happily united (yhm os )


This is an os on yhm . don’t mistake this to be the original story , this is just an imaginary story . since this is an os this will have only on epi .
ruhi and ishita r arguing,nobody was at home . ishita says pls ruhi , everyone loves u here , pls don’t go, understand this . ruhi says I will go ishita and goes out angrily , ishita too goes behind her . ruhi goes to the main road . ishita says ruko ruhi pls . a lorry is coming that way , ishita pulls ruhi who was going in the middle of the road , but it was too late , ishita had pushed ruhi but the lorry hit ishita . ruhi is shocked , she shouts ishima and goes to ishita who was fully covered wid blood . some people take ishita to hospital . ishita is taken in by the doctor . doctor comes out and asks who has come wid ishita bhalla , ruhi says mein ayi hun . doctor says r there anybody wid u . ruhi says no doctor . doctor says call ur family member , the patient is critical , ruhi is shocked . ruhi calls raman and informs this .. raman is shocked , he and family members come rushing to hospital .raman asks how is ishita is she fine . ruhi says papa and hugs him . she says papa ishima is critical . doctor comes out again , doctor says the patient is critical , there r only less chances of surviving . raman is shocked , he says no , no this cant happen wid my ishita . ruhi says papa ishima will become alright . raman says how did this happen ruhi . ruhi says all the things , he says ruhi and breaks down .
adi says ishima will become alright papa u don’t loose hopes papa .

after some time
doctor comes out and says , sorry we could not save her . raman is shocked , but says no , doctor , she cant die , I want to see her and goes running , inside the icu ward . he sees ishita . he says , why r u making me cry , pls get up ishu . I made u cry a lot no , that is why u r taking revenge right , u take take revenge on me but pls get up ishita , I am sorry . pls get up ishita ,pls . I love u , I cant live without u . I will convince ruhi , we will live together as a family , like before, I will do anything for u but , pls get up . ruhi also comes there running . she says ishima anke koliye ishima , pls ishima , I will always be wid u ishima , pls ishima . ruhi says papa why is ishima not opening her eyes and cries loudly and touches ishita’s feet . suddenly ruhi notices something , ishita’s legs were moving . ruhi says papa and shows him ishita’s legs moving . raman calls the doctor . doctor comes and checks ishita . he says it is an medical miracle , she is alive . raman hugs adi , he says thank u god thank u so much .

after some days
ishita comes back in bhalla house . she comes inside , she is about to fall because of her weakness . ruhi says ishima sambhalke . ishita says kya bola tumne . ruhi says meine bhola ishima . ishita comes running inspite of her leg injury and hugs ruhi . she says mujhe meri beti wapas mil gayi. Raman says han and hugs her . shagun thinks , shagun u should not leave them live happily , now raman loves ishita as before . ruhi is also wid them , adi is also wid them only , then what about me , I took care of pihu .

shagun then remembers how ishita had took care of ruhadi when he left without even thinking of them . she thinks no shagun u cant become bad again.
At night shagun comes to pihu’s room . she says pihu yahan ao . pihu goes to shagun. Shagun says what will u do if mumma goes away . pihu says u will never go away from me mumma . shagun says but now I have to go . pihu says mumma u cant leave me like this . shagun says u have ur ishima here , she is ur real mumma , she will take care of u . pihu cries , she says voh har vali aunty bhi meri mumma hai kya mumma . shagun says han beta , har vali aunty is ur mummy .shagun says u should be a good girl after I go from here , ok . pihu holds shagun tightly , she says no mumma I will never let u go . shagun says no pihu I have to go and leaves pihu forcibly and goes away wid all her belongings . the next day ishita comes to shagun’s room where she finds only pihu , she says pihu mumma kahan hai . pihu says mumma gave this letter to u . ishita takes the letter and reads it , ishita , I am going from this bhalla family , I did my responsibility correctly , I took care of ur daughter . now I am giving her back to u . I am giving my anmol ratn to u , don’t worry I am fine . ishita cries . pihu says don’t cry mumma and hugs her .ishita gets emotional and hugs her
Shagun is walking aimlessly in the road . when a car comes and stands before her . she sees inside the car and is shocked . she says manoj . manoj comes out wid girl about 14 years old wid him . shagun says who is this . manoj says our daughter . manoj says andar jao riya and says I adopted a girl seven years ago . I could not forget u. shagun says manoj and hugs him . she sees riya standing there . shagun says riya and hugs her too .

At bhalla house ishita says pihu mein tumhe utna hi pyar dungi jitna shagun mumma apse karti hai . pihu says tik hai ishu mumma . she comes to raman’s room wid pihu . raman gets happy seeing both of them together . ishita says pihu tum jao mein aati hun . pihu goes . raman hugs ishita . ishita says chodo raman . raman kisses ishita . ishita says raman I should find out about shagun , we don’t know where she went . she just then receives a message . it was shagun’s , the message read ishita don’t worry , I am fine , tomorrow I am getting married to manoj , u know manoj also has a adopted daughter riya . u take care of ur children ruhi adi and pihu and definitely inform family members about marriage . ishita happily cries and hugs raman . ishita goes out and informs the family . all the family members get happy except pihu , ishita says pihu mumma will visit u don’t worry , pihu says really ishu mumma , I love u and kisses ishita . ruhi comes there and says mein be kissi doongi and kisses ishita . mein bhi ek kissi doon , asks raman . adi comes there and says papa u r becoming naughty . raman says chup kar I am still young and pulls adi’s ears . ruhi takes a photo of it . she shows it to adi . adi runs behind her and asks her to give the phone . pihu also goes behind them . ishita sees their bonding and smiles . she says raman I got my family back . raman hugs her . he says I am sorry ishita . there was my mistake too in ruhi’s kidnapping but . ishita says voh batein cjodo raman and hugs him (kabi kam na honge mohabbatein plays )
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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Wish this happens in real yhm…its nice

  2. its amazing i m a silent reader and i never comment but today i am really shocked because i dont like the current story line and for that i had imagine a story and its the same story !!!
    good luck

  3. Very nice. It will be good if it happens in the series

  4. Sarayumane

    superb, wish it happens in real……….

  5. Hi varshini,
    Iam shwetha from TamilNadu… I loved ur ff to d core.. I hope it will happen in real yhm.. But anyway awesome yaar??

    1. thank u , shwetha ,sarayumane, Anjali , nila and ishra

  6. Woww….it is superb…vry nice yr

    1. thank u megha

  7. ???
    Loved it!!!!! Thank u soo much!!

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Amazingggggggg!!!! I wish it Happens in Real YHM also…..

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Don’t have words to express. I wish this happened in real. how nicely you continued the mess leaved behind cvs and made it awesome without using any negative character. you proved it that we don’t need any negative character in such beautiful stories.
    actually i’m a silent reader but your story touched my heart and forced me to comment.
    Really best ff ever read plz don’t stop writing…. i want some more….
    and thanks for such a wonderful story.

    by the way are u devo ke dev mahadev fan/watcher. even i am.

  10. Kumud

    Really nice can u please continue it really love it

  11. can’t see my comment
    plz reply if received.

  12. wow…what a lovely story…the bonding in relationships is more valuable…i have impressed the way you h’ve taken the negative characters of shagun and made her life to be happy…welldone!

  13. Really amazing yarr superb nd I wish if it wil happen in real story

  14. It’s very very good
    Ektha kapoor should read this and get idea

  15. wow… very nice yaar

  16. Yes. I am reading with tears on eyes…….

  17. Nice yaar

  18. sruthi kavuri

    Hope to happen in real story

  19. Jasmine rahul

    Ishita sacrificed her life 4 ruhi n ruhi realized her luv 4 her.ishita recovered n ruhi calling her ishimaa again was d best.i feel very bad when ruhi calls her ishita in d show.ishra romance n adi teasing them was nice.best was u didnt make shagun turn negative. Shagun made pihu accept ishita n left.her meeting with mamoj was surprising. Loved their union. Im waiting 4 shanoj union on d show.happy to see u back

    1. thanx for commenting , I too don’t like ruhi addressing her mother as ishita .

  20. Jasmine rahul

    Are you back? If so please start ur ishra rivanya ff again

    1. sorry I am not back , I am just writing small os’ , I will be back after some days and surely start that ff

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