Ommggg i am really happy guys thank u so much for ur comments and for liking my os and ts so now here we go with the second part and kakali here we go with our princess entry


**next morning**

@gadodia mansion

dp family is staying in gadodia mansion and they all got up early as they are used to it

sumi was arranging all sweet items and choclates on dining table shekar was busy in odering some stuffs in phone

sans got ready to office and was abt to go and saw both sumi and shekar nervous

sans : Aunty wat happened y r u both nervous

sumi : Haan wo actually tuffan aarahi hai

sans : Tuffan

sumi : Hahaha ya my daughter

sans : Ok ok but y these much sweets and choclates aunty wil kavitha eat this much sweets

sumi : hahaha noo even kavi hates  Desi ghee sweets but this is for my younger daughter shona and these much huh for u its more for her she ll just eat everything in an hour and ask for more u ll come to know when u see her

sans smiled and went towards the door to leave to office

she : Arre sanskar beta this much early where r u going

sans : Haan uncle we have an important meeting na so i am going lil early today

she : Ok so take my car beta

sans : No its ok uncle how can i i ll manage

she : Maine kaha na (soon he called the driver and told him to leave sans office)

on the way to office

sans was going in car memerising the points for presentation

on the otherside of the road

an old lady was selling bunch of roses the signal was red (oldlady knocks the window of a car soon the window was open)

girl : Haan nani tell me (with a smile)

ol : Wo actually i am selling these roses so if u buy one i ll be happy

girl : hahaha ok but in this hot wether how will u sell all these haan and u also look very weak hmmm wait i ll come (she got down the car)

there she was with an angelic smile and a hazelnut eyes which was showing her innocense childish behaviour and naughtiness with a orange color salwar suit with matching bangles a cute payal and a cute jumkas in her ears u guessed it right it was our own SWARA

She got down made that lady stand near a shade on the side of the road told the driver to park the car side and went to sell bunch of roses

she knocked a cars window  the person dint notice her again she knocked the door

guy : Kya hai (angry since he was disturbed)

sw with smile : can u get this bunch of roses it is so fresh and see so cute na oly 10rs each

guy : Huh these ppl no need

sw : hmmm u can even give it to ur girl frnd mom sister can u pls take this (cutely)

guy : Was angry : I said no na go saying this he closed the window

sw pouts (guy was noticing this) She drew a smiling smiley on his car door and gestured him to smile (she also smiled and went to the other ppl to sell and after selling all the roses she gave money to the old lady)

sw : Yeh legiye ur money

ol : Thank you so much beta god bless u

sw : Thank u and bye (left with a sweet smile)

@gadodia industries

a car comes in front of the office the same guy while getting down notices the smiley and smiles at that

guy : Hmmm pagal hai wo ladki but nice girl (to himself) Arre sanskar u have meeting did u forget that offo in this girls chakkar i have forgoten it huh

ya guys that boy was sanskar soon meeting was over and he went to his cabin as there were ppl coming for interview

@outside his cabin

sw : Hello mam may i meet mr Gadodia

rec : do u have appointment

sw Smiles : no

rec : sorry mam without appointment u cannot  meet him
sw : hmmm have he come to office

rec ; No he is on the way

sw : Ok (saying this she sat on the lobby)

sans saw her and got a smile on his face and thought wat all she did in morning

sans : This girl na hmmm lagtha hai she has come for interview let me see (soon he got busy with his work)

shekar came to office and seeing her he was shocked and told sw to come in to his cabin

sw came in : hello mr gadodia

seKar turned his face in fake anger

sw came in front of him : Awwweee hmmm i think someone is angry on me ok let me go back to london itself then

shekar holded her hands : shona

sw smiled and hugged him : Papa missed u so so so much and y were u angry on me

she : then wat should i do u told u ll come last week but u have come today

sw : Offo papa i had some important appointments thats y u know me na see now i dint even straight to meet u

****SWARA GADODIA : shekar and sumis younger daughter kavithas sister doctor by profession very kind hearted doesnt have any attitude down to earth spreads smile loves everyone always smiling her ma papas and sisters favourate no one can hate her 23yrs young lovely girl she has returned fron london after 5 Yrs ****

sw : Hmm ok papa comon lets check ur bp and did u take tablets Today

she : Wo wo haan muje kuch kaam yaad aagaiya

sw : ur impossible papa how could u do this i hate u dont u know to take ur medicines on time

shekar was standing and hearing all her scolding that time sans was passing through the  cabin heard that

sw : how could u mr gadodia how could u do this i ll not leave u i ll

sans came with a bang : Oh hello mam wat the hell haa y are u scolding him and who the hell are u to scold him

shekar was abt to tell.him abt sw but she signalled him no

sw : Oh hello  mr kadus who are u to ask me haan

sans : his sil

sw opened her mouth in o : Wat?????

sans : Now u got the answer get out

sw was giving i ll kill u look to shekar

shekar in mind : Arre sanskar wat did u do if she knows i have seen a boy for her sister without informing her she ll kill me

sw : Acha i m leaving

soon swara left the cabin shekar was to tell abt swara to sanskar but he was interepted by a ph call and soon they both left to gm for lunch

everyone including kavitha was sitting in dinning table for lunch

sumi : Shekar y shona dint come yet did u call her

she : Haan wo (interepted by a voice)


sw entered with four big size teddy bears

sans : Tum u came here also now wat morning roses and now teddy bears get out no one needs this here

soon kavitha ran and hugged her
kavi : shona missed uuuuuu darling (kissed her cheeks)

sw : Awwwee missed u sissy but hate u

kavi : Yyyyy????

sw : Ya u dint tell abt jiju na

kavi : Huh just leave it and this teddy bears really u still have craze on this u ll never change
saying this kavi went to her room

sans was shocked and stood still seeing everything

sumi & shekar: see after seeing sissy now she for got her maa and papa

sw ran to them : Maaa papa love u so much and missed u both (hugged and kissed her and shekar)

dp; is she our shona see how she has grown up

ap : Ya ji

sw got blessings from both and saw sans watching her and standing like a statue sw stood in front of him

sw : Hai jiju

san was like wtf : Hi hmmm call me sanskar and hmmm sorry for the morning incident

sw : hahaha no probs jij

sans roled his eyes and everyone sat for lunch

sans was notcing swaras plate
which was having all types of sweets oly sweets

sans : ur not having lunch

sw : Ya i am having oly na

sans : But

sumi : I said na beta she eats oly sweets most of the time

sw shouted : Mmmaaaaaaaaa

sumi : Shonaaaaa wat happened
sw : Mothi chur ki lado kahan hai huh give me i am starving

sumi  : Huh wait i ll bring (soon she bought a plate full of lado and kept infront of swara)

swara while eating and almost finished full plate : Hmmmm yummmmyyyy who made it

sumi : Ap ji made this

sw : Offo mom its sooooo gooood awesome (saying this he went and hugged her and kissed her cheekz)

sw : opps btw shall i call u mom

ap : Ofcourse beta

sw : thank u and haan after my sis marriage i ll dailly come to ur home u should give me ladoos dailly ok that too lots and lots

ap : Hahaha achha

sw jumped in exitement : Yeipeieeee ok promise

ap : Promise

sw : I love u mom u know this sumi na doesnt know how to cook also see maa learn something from mom

sumi : Achha bachu ab thu dek

sw ran and hide at the back of shekar : Papa pls save me from ur sumi pls otherwise she ll eat me alive

she : Achha pls sumi leave her na she came oly today

sumi : U both na and haan u shonu dont touch the food i prepare here after u told i dont know to cook na

sw : Arre who told that haan papa did u ppl tell anything to my cutie if u tell her anything i ll kill.u  all i know ma ur the worlds best cook now pls feed me i am starving

sans who was watching all her naughtiness was smiling but then when she told she starving he gulped (to himself) Starving huh she just now had two three plates of sweetz and also a plate full of ladoo now she is starving omg she is a bukkad dont know how will i manage her wait wait y shuld u manage her man u know wat u have gone mad seeing this mad girl

soon his gaze went on the teddy bears sans to sw : Wats all this

sw : Hahaha u dont know isse teddy bears kehathe hai bolo bolo bachu te dd y b e ar ok

san: Very funny i know that but y four

sw : To sleep with

san: Wat

sw : Haan i have a habbit of hugging my mom and sleeping so when going to london they all.bought me this

sans : They

sw : Haan this red one papa gave me this brown di gave me this blue one maa gave me

sans : Ok this pink one

sw took tat pink one and hugged it : Hahaha lucky gave me

sans : Konsi ladki

sw : ladki nahi lucky laksh he is my bestie my baby darling everything

sans got lil annoyed hearing abt lucky : Hmmm lagta hai u love him
(was curiously waiting for her answer )

sw : Ya i love him(thats it for sanskar he was full red in anger and clenced his fist)

sans : Wat

sw : Haan i love him i love my maa papa di ap mom dp dad kyun even i love u too jij i love everyone

sans was cloud 9 when he heard i love u too from her but soon aftrr hearing the word jij made him sad he himself dont know y was he happy and sad


sw was hungry : Huh shona not fair u just now ate so much but again ur small tummy is hungry wat to do ya will search for somthing in kitchen yay yeppie

sw while going to kitchen saw lights on in guest room

sw : Arre who is there here y is the lights on omg is there any theif let me check if its some theif na he will see who shona is
sw slightly peeped inside to see wats happening ya ur rite our sans was checking some bills and calculating the same

sw to herself : Wat is he doing now its 2am and he is awake i think he is worried abt something hmmm lets check (she was abt to go in) nah shona no u know na he is kadus he ll not say anything if u ask so hmmm wat to do Think think huh this small tummy is not allowing me to think anything ok now pehele pate pooja then other things (touching her tummy) Awwwwee my tiny tummy wait i ll treat u with lots of sweets now hahaha hmmm lets go yayyyyyy


sw : Awwweeee ur great mom wow icecreams my favourate yummyyyy (started eating icecream childishly)

sans who was awake hearing some noise came to kitchen
and switchs on the light

sw saw the lights on and closed her eyes in fear : Maaa sorry sorry sorry pls ma i felt hungry i came here i ll not eat icecreams at night hereafter and haan if u say this to dad i ll i ll haan i ll run away from home with this icecream box pls maaa pls dont say to dad or di they will scold me(still closing the eyes)

sans was fully flat in her beauty and was laughing by closing his mouth as she should not here he silently came near her took some icecream and put it on her nose

sw who felt something chill in her nose opened her eyes soon her eyes got widened

sw : Jiiiijjuuuu

sans laughed loud : Ur so funny

sw : huh wats this haan  y are u laughing and i am funny am i looking like a joker for u i hate u go to hell (saying this she was abt to go but sans got her hand and pulled her towards him Now his hand was on her waist and she was struggling to get away from him)

sw : Jiju leave me i hate u (started beating him)

sans : Hi hi shhhhh awww stop it u sherni stop it

sw was keeping on beating on his chest

sans caught hold of her hands : Now common beat me

sw : Jiju leave me i said warna

sans : Warna kya haan

sw : i am warning u warna

sans : Omg i am scared(acting like being scared) Hahaha lets see warna wat will u do my sweetie

sw : Awweee sweetie i ll tell to my di now

sans : ya u can but she ll ask u wat were u doing here at this time i ll tell her u were eating ice cream and u ll get scolding

sw : Huh go to hell ur too bad (saying this she stamped his foot )

sans in pain left her : Awweee pagal wat did u do now and ya dont ever call me jiju ok

sw (showed her tongue out and ran to her room) : Jiju jiju jiju jijuuuuuuu wat will u do now huh

sans followed her to her room and cought her Hand : Ab bol wat where u telling

sw : I said leave me jiiijjjuuuu

sans : Dont ever call me that otherwise

sw : (innocently) Otherwise wat jiju ur my jij(sw was cut off by sans as his lips met hers just for abt 5secs) sw widenened her eyes

sans with a naughty smile : Ab bol na shonaaaa and mind it this time it was just a peck on ur lips if u again call me jiju then hmmm i ll show u wat a real liplock means samji my sweetie (patteed her cheeks  but swara was standing still)

sans went out till door and came back : U know y i came back (she just noded no)

thats when her eyes widened more he gave a tight kiss on her cheeks by pulling her by her waist she was shocked but wat he did next was more shocked

sans : Awwweee my cutie pie became red see now if u become red like this i ll eat u hmmm ok (saying this he came in front of her) Hmmm shona ur so cute but ur very bad (pouts) y dint u kiss me back now ok be a good girl come on kiss me (shows his cheeks) ok i think ur feeling shy btw do u how to kiss ok let me teach u how (saying this he kept his cheeks near her lips and took a selfie and showed her thats when she came out of the shock)

sw : Jiiii sansssskkkkaaarrr

sans : Wat wat did u

sw : Gulped : Sanskar wats all this ur my dis would be

sans went out saying good night as if he didnot hear anything

sw was breathing heavily and sat on bed touching her lips and cheeks

sw : Wats happeneing to me and did u forget he is ur jiju how can u but i dont know it feels good when he is near me and when he kissed me i was in cloud 9 Was jumping inside but y no if i think more i ll be mad shhhh shona now sleep (soon she dozed off blushing)

@sanskars room

sans was very happy but guilty also : Omg y is this happening to me wat is this girl doing i know i am gonna marry her sister but i havent yet married and this girl is driving me crazy oh my god her hazel nut eyes which says so many things her lips i am just starving to taste it today it may be just a secs kiss but still her lips tasted yummy when ever i am with her she makes me happy and i love to be with her and her cheeks when it became red i was not able to stop myself i just loved the way she drew smiley and the way she behaved.with everyone Being a daughter of a billinore she is so simple her smile  childishness naughtiness seriously she is making me mad is this al symptoms of l… Noooo no way me and love never but wat was that spark wen i touch her i feel so happy i mean is this love am i in love yaaa yaa sanky ur in love oh shit i am in love man yayyyyyy I AM IN LOVE WITH MY SMILEY SWARA she is my happiness ya swara i was all worried YOU ARE MY HAPPINESS AND I am madly in love with u (after realising his love for his sweetie he too dozed off smiling )

@dining table next morning

sumi and ap was arranging bf

sw : Aweeee maaaa i am feeling hungry kaane main kya hai

sumi : shonaaaaaa let papa and others come till then wait

sw pouts : Mom atleast can u wats bf today

ap : Hahaha aalo parata

sw : Wowww super btw ur smile is so cute shall i keep u a nick name

sumi (anger) Shona she is our guest and ur sisters sasuma behave

ap : Arre sumi ji its ok u cann call me watever u want

sw : Hhmmmm i always call my mom cutie so ur my beauti ok

sumi and ap blushes

sw got up and hugged both of them : Aweee see my both queens are blushing

sans while coming heard her talks and smiled seeing her antics and came near them

sans : Ahem ahem kya hora hai yahan sube sube

sw was nervous hearing his voice : Wo wo haan i have an important work so my beauty cutie pls send my bf to my room

ap : Arre beta u told ur hungry no come eat and go

sw : pls na mom i ll have it at my room

sumi : haan beta u where hungry na come i ll feed u dek kithna pathli hogayi ho tum

sans who was drinking water spited it : Wat she has become thin????? Aunty i think u should test ur eyes she is fat not thin

sw pouts sumi burst out laugh

ap : sanskar????

sans : Sorry ma

sw : This is not fair haan jij(remembers wat happpend yesterday and bite her lips) Ahhh ma my head is paining i am going to my room bye

sans knew the reason why she left smiled himself and went behind her without anyones notice he searched her in her room but to his suprise she was not there so he was abt to enter his room thats where he was shocked know wat our shonu was there and wat was she doing huh read below

sw was walking here and there in his room with his mobile

sw : Kuch soch shonu wat will be his password haan his name lets try

SANSKAR -password wrong

sw : Huh no haan he is gonna marry di na ok lets try di name

Kavitha-pasword incorrect one more chance left

sw : Ahhhhh idiot wat will the password be haan laddo but thats my favourate haan nahi nahi yeh nahi kya ho saktha hai

there a came a voice from behind : Try SWARA

SW : (without noticing the person) Ya wait will try Oh ya she tried it

SWARA and there it got oppened and it was having their the pic of her kissing him which he took yesterday as a wall paper

sw : Awweee this kadus na is so bad how can he pic as a wall paper let me delete it huh again its asking password in gallery kya password hoga

voice : Shona

sw still on ph : Haan

voice lil bit loud : Shonnaaaaa

sw (turned) Kya hai (thats where she saw her man sanskar u were rite guys he was sanskar)

sw with her wide eyes saw him in shock : Jiju (saying this she closed her mouth with her hands)

sans raised his eyebrows : Wat did u say

sw still keeping her hand in mouth : Sanskarrr

sans : Achha but i heard something else

sw : No no i dint tell anything (saying this she was walking back he was coming near her and she hit the bed when she was abt to fall on bed our hero thought to catch her and holded her hand but soon he too fell on top of her he was lost in her eyes they both where seeing eachother with lots of love he saw her lips and was not able to hold on soon he leaned towards her lips she unknowingly closed her eyes there was an inch gap)

there they were interepted

shekar called them : Sanskar swara kavitha come here

soon they composed themself and left to hall

swakav : Haan papa

sg(shekar gadodia) : mm i have a good news

sw : Hahaha wats that papa

sg : kavithas and sanskars engagement date is fixed tomoro at 6pm so all be ready

sw was lil upset inside but was happy for her sister and jumped and hugged sg

kavitha : Huh thats it i thought something else

sw : Arre di its a big good news so we ll go for shopping

kqvitha loves sw so she cannot deny her : Awwee mere bachu if ur happy i am also happy common lets go to shopping

sans was totally pissed of : Uncle this much early

sg : Wat happened beta are u not happy

dp saw sg upset : Arre sg nahi tho we are so happy

soon everyone was busy with their work swara avoided sanskar and was busy with hospital and other engagement stuffs

@gadodia mansion

next day evening

sanskar was ready with nice golden color sherwani and came down where everyone was present but his eyes was searching for his love After knowing that she is with her sister he came near the hall and greeted everyone

@kavithas room

kavi was still getting ready sw was helping her

sumi : Beta pls get ready soon and sw once she is ready take her down i ll check the arrangments and come ok

sw : Arre chil karo cutie i ll take care when swara is here not to fear

soon kavitha was ready

sw : Challe di

hmmmmm guys stoping here finished with 2nd part now one more part its over lets see wheter swara realises her love for sanskar or not hmmm

hope u like this part

thank u


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