorgeous girl in world”
Ragini smiles nd thought might one of her friend sent this..she opens her room door nd stepped out ,she looked down when she feel soft under her foot..
,there is the way which made by rose petal..she just walking on the way looking amazed…
Her mbl beeped with msg..she reads..
“u have born now only na ,i dont want let your delicate skin hurt by hard floor”
Ragini rolled her eyes nd walks further ,she reached hall,which is filled with flower bouquets..she looks at them surprised…

Her mom came from kitchen:u woke up ..wish u a happy birthday my sweety..
Ragini:ok maa..first tell who did this all..
Mom:i dont knw dear..i also surprised when i saw this after i woke up..i thought one of ur friend did this..
Ragini in mind friend??but i dont have this much close friend to me..i have only few friends they are not here now..then who is this..
Ragini looks at all flowers nd caressed them smiling..She noticed some chit on it..she opens..

“These flowers argued with me that they are only beautiful..i said them i will show u the most beautiful flower in the world..
Hope they realized after seeing u..
Happy bithday most beautiful girl in world”
She blushed a lil..but again start thinking who was it..
Mom:what are u thinking..u r getting late for office and u have to go temple also na..get ready
Ragini:haan maa..
Mom:i bought new saree for ur b’day..wear it..
Ragini:ok maa..i will go office ,directly from temple.
If i go late na..my boss will eat me raw..
Mom nodded..
Ragini came to temple wearing Saree nd did darsan..when she comes out from temple..one small boy came nd gives bunch of roses to her..
Boy:happy birthday didi
Ragini(caressed his face):so cute..but how u knw
Boy forwarded one chit to ragini..she reads..

“I have ever knw ,someone looks so hot ,gorgeous, elegant in simple saree ,until i saw u..beaty will be jealous seeing ur beauty..u r looking extremely gorgeous in this Saree.”
Ragini looks around nd start searching for him,but how can she find him ,she dont knw how he looks..she stood pouting..

She came office hurriedly ,while going for her desk ,she bumped with someone..she about to fall someone held her preventing from falling..it is her boss..
Ragini looks at him nd smiles widely ,afterall he is her crush..
He makes her stand…
Boss:wow u came this much early..great(he said with sarcasm)
Ragini:sorry sir..vo..
Boss:stop it..u came late, now dont waste time giving ur stupid explanation.
Ragini pouts sadly..
Boss:.get back to ur work..(he said seriously)
Ragini:yes sir
Boss:wait..what u wore..saree..are u came to office or marriage haan..i dont knw when will u learn all these thing…
He gives a irritated look nd walks..
Ragini murmurs sadu..god gave him a good personality nd good looking but he always sadu..she huffs nd goes to her desk where her colleague is there..
She:kya hua..our sadu boss again took class..
Ragini:oye stop it..dont dare to call him sadu..i have only right..
Saying ragini settled at her desk ,she noticed one box there..she opens it nd sees heart pendent in it with chit..

“My heart doesn’t want to be with me ,it was disparate to go to someone,Hope it reached safely to whom it loves.i knw it must be jumping with joy being with her”

Ragini smiles blushing ,she recalling all his lines since morning nd blushes without realizing her boss who stood there nd calling her..
Boss:ragini(he shouts)
Ragini looks at him who looks at him sternly..
Boss:if ur blushing section gt over ,
Will u come with me for meeting..
Ragini nodded cutely..
She comes home from office..as soon as she came into her room she noticed

one packet there..she opens it..there is beautiful gown in it with chit..

“i knw u are disparate to see me..i too disparate to meet u…come to xyz place wearing this..i will wait for u”
Ragini takes her mbl nd dialed that unknown number..someone picked it…
Ragini:hello..who are u..
No response
Ragini:hello..are u there..
No response
Ragini:i knw u are listening..who are u nd y are u doing this all..i dont want to come anywhere..y should i come..
He disconnected the call.
Ragini:what the
She gets a msg..
“u have to come..i knw u would come..come soon i will wait for u”
After thinking so much she decided to go..
She reached beautifully decorated place ,which he said to ragini..

She heard audio welcome my queen..

she looks around but no one is there..she searched for him…
Again she heard audio..

“do u knw how beautiful ur eyes are…im loving it when those sparkling eyes are searching for me,i always want to drown into those hazel Brown eyes”
She smiles..
“dont smile like that..mein mar javunga”
She smiles again
“i like when u smile but i love it when im the reason..i wish u keep smile like this forever”
Ragini:who are u
He:ur well wisher
Ragini:will u come out plzzz
He:kyun ,are u desperate to see me..
Ragini:if u are not come then i will go,she turns…
He:plz dont go..turn im here.. in front of u..
She turns immediately..
Her eyes popped out seeing him..it was her boss who scolded her morning..not only today..he always looks so serious ,very rude with her..but always she wish him to talk nicely..make him smile..make him cool but ,everytime he ignored her..nd now..she stood numb ,not able to believe anything…
He:not sir…sanskar..(ha ha..he is none other than our dashing varun kapoor)
Ragini:i knw it was not real..its my imagination..
Sanskar smiles
Ragini closed her eyes nd murmurs ragini come out from ur imagination,u r dreaming too much..
Ragini opend her eyes nd looks at smiling sanskar..
Ragini:im still in my dream..she slapped her forehead..
Sanskar moves towards her nd gives peck on her cheek..
Ragini widened her eyes…
Sanskar:its real ragini..
Ragini still stood unbelievable..
Sanskar:most of the time ,it’s hard for me to show how i feel about u..but its ur birthday and i want it to be special,so i want to express my true feelings,i just want to tell u that i deeply,truly ,madly,
insanely,crazily and completely am in love with you”
I love you ragini..
She just frozen in her place…
I knw its shocking to u as i had never behave with u nicely..i used to got irritate by u..i used to scold u but always ur cute smile makes me melt..ur crazy antics pulls my attention towards you..ur each nd every expression gives tickling sensation to me…you have no idea how hard it is to force my self to stop thinking about u…nd i myself didnt knw when i fell for u..but day by day … i have fallen deeper nd deeper in love with u..i have scold u to see ur cute pout which u always makes when i scold u..next u always murmurs sadu after got scold by me..u knw u look like a small kid…today i only know howmuch i laughed seeing ur expressions when i got serious about u..im really sorry for hurting u..but i promise i will never ever scold u..
Ragini just stares at him surprised/shocked..
Sanskar:will u change that expression..im telling my feelings nd u are just stood like this..
Ragini:still im feeling it is my imagination..
Sanskar pinched her..
Sanskar:now believe..it’s real..
Ragini:really u did this all..mng msges, flowers, pendant ,dress all..
Sanskar:haan..i want to make ur birthday special…
Ragini looks at him nd recalled incidents since morning..she looks at him without blinking her eyes…
Sanskar held her hand nd caressed her face with another hand..

Ragini immediately hugs him emotionally..sanskar too hugs her..
Ragini:thank u.thank u so much..
Sanskar(brks d hug nd kissed her forehead):come cut the cake..
Ragini nodded..she cut the cake..both feeds eo..
Ragini:special bithday tho..special gift dena padega..
Sanskar smiles..he stepped back 2feet nd widened his both hands..
Ragini looks at him puzzled..
Sanskar:here is ur gift ,craving for ur love..
Ragini smiles nd runs to him nd hugs him:i love u too
Ragini:i m still could not able to believe u said those romantic lines..seriously..i never thought u could be this much romantic..
Sanskar(he brks d hug nd pulled her more close):u will get to know further ,how romantic im..this is trailer only..
He winks at her..
Ragini blushes..
Sanskar hugs her..
Ragini:thank u so much for making my birthday so special..my best birthday ever..
Sanskar:i will make ur every birthday special..
He kissed her hair..ragini smiles and hugs him ttight.

LOVE U SO MUCH TEJU ?????????????

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