Happy B’day Vikram Sakhalkar (OS) by ArpitaKrish


Hi there! As I mentioned in my instagram story (@srishtitripathiofficial) that who vikramholics will vote there for vikram sakhalkar’s bday os,they will be include in one shot here.
So today is 23rd april, means birthday of our one and only vikram sakhalkar aka kabir of savitri devi college & hospital. Who has won many hearts would have something unique for sure otherwise who do reply every fan, give likes & comments on every edits on instagram, words are less but want to say much.
Now lets move for OS of his birthday celebration.
Everything is imaginary except the characters.
23rd april 2018, I cant forget that day. I still remember………..
A place was shown fully messed. It looked like some celebration was going to happen that day. Let’s check. Some girls were moving from here and there.
“Mitali, Bibechana, do the lightening fast. Niya, Priya, Piya, Ashnita, Hurry up guy. Whole area is remaining” Priyanshi aka jinny panicked.
“Why are you panicking? Anee, Niyati & Jiya is doing decoration that side.” Mitali aka Khamoshi assured.
“Yes and still 3 hours are left for celebration” Niya added.
“I still can’t believe that VS agreed to come here” Priyanka aka Riyarocks was overwhelmed.
“Yes and Credit goes to all of us” Dhruvi, Urja & Sana joined.
they all had a group hug. Niya, Mitali, Priya, Piya, Ashnita, Bebechana, Urja, Dhruvi, Sana, Priyanshi, Priyanka, a family in all sense.
“By the way where is Golu & Surabhi?” Priyanka asked.
“Yes because without them we are incomplete”
“don’t know where they both are?” Everyone denied.
“Actually, last time I saw them with Ashnita & Bibechana” Niyati said.
“Bibuuuu, Ashuuu” Priyanshi asked.
They were clueless.
“Let me tell you guys. They both had went to brink cake. They told me to inform you all” Ruwani joined the conversation.
Everyone became shocked and their expressions were like what.
Other side, Surabhi & Golu were in a cab. They were coming back after taking the cake.
“Subhu, did you smell the cake?” Golu asked.
“No. why?” Surabhi asked confusingly.
“I think once we should check” Golu suggested.
“Don’t you dare to touch” Surabhi kept the cake beside her.
“Okay” Golu became sad.
After sometimes,
“Golu, take it” Surabhi gave the cake.
Golu took and opened.
“Chocolate Cake!” Golu exclaimed.
“Priyanshi did not inform me that she is ordering chocolate cake” Surabhi said.
“So that you don’t finish the cake before birthday” Golu chuckled.
“Okay fine. Now close the box. We are about to reach home” Surabhi said.
“Wait…..” Golu touched the cake and licked her finger.
“Ma’am, you have reached” listening the voice of driver Surabhi & Golu came in sense.
“Ohh shit” They looked toward the cake box. Cake was not there. Actually they both had finished the cake on their way.
“Subhu, save me. I don’t want to die” Golu panicked.
“Me too Golu” Surabhi also panicked.
Someone inform Priyanshi about GOLUBHI’s arrival.
Everyone came outside.
Golu & Surabhi opened the opposite door of the cab and hide behind.
Mitali opened the door and found the open box. She did not find the cake inside. She showed everyone.
“I knew it” Priyanshi said angrily.
Suddenly the car moved and Surabhi, Golu were shown.
They both stood up.
“Cant you both control?” Priyanka scolded.
“Sorry” Golubhi said sadly.
“Its okay. We will make cake” Dhruvi and Urja said calmly.
“Golu, Subhu lets go” Bibechana took them with her.
“Lets go inside. So much work is remaining” Priya said.
Everyone went inside.
Finally that moment came. Its evening. Whole place was beautifully decorated so the people are. Only they 12 were there. Noone was invited. They wanted to celebrate with each other and with VS. VS had been arrived.
Everyone came outside to greet VS.
“Thank you so much Sir for your love for fans that You decided to celebrate with us” Priyanshi said.
“Yes Sir, Its proud to be your fan” Mitali added.
“Alright” VS smiled.
“Is everything ready?” Priyanka murmured to Dhruvi and Urja.
“Yesss” Urja assured.
Some times later,
“Are you coming with cake?” Dhruvi enquired.
“Off course” Golu jumped down from the chair while eating the chips in kitchen.
Dhruvi nodded and came outside, assured everyone through eyes.
Golu came outside with cake behind Dhruvi. Suddenly her leg stuck with a table and in result cake fell on the face of someone and guess what? Unfortunately that person was none other than VS.
Everyone became shocked. Golu started laughing.
“Shut up” Priyanka scolded. Golu became serious.
“Sorry Sir” Priyanshi felt embarrassing.
He was wiping the cake with his hand. Mitali took him to washroom.
“How will we celebrate the birthday now?” Bibechana sat down sadly.
“It was 2nd cake. We cant make cake once again”Urja shared.
“Can I?” A voice reached to them. That was of VS.
“If you don’t mind. Can I make? Its fun in making your own birthday” VS chuckled.
“But……” Ashnita was interrupted.
“Believe me. I will not make any mess” VS said.
“Okay” Mitali nodded assuring everyone.
VS went inside the kitchen and after 30 minutes, cake was baked by him with the help of everyone including Priya, Piya, Anee, Jiya, Ashnita and all of them except Golu.
She was outside.
Niya came out.
“Sorry Niya” Golu holded her ears.
“Its okay” Niya assured.
VS came out of Kitchen with the cake. Everyone stood around the table.
VS started cutting the cake.
Everyone started singing “happy birthday”.
Golu asked for sorry. Everyone melted and hugged her.
VS smiled seeing them.
“Believe me, this was the best birthday where birthday boy himself made his cake” VS chuckled.
Everyone laughed.
Wishing you a very joyful Happy birthday Vikram Sakhalkar Sir.

By Srishti Tripathi

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  1. RuCh23

    ??? Nice one dear! It definitely will be a memorable b’day if VS celebrate with us + he make his own cake!! Thanks for including me in this ???

    1. Flyingfatty

      No need to say thanks. Love you too. ?

  2. Wowww golu tu toh Kamal kardiya. Amazing idea and it’s beyond everything. Impressive I loved it…. luv u

    1. Flyingfatty

      Shukriya Ashu and love you too. ?

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thanks dear.

  3. Anee

    Wow shrishtii it was wonderful birthday OS I ever read…thanks for sharing this amazing os with us I hope Vikram Sir will read this just like he read mine Ribir OS…love u golu.

    1. Flyingfatty

      Yayyyy. Love you toooo. ?

  4. Wow such a lovely os, what a unique way to celebrate birthday of vikram aka doctor kabir.
    Just loved it dear specially it’s first time when birthday boy itself made his own birthday cake so sweet. Happy Birthday to vikram Sir

    1. Flyingfatty

      Yessss.. Other name of experiment is me. ?
      Btw thank you so much.

  5. Starlight

    Amazing…..VS celebrating with TU writters mind blowing…..

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thank you so much dear. ?

  6. Yaar golu…this was really awesome..loved it pretty to the core in fact my stomach aches out of laughter…tu ne khaana yaha bhi nhi chhodi?????…but I tell you cake bohot tasty tha…VS ka haat ka bana hua..ab show mein toh ek paratha nhi banta real mein cake??..majaa aagya yaar..love uh golu!!

    1. Flyingfatty

      Shukriya and love you bibu. VS is extra smjhdaar I guessed. ?

  7. Dhruti


  8. Wow superb golu…and thanks hame vs k bday ka part banane k liye imagination me hi Shi party me the to Shi…. hahaha….mind blowing go yr

    1. Flyingfatty

      Mention not. Love you piyu.

  9. woooooooowwa…kya baat hai…kaash aids ho pata kyuki agr aisa hota to maza hi aajata…mai kashmir chod k tum logo k saath vs ka bday cekebrate krne aati???…tere hi khurafati dimaag mai ye sb aata hai….lv uh meri goluuuu a lot?????

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thanks Sanu. Love you too. I wish hum mil pate.

  10. Anu88

    So so sweet and amazing story yaar……….many many happy returns of the day vikram sir??

  11. Priyanshipp

    tu to gyi golu ki behna ….. tu mujhse itna darti h ….khadoos kabir h mai nhi ab dekh tere saare momos kha jaungi…yaar mai itna comedy krti hoon real me or ig pe phir b tune mujhe yha khadoos kabir ke jaisa bana diya …not fair. ..or ek baat bolu tu muje phone kr tab bataungi… or btw agar mai ye VS ko forward kar doon to khi wo confuse na ho jaye ki golu kon h kyuki kabir b golu h ???… btw mast mind blowing OS h …mai haste haste pagal ho gyi…luv u golu molu..

    1. Flyingfatty

      Tu bday boy ki behen hain. Use khadoos nhi bna skti thi toh tu bhugat ab. Shukriya. Love you too meri pyaari jinny. Pakka call karungi.

  12. AAYU

    It was amazing dear
    Please keep writing more articles like this

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thankyou dear. I will.

  13. Amazing

    1. Flyingfatty

      Thankyou dear.

  14. Super se uparrrr ……yr it was a dream come true ….hm sb sath me wo bi hamare vs k sath ….mtlb ye sach hojaye!!! It was soooooo goooddd …….loved it dher Sara!!! Luv uh golu!!! My all tu frnds luv uh all and miss uh all!! Achcha koi confuse ho to bta du that urja and abhilasha are same!!

    1. Flyingfatty

      Koi nhi. Maine kar diya na. Love you dher sara ujruuu chaman.

  15. Sbse late comment k liye sry butw its simply awmm OS golu….??

    1. Flyingfatty

      Its okay dhruuu. Love youuuuu

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