Happy Birthday Meher! OS


Meher was walking through the dark and creepy hallway. She was wearing a red chiffon sari with kundan-earrings adorning her ears. The silver blouse and minimal makeup with her steamy hazel eyes— all these were simple, yet they only augmented her natural beauty. But our beauty was wasting everything. Why? Well, she was frowning and walking briskly with an angry look on her face. Actually, it was since the morning that she had been waiting for everyone to wish her ‘happy birthday’. But no one, not even her childhood friend and her secret crush, had wished her. Hence, she was fuming like the water boiling in a kettle at hundred degrees.

She recalled how everyone was eerily quiet as if nothing had happened and today wasn’t a red letter day. Well, to her, her birthday was a red letter day only. Why should everyone forget that sweet and most important day all of a sudden? This made her frown only deeper. Then again, she thought that may be like they show in daily soaps and movies, that heroines and heroes are given a surprise birthday party after refrain from wishing him or her the whole day, she would also get something like that. But it was already eight o’ clock, only four hours to end the day, and they showed no signs of that. Instead, her mom had told her of some relatives’ engagement party and kept this foolishly beautiful red sari for her to wear. She had come from her college, only to see the note and that she had been called to the ‘Gulmohar Marriage Hall’ for the party. Her eyes almost wailed up with tears when she understood that her nineteenth birthday went to the dustbin. ‘No Meher, don’t cry. Your makeup will get smudged and people there will think you are a ghost,’ she told herself. She also vowed to take the revenge as soon as the clock strikes twelve that night. ‘Anyways, why this place is so creepy and quiet? This an engagement bash, for God’s sake. What is going on?’ she thought.

As she reached the main marriage hall, she found it dark and empty. “Hello? Is anybody here? Hi? Will someone tell me what is going on and where the engagement is going on?” Meher cried desperately. She was feeling a little afraid too. Hence, she entwined her hands comfortingly.

Just then a whitish spotlight fell on her opposite wall. Her eyes widened with disbelief as she saw the wall. A big ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEHER’ LED board was glistening on the wall. She gasped once when she saw that. An engagement party it had to be, right?

Then, another spotlight fell on the wall on the right. There, on the white wall, she could see her childhood running by. Slides of her childhood happy days kept flashing one by one on the wall. “Wow!” she gasped, almost tearing. She pinched herself once to perceive if she was dreaming everything. But the instant flash of pain told her that this was reality. She felt her heart heaving as it was flooding with nostalgia. She clasped the sari part near her thighs and kept seeing everything and stepped on the floor of the room, her legs shook as emotions were flooding to her.

As soon as she stepped on the floor, another spotlight fell on her head. Her eyes shut with the effect for a second. When she opened her eyes she saw that another spotlight was shining on the marbled floor. Then her ears filled with a known male voice singing, “Happy birthday to you; happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Meher, Happy birthday to you…” the voice sang as intense sound of boots walking filled the room. She smiled happily when she recognized it and at the same time that person stepped on the spotlight, clapping. He paused and opened his arms, grinning at her.

“Thank you, Sanskar!” she cried with ecstasy as she ran to fit herself in that embrace. Yes, Sanskar, her childhood best friend, and her secret crush stood there, beckoning her silently to embrace. Meher ran directly and jumped on his arms, embracing him tightly. “Thank you so much Sanskar, thank you. I…I…am…j-just…” she stuttered as she fumbled for the right word. Sanskar smiled,” Arey Meher! Kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost,” he winked at her. Then they pulled themselves away as soon as the whole room finally lit up and her family, Sanskar’s family, her friends, everyone sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to her. She stood there, tears flowing down as she was so happy. She felt her heart would burst with ecstasy now. Everything was so very much beautiful. “You all managed to keep on the suspense for the whole day? I am stunned,” Meher said while laughing as the song ceased.

Her ma beamed with joy, “Actually this Sanskar told us to abstain ourselves from wishing you. Your sulking face actually made us laugh for the whole day.” The entire hall laughed with her last words.

“What? I was sulking for the whole day and you people simply enjoyed the scenes?” Meher pouted angrily.
“Ole My angry princess! Hold on. See, sabar ka phal meetha hota hai. Aur tujhe ye sab accha nahi laga kya?” Sanskar pinched her puffed up cheeks.

“Achha? I am flabbergasted. I am over the moon now. Everything is so pretty! I love you all so much!” she squeaked with joy.

“Over? Now cut the cake Meher,” her dad pointed towards the three storey creamy stuff lying on an ornate table in front of her. Her eyes popped out as she saw the cake, the base cake was a vanilla one, the middle one was a strawberry cake and on the top, was her favorite chocolate cake! “How beautiful!” she exclaimed.

She closed her eyes and wished before she cut, “God! I have a few wishes. Pura kar dena please. Firstly, keep my funky family and others very happy and united always like this. Secondly, ye stupid sa exam pass kara dena. Nahi pehle hi year me mujhe compartmental dena padega. Aapko pata hai na, ki wo business ka subject kitna bogus hai. Math and accounts me nahi lagega. Lekin usme lagegi apke help. Please! Third, please bhagwan ji, Sanskar aur meri setting kara dena. I love him so much. At least give a hint about his feeling,” she kept on praying desperately till a nudge snapped her out of her almost meeting with God.

“Meher! Will you even cut the cake? Looks like your wish list will never finish. Pehle cut le cake, fir jitna chahe wish mang lena. Mere muh me pani aa raha hai,” Eva, her elder sister said annoyingly.

Meher rolled her eyes at her sis and proceeded to cut the cake. She blew the cake as everybody sang the song again to her. Then she smoothed the knife through the cake, cutting it. First, she gave her dad the piece. He was her idol, her buddy in everything. None could ever take his place in her life. Then she gave her mother a piece. The next most important person in her life. Actually the most important place was shared by her dad and ma. She could feel internally contented to see her parents’ smiling face, even now. Next, she went to her Sanskar. Yes, she had mentally made him hers. Now, it was to see if he too had. She felt her heart unusually fluttering as he nibbled on the piece, touching her hand. ‘Meher! Why blushing? He’s your friend after all,” she rolled her eyes at herself. Then her sister, Eva got the cake from her. Eva was never going to stop her pranks on her. And the most usual birthday prank was initiated by her. Eva simply smudged the chocolaty cream on Meher’s face. “Eva!” she giggled as she too instantly smudged her sister’s face with the cake piece.

Now, she moved on to Laksh, Sanskar’s brother, and her brother-in-law, Eva’s hubby. He too smudged the cake on her. Now the entire hall was full of their happy cries as they ran after each other to smudge each other’s face. Everyone merrily took part in it. As the fun ceased, they found themselves clutching their bellies to stop the fits of laughter they were on.

“The party starts now,” the deejay boomed on the microphone and instantly waves of music hit the hall. The entire hall started jumping with the beats of the song that boomed.

Meher too was dancing happily when she felt a hand dragging her. It was Sanskar. “Sanskar? What happened? I want to dance. Where are we going?” she asked annoyed as she was being taken away from the bash. “Shut up. We will dance. But I have something more for you. Told you na, picture abhi baki hai?” Sanskar said her as he dragged her. He instantly applied brakes to the speed and went near Meher.

“What? more surprises?” Meher asked him.

“Yes. but close your eyes at first. No drama…just close them,” he pointedly told her.

“Uh! Okay” she sighed as she closed her eyes. She felt his cold hands on her eyelids as she kept walking blindly with him, silently. They stopped when Sanskar reached his destination.

Meher felt Sanskar’s lips near her neck and a whisper made blood running with more speed through her vessels, “Meher! Happy birthday to you,” Sanskar whispered as he slowly removed his hands from her eyelids. Meher opened her eyes and froze at her place to see the scenery before her. Her eyes just widened with mirth as she saw herself standing on a red carpet leading to a table laden with white covers. On top of it, sat a beautiful little chocolate cake. On the wall opposite, there was written “Happy Birthday Meher” within a love sign made of rose petals. The decoration was simple, yet love oozed out from its every pore. “Walk,” a voice made her jump again from the daze.

She started walking on the red carpet, the evening wind blowing through her soul. She felt goose bumps on her skin. Why? She dint get any answer from her hyperactive mind. As she walked, her eyes glistened merrily as rose petals fell on her like rain water. She squealed with mirth and put out her hand to catch the smooth petals of rose.

She reached the table and the petals stopped falling on her. She looked at Sanskar whom she found smiling brightly at her. ‘God! He is looking so different. Dint I notice before?” she thought. Sanskar stepped towards her and said, taking a breath in, “Meher! I don’t know exaggerations and hype kinds. This is just a simple kind filled with my love for you.” Meher’s head snapped up at this. Their eyes locked as he kneeled down on one knee. He said, “I know you like this. I am your childhood chuddy buddy after all. Well, since childhood, we have been like bread and butter, inseparable. This friendship only strengthened as we grew up. Finally, when I was in tenth standard I made out that I love you. I have always loved you since we met probably. The realization just hit me then. But I was all along very unstable to tell you my feelings. Also, our small time infatuations kept hindering us. But today, we have none to bar us, none to bar me from telling you the words I have always died to tell you, though I don’t know your feelings. Moreover, you wanted to hear the words of love when the first rain of the season would fall on you and your lover, remember? And hence, here I am, cupping the rain water with the rose, to tell, you, I LOVE YOU MEHER. I LOVE YOU,” he cried out as the raindrops fell on them. His shout echoed through the entire vibe.

Meher, surprised that God gave her, her third wish so soon, was completely frozen. Everything was getting more perfect for her. She snapped out, tears streaming down her cheeks, as he shouted those three words that she pined for and pained for. She clasped his shoulders and helped him get up first. Then she directly looked into his eyes, raised her heels to reach his height and placed her lips on her. Even he was taken aback with the return of feelings. Already her hazels were making him go weak on his knees, and now this sudden move; he was completely flabbergasted, blown away.But he returned with the same passion. Their kiss grew more passionate as if this was what they wanted all these years. He placed his drenched cold hands on her waist as she clasped his shirt more firmly to keep her balance. They explored each other’s lips, biting, sucking and relishing every bit of it. Finally, they pulled away as they were out of breath.

Then Meher backed away from him. His eyebrows knitted with tension building up inside his body. Will she return his feelings?

Meher extended her arms out as the rain drenched her body and looked up. She shouted, “I LOVE YOU SANSKAR! God! YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM!” she stopped and looked at her Sanskar. He was now mentally and emotionally everything inside her. She felt she was the happiest person ever born on earth. Her love, her joy knew no bounds. She ran towards Sanskar, tightly jumping him and quietly speaking, “Thank you Sanskar! Thank you so much,” her eyes shut. Sanskar smiled, and pulled her away, “Cake cutna hai ki nahi?”

Again she blew the candles, this time mentally thanking The Almighty for giving her all the happiness’s in her life. She cut the cake with more ecstasy as he sang, only his voice filling her souls. Now she again fed the cute little cake to Sanskar. He too fed her. Now, he took a big lump of the cream and smudged it on her cheeks.

She gasped in amazement,” Sanskar! You…” she too pulled out a lump of cream and ran after him.

“Sanskar! Wait,” she ran after him on the roof, drenching in the rain, the season’s first shower. Her chiffon sari had clung to her figure as it drenched more and more. He went near the shade, and quickly switched on the music system. A beautiful music filled her ears. She stood where she was, listening to it.

Just then, she felt two hands grabbing her waist. She gasped a little and murmured,”Sanskar!” she felt his lips on her cheek, swiping away the cream on her cheeks. She closed her eyes. They were laden with the love radiating around her. Even in the cold rain, she felt her heart warming up.

Here, the song started too.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek lambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo jaana.

Sanskar moved his lips from her cheeks to her right earlobe, nibbling on it a bit. She felt her heart could come anytime out of her chest. Its beats were deafening her ears. She kept her eyes tightly shut. He now moved his lips to her neck, kissing wildly on her smooth nape, earning a moan from her. Meher placed her hands on his hands which were now clasping her bare stomach. She felt her body burning in the fire of love.

Mujhko alfaaz bana lo,
Dil ki aawaaz bana lo,
Gehra sa raaz bana lo jaana.

Nasha hoon main behakne do,
Mere qaatil mujhe jeene ka haq toh do.

Now they were dancing slowly on the rhythms of the song. He matched the steps with her, but they never failed to look constantly at each other. Both of them were heating up, love overpowered their souls and mind. The entire world had got blurred around them.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek laambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo janaa…

Again Sanskar had brought Meher in front of her. He slowly planted passionate kisses on her bare back. She again gasped with love drenching and blocking her voice box. They were silent, love spoke all around them.

Mujhe apne sirhaane pe,
Thodi si jagah de do,
Mujhe neend na aane ki,
Koi toh wajah de do.

Sanskar trailed on Meher’s shoulders via the back of her nape, with kisses. His palms slowly drew circles on her stomach. She felt tickling. She grasped her sari and bit her lower lip to keep herself under control.

Mujhe apne sirhaane pe,
Thodi si jagah de do,
Mujhe neend na aane ki,
Koi toh wajah de do.

Hawa hoon main lipatne do,
Mere qatil, mujhe jeene ka haq toh do..,

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek laambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo janaa…

Sanskar lifted Meher as she extended her arms and swirled facing up. He swirled her. Then he stopped, Meher looked down at him. Slowly he brought her down. She now faced him. She planted kisses, brushing from his jaw line to his cheeks. She pecked lightly on his lips and then put his hands on her waist. She grabbed her right hand with his. They started dancing again to the melody.

Tere sang guzar jaaye,
Yeh umar jo baki hai.
Hans do na zara khul ke,
Kaahe ki udasi hai.

Tere sang guzar jaaye,
Yeh umar jo baki hai.
Hans do na zara khul ke,
Kaahe ki udasi hai.

They were still embracing each other and shaking their bodies to the tunes. Their hands entwined, like two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly. Their embrace was like two puzzle pieces, fitting perfectly. They eyes were like glued with a superglue, never leaving each other’s gazes.

Subah hoon main aane do,
Mere qaatil, mujhe jeene ka haq to do.

Mujhko barsaat bana lo,
Ek laambi raat bana lo,
Apne jazbaat bana lo janaa…

As the song played its ending tunes, Meher found herself rising up again to reach his height. She found herself placing her lips with his, like again two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly. They were like the two puzzle pieces that lost only to found their match in themselves. They kissed as the rain drenched God’s love on them, emotions drenched them, and love baked them. Meher felt this was her best, ‘love’-liest birthday. She focused on the kiss that brewed up lumps of passion and endless emotions.



So yeah! This is my birthday gift to My Dear MEHER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Lots of love from my side.

Did you like it? Tell me please.

How was your birthday by the way?

Sorry, uploaded time got delayed as I had a test and again I have another test. But can I forget the gift for the test? No. so here it is. Excuse this timid heart for I suck in writing romances. My writing is always like simply report everything, lacking emotions. So bear with the romance. I made it a cliché and quite heavy. I hope you dint mind.

Enjoy the day. And…


N.B- I am posting it as it is. So let it be belated.But don’t laugh at me. TU had this problem of server maintenance.

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  1. Meher

    Omg !!!!! It’s best b’day gift…

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    It’s just like fairy tale… So cute.. So osm
    . just perfect in one word….

    As I HV said that u r one of my favorite writers.. U r just osm..

    Luv u loads..

    Lots of kisses n hugs to u dear????

  2. Meghs

    Bisha its so cute… its best gift to someone birthday…. well described. … good yaar actually speechless

    1. Jiya

      Esha is looking cute in ur dp:3

      1. Meghs

        Thanks jiya

  3. Jiya

    Bissshhaaa! Such a sweet gift yar! Not only meher but I’m also impressed with u. I’ve not read ur works but still I’m saying but it was not less then a fairy tale with an angel ‘meher’ and her prince ‘sanskar’
    Lots of hugs and kisses oops! Sorry no kisses only good wishes love ya b’day angel!♥♥♥♡♡♡ℳⓔⓗⓔⓡ♥♥♥

    1. Meher

      Na Na u can send me kisses… I won’t mind.. neither my sanskar will mind ??????

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