Happy belated birthday to my little sis Varsha by seema – OS

Sorry dear for wish you at late. So this is a treat from my side. This is just a story about her which I have dedicated to her. So please wish my sweet little sis Varsha for her birthday. So let’s start.

In Chennai , Tamil Nadu

In a room a17 years girl is becoming ready to go for Mumbai. When she was packing her belongings she kept a gift box in her suitcase and then a photo frame of a couple its none other than our Swasan. And when she was packing she has messed her whole room and is talking something with her friend in phone.

At this time a lady entered in her room to bring a tiffin which she has filled it with her favourite food item biriyani .( I know dear now your mouth is dribbling ??)

Mom: Varsha ( what you thought its Swara no dears its our birthday queen Varsha. ) what are doing? You are packing your luggage or you are messing the room.

Varsha: Mom please , see na till now I have not completed my packing. After one hour I have my train to Mumbai. And my friends are already reached in station. And see instead of you help me you are just scolding me. ( said in one breath)

Her mom: Ok you give me side and let me help you

After sometime they both finished her packing and she went to station where all her friends have waited for her. They are going to Mumbai to enjoy their holidays and meet their favourite couple swasan for which Varsha and all her friends have brought gift for her favourite couple.

After sometime the train reached at station and all started their journey to Mumbai. After 2 days they reached at Mumbai ( actually I don’t know how many days it takes from Tamil Nadu to Mumbai)
In this 2 days they enjoyed alot in train.

After reached they went to their hotel room and freshen up. After sometime they went to marine beach which is famous in Mumbai. They all played in water and made sand castle. Where Varsha is busy to eat her favourite butterscotch icecream alone far away from others( she is a greedy for ice creams ??) At last for the the memory they took so many selfies .

Then they went to Vigneswar temple which is famous in Mumbai. They all prayed for them and ate Prasad.

Then they all went to film city where their or we can say our favourite couple is busy in their shooting. In break they met with them . They gave their gifts to swasan which they had brought from Tamil Nadu. They took selfies with their favourite stars. And then all said by to them and moved to come in hotel room .

But all went to a restaurant which was surprised to Varsha. Because it was not added in their program . But without any option she followed her friends.when she entered in the restaurant her all friends are shouting” happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday deer Varsha happy birthday to you”.
She is totally numb to see the decorations and her friends surprise ?. Its a best day of her life where her all friends are wishing her. Then she cut the cake and gave to eat it to everyone. Then at night all are returned to Tamil Nadu.

It is a best day for her because she enjoyed full day with her friends in sea beach, then visited the famous Ganapati temple, met with her favourite couple swasan and lastly the surprised which has given by her friends. Its a memorable day for her which will cherish her through her whole life.


I don’t know how is it? Because will write about a story and write about a person is totally different things. I also don’t know Varsha you like it or not. If I will hurt you by my writing then please forgive your akka. But I am telling all of you please wish her for her birthday ?. She is little upset on me because I didn’t wish her yesterday. So please friends wish her.

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    Happy belated birthday Varsha, may god bless you!

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