Happy Birthday Aham Sharma


“Out of sight, out of mind”!!! I wonder is the saying applicable for Aham?? If only he knew how he continue to live in my mind.

Aham Sharma, he needs no introduction. He just sweeps us all off our feets with just his million-dollar smile & innocent, powerful, intoxicating eyes.
Honestly, I saw Aham first time in Mahabharat as Karna. Karna is my all time favourite & it is also very hard to impress me. But His one look, his first entry scene. I just fall in Love. I ardently watched him as Karna, beginning to end & I was mesmerized. His whole journey in Mahabharata as Karna is simply magical. Every time, I wonder He is doing acting?? No No, He is the KARNA, reborn again, whom I loved from the childhood. Still, I watch the old episodes of Mahabharat in Hotstar. It’s to treat to his Fans. The way he played Karna, for me, it’s called Perfection & Excellence.

After that, he came back in Manmarziyan as Arjun Mehra. A contemporary role. Not so Perfect character, but A HERO in terms of acting. Arjun was a multi-layered character with both positivity & negativity. He is handsome, but there was a magnetic attraction in him which is so tempting & captivating. Arjun Mehra is very special to me because from this character I discovered Aham’s tremendous s*x-Appeal. Hotness Personified.

Later, I watched his other works in Youtube. I appreciate him as Rehan, Shravan, Angad. He is a very composed Actor. He always do a scene so effortlessly, that I always wonder whether he is doing acting or he is the real one. He is very versatile Actor. He can do any role. We are on cloud nine to hear the news of screening of his film in Cannes. For me, Aham is a distant Star & mysterious also. I am waiting for the day when we got to know more about person Aham Sharma, not Actor Aham Sharma. But I admire his many qualities. It’s not easy to left a secure job & try hands in acting. It needs lots of courage & confidence. He wrote his destiny with his Hard work. He is a motivation to many of us.

Waiting for Aham Sharma’s next show “Brahmarakshas”. Best of Luck. I know he will rocks. It’s his talent & our faith as a Fan.

So, today wishing you a very happy Birthday Aham Sharma…….. may you cherish to your heart’s fullest, may all your fondest dreams come true for you & here letting you know on this special day, that I will always love You.

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  1. Sarayumane

    Happy birthday ahem

  2. U might not believe it but I knew that this must be u when I starting reading and when I finished and saw ur name I was happy that I was right. Thank u for doing this and yeah Happy Birthday Aham Sharma

  3. happy birthday aham

  4. S.v

    Thank you for the update and i will also say that mahabharat was the first show i saw Aham sharma that too as ang raj karn and i was really felt that they are only the real characters of Mahabharat and my fav song was surya deva so gaye.. mata kunti’s song for Karn a beautiful lullaby . Still i love that song…….

    Happy birthday Ang raj karn and my fav Arjun mehra or Arjun sir …. always let us make happy with his acting skill. Madhumita thank you for the update dear. My hearty thanks to you for those beautiful words…… Thank you so much…… Happy birthday Aham sharma

  5. Happy birthday Aham sharma…he was best as karna but m angry on star plus they portrayed karna character little bitter …originally he was soft n very nice…even I like him Arjun Mehera..

  6. Happy birthday Aham. 🙂

  7. Jessie

    Happy Birthday Aham Sharma…Wishing him all d best.. success n happiness n all goodness in this universe for him.. I loved him as Karna.. I dont have words to describe how I Adore Karna.,a selfless prsn n Aham as karna made me all emotional.. Manmarziyan… I jus loved hw he portrayed d shades of character.. Thanks Madhumitha.. and group hug to all Aham n manmarziyan fans here..

  8. Sammy

    Happy bday aham ..we share the same bday month .I love him 🙂 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Ahem Sharma ????

  10. Madhu please update your other fan fiction
    Desperately waiting for them

  11. Happy bday ahem sharma. U played the role of karna in Mahabharata very well. I miss u in that

  12. Happy birthday ahem Sharma…

  13. Sreee

    Di we r in same page….coz i know how many more can come and go but no one could ever and ever fill his place in me….coz di i have never ever imagined myself going crazy for some one, a actor….and would chant his name all day…but he made that magic in me….even i have felt as the real karna…then i would pray that my stupid thought shouldn’t be true coz i could never ever imagine him going through all that for real…and that is why i would always wish that mahabharat is just some awesome writers crazy story, so that all sufferings could just be a story…hmmm…eniugh of my blaberring…coz i can speak non stop for even years when it comes to karn…..so my dear bhai…once again…HAPPY BIRTHDAY…may u have a beautiful life just like u???

  14. Sreee

    And di pls upload Checkmate and chakravyuh soon di ,am dying for it…love u…stay blessed….

  15. Happy birthday karn
    Thanx Madhu for update
    Can I call u that ????☺?

  16. Dipika

    Same here..I have read many books on KARNA as i think he is real hero in mahabharata..i was excited when i saw Aham as karna n he done his job slpendidly.. He is flawless actor i deed…

  17. Sweetie

    Firstly Happy B’day Aham Sharma,my cutiepie.. 🙂
    Even my first show of Aham is Mahabharat..Karna character is my all time fav,and Aham portrayed it flawless..Next Arjun Mehra character,grey shade..Personally I like grey/negative characters and Aham in grey shade is like sone pe suhaga.. 😀 Loved him in Arjun’s character.. 🙂
    Thanks Madhu for this article.. 🙂 Waiting for Ahalya dear.. 😀 Stay blessed.. 🙂

  18. Awesome, wowwww lovely marvellous gift from you my sweeeeeetheart madhumita…..it’s really superbbbb n beautiful words from the bottom of a lovely heart which you poured out here. …loved each n every word of yours….the struggles n hardships an actor bears during his career it’s very painful n maintaining an image in front of world a earn the true love from Fandom and success requires lots of hard work behind it….n Aham Sharma deserves all this love and success to eternity…I first saw Aham in mmz show….his flawless work n expressions, his physique, the way he carried his role n as a real human being….he is just perfect….for me it’s very hard to express myself…but I said what I felt as we all r friends here….without any barrier of age n status…we all r connected with mmz………
    I wish Aham Sharma a very happy belated birthday. …many many happy returns of the most precious day….may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life n all your hearty wishes come true…stay blessed n healthy alwaysssss. ….aameen. ..summa aameen. …I love you soooooooo muchhhhhh…..muaaaaahhhhhh. …♡♡♡ 🙂
    madhumita…my sweeeeeetuuuuu sissy….thanks a ton for this article…it made my day very precious n gorgeous. …love you loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh. ..bear hug 🙂 ♡♡♡ 🙂

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