Happy birthday meri jaan…♥twinj os..

Hello guys…. 🙂
Happy birthday paavu…my muffin…my jaan…..love u sis…. 🙂 ♥♡★☆♥♡★☆
Srrriee dear busy soo presenting a short story…..

Well here it is for u all….dont know would you like it or not….

Twinkle’s pov
It is my birthday today what does kunj thinks of himself…huh….its been 7 months since our marriage….I know my sadu doesn’t love me…but that doesn’t mean he wont even wish his siyappa queen…..

I love him soooo much but he is toh not ready to love me….huh…always his work and college and that maya huh….maya maya karta firta hai…..

Seriously I enjoyed sooo much in making those pakkodas for that maya with extra salt….but mera buddhu he ate it…… 😛

Or baat aayi pyaar ki haan beintehaan mohbbat karti hun mein apne kunj se….sadu kahin ka…usse kya pata ki kitni jelous hum mein uss khotte di puttari maya chudail kahin ki…….

But when I decided to leave him….finally leave him with all my guts that maya again became great in eyes of mummyji and kunj……ugghhh….I was sooo sad but what was my fault kunj also sticks to her and she too like camlin ka fevicol…. 🙁

What was my fault and today when it is my birthday kunj is with that maya sitting in living room completeing his project….

Since morning they are doing it and when I woke up he didn’t even wished me…..

He is very cute hot and what not but dekho toh chunha kahin kaa cockroach se toh aisee darta hai jaisee kaha jayega usse….ohhh babaji kya bataun mein he was looking sooo handsome that day and when he hid behind me and I had to make the cockroach run away…sooo romantic it was…..but mein theri pagal kunj mere pyaar ko chodke jaa rhi thi….. 🙂

I was lost in my thoughts when I suddenly cut my finger..and it was bleeding……oucchhh…I shouted and saw my kunj coming to me running…..

Kunj’s pov
I heard oucchhh…a shout of my twinkle my soul my love obvio I love her and she thought I love that maya who is just my friend……..I went running towards the kitchen and saw twinkle’s finger bleeding…..tears came into my eyes and one made its way towards twinkle’s hand….I took her finger and sucked it hard…..I could not see my love in pain my life in sooooo much pain…..♥
She was looking at me lovingly…we both could not take eyes of each other….we were in deep lovelock her finger in my mouth…..(ishq bulava in bg) when my friend maya came….to disturb our moment….kya kahun phele toh uski vajah se meri twinkle mujhe chodke jaa rahi thi and then ab humara romantic moment kharab kar diya….kahin sch mein toh maya my dear friend is after my love life usko barbaad karne ke….. 🙁

We separated from each other and twinkle looked at maya and left from there although she knew that there was nothing between me and maya but still she was sad because of maya I had without intention hurt twinkle alot……and she was really sad……

And upar se I know aaj twinkle ka birthday hai….and I haven’t wished her just coz of the plans I have for her….she is really sad and I cant see her more sad……

Twinkle went to our room…and I went behind her…..I told maya to go…as we had time to complete our project…..

When I reached the room I saw it empty and heard the shower….I knew twinkle was bathing soo I decided to play a mischief and changed into a towel…..(hahaha guys m literally srriee I donno myself what am even writing….as I am too sleepy and its 1:30 am..) as I heard twinkle coming back I closed the lights of my room and switched the blue lightings that I had in my room…..and also put the cards and flowers…I know twinkle takes atleast half and hour in bathing…..and as she came out I had the song (savanriyaan) put on…..I was gonna confess my love to twinkle….I could not just wait to take her in my arms and kiss her….I could not wait to share my everything with my love….. 🙂

Twinkle’s pov
I came out of the bathroom in my bathrobe……I could not believe my eyes the room was decorated beautifully and kunj was standing there in only in his towel I was going to scream when he put his hand on my mouth…..he nodded in a no….I calmed myself and turned back….kunj mad eme face him…and then did his savaryiaan….I was laughing literally like insane…and kunj was just looking at me and smiling and I could see the love in hsi eyes for me….. 🙂

I just asked him between mg laughs that what was that for he just said nothing and sat in front of me and wished me happy birthday I was very happy…..that he remembered and actually did all those cards and decor for me…..

Then he stood up and kissed my cheek and then other one…and then reaching my forehead he confessed his love to me…in the most beautiful way I had never even imagined……he looked at me in my eyes and waited for my answer….without waisting any time I captured his lips into mine and kissed him he was shocked at first but then reciprocated….and gave in our kiss lasted for 20 minutes…not ready to leave each other sucking biting licking our tongues playing and making love….he had his hands inside my robe caressing my waist… and i moaning his name…but it showed all our passion love care griefs everything we carried for each other…our tashan uhh…..never leaving us…..

Finally we broke our kiss and then looked at each other and joined our foreheads together and smiled……

In the evening…♥
I was in the room when lunj came and gave me a packet and told me to change into that…..first I asked him why but he insisted me so I got changed then he tied a saturn ribbon on my eyes and took me some where I aksed him where we were going but he didn’t told me just pecked my lips…and I blushed hard all the time he came close to me…..

Kunj’s pov
Twinkle came out wearing the dress I gave her…it was a beautiful peach pink colour floor length dress…..(the one which she wore in goa in that party )……I was mesmerised…..♥by her as always ….she took her time and did her makeup and all the time I was looking at her and she at me and smiling and blushing….I wasnt able to control myself sooo I told her not to blush other wise I had to vancel the plan and then she knows what would happen to us…. 🙂
She blushed more and I could not control and I kissed her yet again passionately the n we parted away and she got ready I took her in the car and then we went to our farmhouse…..

Twinkle’s pov
We reached somewhere and kunj took me inside….I could feel all dark and the moment kunj took out my saturn ribbon the lights came on….and all shouted happy birthday twinkle……the place showed all my pix with kunj my family since my childhood till now….everywhere it qas decorated with roaes and balloons my whole family was standing there….and even my friends ishu and chinki…..I hugged all and then I told everyone that it was ishus birthday too….we both cut cake and then I fed it to kunj…… 🙂
He kisse my hand while eating it…without getting it to anybodys view…I blushed and he smiled….. 🙂
Everyone wished ishu and she fed cake to my jijs…. 🙂
And then chinki..and we all enjoyed alot…. 🙂
Then kunj told all to dance and there was romantic lightings done in room and everyone danced…..in couples…..
Mummyji papaji…. bebe leela maa…ishu and jijs…..chinki and jijs…..mamu and mami….and kunj and me…..
Jijs kissed ishu on her cheek between the dance which was noticed by me and ishu blushed I smiled looking at them and then looked at kunj and we both were lost in each other…..
And he wished me happy birthday meri jaan….. 🙂 🙂
And I kissed his cheek….. 🙂
It wss the best birthday till now…. 🙂
I got my love…. ♥♥♥♥♥


People as u all know its paavus birthday a very very happy birthday to her and my warm wishes and love to her…. 🙂 my muffin my jaan…. 🙂

I donno you ppl liked it or not but please comment…. 🙂 I have written it at night and now its 2 am….and also from mummas phone as you all know my pc is not working…… 🙂
Well it will soon be working….hoep so…fingers crossed….

Please comment please…..now I would like to bid adieu…am hell tired and tomorrow have my school……
Sorry guys I am not able to comment or read ffs….but as soon I will get fre I will complete them…..

And guys do tell me does any one of you live in noida or delhi……? 🙂

Please comment and love to all…. 🙂
Love u lods muffin…ur cuppy is missing you…. 🙂

Enjoy your day girl…. ♥
Please gusy I want atleast 30 comments….hehe jyada hogya naa…. 😛 😉 😉

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Baby
    It was really good
    i loved it
    post something soon
    loads of love

  2. Baby jii ??????amaizngg os…….and I wish a very Happy Birthday to paavu…though I came to know after reading Itt☺may you have a bright and beautiful year ahead???????…..and baby ji aap apna os kab post karoge…..jaldi karna ..ok..thik…very good?????

  3. SidMin23

    It was really cute moment and twinke thought kunj love maya ??? happy birthday.

  4. Nishfd

    Its ws so gud …..
    Lovely os

  5. cute lovely os
    Happy birthday paavu

  6. Presha

    Hey baby…
    Its awesome cute nd lovely..
    Just loved it…..
    Wish u a very happy bday ishu…
    May all ur wishes comes true…
    Love u both…???

  7. SidMin

    Happy birthday Ishu ??
    Loved the os … Awesome. .. hai yaar too good ….
    ?khya likha hai voh Twinkle’s POV tho epic tha…
    And towel and bathrobe vala awesome …
    Love you and keep writing such stories …. ❤

  8. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey baby,
    Long time baad tune kuuch likha h finally……… Jhaneehman Or jab tune likha h toih isse amazing fantastic mind blowing TOH hona hi h……. LOVED IT TO CORE. ….Tw POV were superb yrr. ??????????
    Hope to see you soon with another beautiful piece of writing…..
    PTA h I m so happy today ……Ek TOH m Tu PR registered ho gyi Isliye ?????????????????? or distance tune post kiya Isliye….
    ?? ??
    Okkkksssss byeeesss
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAAVU……?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    May God bless you and all your dreams come true…. May this day be as beautiful as u r…. ???????????????????????????????????
    Love you both

  9. Fatimaa.

    Heyy baby..
    Awesome os..
    I lovedd it soo much..
    And and happy bday ishu..
    Hope u enjoy ur special day..
    Love u both..
    Keep writing

  10. Lovely os

  11. Anshikajainn

    Awwwwww…Soooooo. Cuteeeee yrrr it was just awewome????????❤
    Lots and lots of love…❤??❤??

  12. Loved it??

  13. Mia12

    Oye hoye my wifey doll,,??
    Haye mene to yeh expect hi nai kia tha,,??? Haye meri wifey pata nai ab apni is hubby ki cmnt dekhke to maybe tu sharma rai hogi,,??? Kitne din bad meri wife ki writing parhne ko mila mujhe very very much happy,,???.. M very proud of u my wifey,,??? And about this os it was Fabulous Awesome mind blowing and what not,,??????????.. Love twinj confession,,??????.. and their POV it was to funny,,???? I Loved its each and every part of this,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤.. but ye ishu or jijs ka kya connection hai haan,,?? or plssss wifey ab teri os post karde jab time mile jab,,????..
    And and and…

    Jiti reh sada khush reh,,??
    Dhuto nahao or puto falo,,??
    Or ab hum hamare jiju ki saali banna cahte hai to uski taiyari kar,,?? or ab god tuje blessed kare or tu xm mai pass kare,,??.
    Now eat testy dishes,,????????????????????????????..
    But pls come back soon,,??
    Miss u a Lot’s ishu,,?? and..
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤..
    Meri wifey and ishu,,???????..

    1. Baby

      Oyyee noo jijs connection n ishu….koi bhi nhi hai sbko bada dikhana tha dats y I added jijs….nothing else…. 🙂

  14. Purvi128

    thank god u wryt something..
    HAPPPYY BIRTHDAY ISHUUUUU.. MY BUTTERCUP… I M MISSING U SOO MUCH… i have aslo written an os for u.. hope it get posted by today.. becuz i submitted at 6..
    the os was just amazing..
    too good..
    haaye twinkle’s pov was.. saooo funnyy…
    kun’s savarya.. hahaha … that was amazing..
    hehehehe… their povs.. were tooo funny.. loved each nd every bit of it…
    yarrrrr tera pc kab theek hogaa?????? i m dying here…. jakdiii ker… collab ff likhne ke liye mar rahui hun…
    LOVE U LOADS… 😉 😉 😉

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  16. Ramya

    Baby it’s awesome romantic
    Amazing lovely aur kya kuch nahi
    Lambi comment abhi ke liye mushkil hai
    Per itna bata du mera dil kush kardi tune
    Love u keep smiling

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