hi guys this is #lakshmi here and I dont think i need a introduction

Love u all guys thank u so much for ur response and comments on my ff #ydislu i thought u ppl will not read as i have already posted it on fb but thank u sooo much for ur response and i should say ot i have a msg to someone spl thats none other than RABIA i am a biggest fan oc ur ts and os and seeing ur comment on my os which i posted before made my day i am happy that u liked my os thank u so mucj i am really new to telly updates so i thought no one will accept me and u allll know how much bad writter i am also huh bahooth hogaiya na bak bak solly so now i am here to post a ts so here we go


@Gadodia industries

shekar : Hello can u pls tell our manager to come to my cabin ya rite now (soon there was a knock on the door)

guy : May i come in sir

she : Arre beta y are u asking permission come in na

guy : (smiling) Ya sir have any work ur pa told u called me

she : Arre phir sir call me uncle otherwise i ll not talk to u (pouts)

guy : Achha ok ok uncle any work

she : ya beta myself and dp has decided ur and kavithas wedding so we have to plan abt ur engagement

guy : Uncle but

she : no ifs and buts u know na myself and dp are close frnds now i would like to make him my relative

guy : Uncle but ur rich and i am just a manager how is it possible and kavitha and me she is

she : Huh how can u talk like this sanskar (ya the guy was sanskar) Its because of ur dadi i studied if she would have not helped me by paying my scl fees i would have not been here and u how can u talk like that i dont see status u know rite and no more discussion ur marrying my daughter thats it

sanskar dint have any words to say he just noded and went out

*****shekar gadodia : one of the best business Man in the world and a best friend of dp wanted sanskar to make his sil*****

*****SANSKAR MAHESHWARI : son of dp and ap his father was working under shekar due to his health condition he was not able to work further so sanskar has taken his position as manager he has completed his mba 26yrs smart young dashing man very active does anything for his mom and dad Oly son and respects elders middle.class guy has a small house******

****kavitha gadodia : shekar and sumis daughter Very arrogant and attitude girl lives a posh life loves partying and pubbing hate poor ppl short tempered but loves her famiy Hates dps family since they are poor 24 yrs spoiled brat****

@sans house

sans : Maa how can i ma they are rich and i am just a manager in his company i cannot do this

ap : Arre beta But kya karen dp ji and shekar ji has decided this how can i go against them aur tho aur she is a very good girl beta pls maan jao na

sans : Maa aap

dp : Kya hora hai yahaan

sans : Kuch nahi wo bas mai maa se baath karaha tha

dp : Ticke jalthi se tyaar ho jao we all should leave for shekars house

sas : Ok papa

@Gadodia mansion

Dp ap and sanskar has arrived
to shekars house

sumi : Arre dp ji ap ji sankar beta aaiye come in shekar kavitha see they have arraived

shekar : Arre arre y are u standing sit na kavitha beta come here

kavitha comes with a shorts and a tshirt : Hai uncle hai aunty hai sans

sumi : Beta take blessings from them na

kavi gives death glare to her

ap : Its ok beta no problem

kavi sits on sofa and started chatting with her frnds in wats app

she : So ya i called u to talk abt kavithas and sanskars wedding

kavi : Wat

she : Haan beta wat happened

kav to herself : If i say no here dad will not give me any pocket money and mom wil stop talking to me so let me talk to that blo*dy guy

sumi : kya soch rahi hai beta

kavi : Nahi mom nothing i just wanted to talk to sanskar

she : Arre kyun nahi jao baath karo take him to ur room

sans and kavi went to her room

kavi : So ya u know me i am kavitha

sans : Ya hai

kavi : See i am staright away coming to the point see i am not intersted in this marriage and that to u no way not even in my dreams i cannot live a middle cass life and all u know wats the rate of a choclate i eat hmmm care u have the same salary of my driver and so mr middle class u would have understood wat i came to tell u so just say no to my papa

sans was fully frustRated : Huh o so y cant u tell that to ur dad y should i

kavi : U have to because(kavis ph rings and she attends the cal and went to balcony sans waited for 10 Mins but she was not coming so he dicided to go )

sans to himself : Huh these rich ppl always selfish and arrogant i have to talk to uncle that i dont wan to marry her

***kavi and her frnd ph conversation***

kavi : Haan ria bol

ria : Nothing yaar i am not in a good mood so thought of caling u for shopping thats y

kavi : No way not now

ria : Am i realy talking to kavitha
kavi : Hahaha nice joke

ria : Arre ur saying no to shopping am i dreaming

kavi : Pls dont make me more angry now

ria : Acha acha bolo wat happened haan y ur angry

kavi : Wo actually papa has decided my marriage with a midde class guy and i said no

ria : Wat y did u say no

kavi : nahi to kya u want me to go and marry him no way

ria : Meri baat tho sun u just marry him

kavi : Wat

ria : Ya if u see if we marry a rich guy like us then who will take care of us he ll be busy in business tours bla bla bla but if u marry a low class guy he ll do all Our works u just act to be sad he ll do.wat ever u say hahahaa
and u know all low class ppl will not have guts to talk infront of rich ppl also if atall if he says anything we can even blackmail him saying we ll send his family to jail u know wat these low class ppl will not want their name to be spoiled so better marry him and ash karo

kavi : Yeh tho maine socha nahi but ur rite ok ok bye let me call u afterwards

kavi went down: Papa i am ready to marry sanskar

she : oh oh thats really a good news with that note
cme we ll have dinner dp ap ji come

sans was confused all went to dinning area oly sans and kavi was standing there

san : u told me to say no and now u said yes

kavi : Thats my wish ok and dont u dare reject me otherwise i ll make u out of ur job ok now u may go (to herself ) Ready to be my slave mr low class huh

sans in mind : Wat is this girl telling if i get out of this job then it ll be difficult to get a new job and will not be able to pay my emi dues for house (sees dp and Ap who are happily having dinner) See them they are also happy hmmm oly for u ma papa i ll marry her (his heart) Wat abt ur happiness sanskar (he neglected the question and went to have dinner)

@dinning table

she : Dp main kya soch raha tha till this wedding is over i want u all to stay here

dp : Arre esai kaise no no that will not be good how can i be in my sampands house

she : U cannot live in ur sampands house but u can be in ur friends house rite

dp : wo shekar but

she : No ur staying here thats it

dp : Huh ok ok no one can win u

she : Wo tho hai

hmmmmmmm wat will happen will sanskar marry kavitha Where is swara to know more stay tuned



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