Happily Everafter? episode 9

I woke up sometime later, wrapped in his arms, I saw him in his peaceful slumber, I marvelled at the creature who was now my husband. Memories of last night hit me, and they were enough to make me blush. I pushed myself off the bed, careful not to wake him up, he mumbled something incoherent, and went back to sleep.

He had once told me about one of his dreams, this I guess was time to make it come true. I made some coffee, got dressed in my yesterday’s saree. I was thinking, these surprise visit would continue here so I should get some clothes here, to get dressed in days like these. Well, that was for later. I quickly went to kitchen and made some coffee for both of us.

Putting it in a tray I took it to the bedroom, placed in on the side table. Sitting on the edge of the bed tried to wake him up, “Wake up janab, it’s morning.” He just moved and put pillow over his head, “Come on my love, wake up, look what I have for you here.” He grabbed my hand in his pulling me closer and continued sleeping.

Well one can only wake a person who is sleeping, one who is pretending to cannot be helped. He was testing my patience, I was tempted to use water now. But water was old one now, I tried something new, “See I’m wearing nothing.”

He twisted and opened one eye, while I smirked. “Liar” he said. “Well whatever works.” I replied.

We both had our coffee together, both blushing profusely, it was obvious what we had on our minds. We both freshened up and he noticed the limp I was desperately trying to hide, “ You were hurt. Why didn’t you tell me?”

He had stated I was hurt, the question was why I didn’t tell him, “Because it’s nothing for you to worry about. It will go away in sometime. I have heard it happens.” He nodded, but it was obvious that he was not happy.

To assure him of the fact that I indeed was happy. I went to him, asked him to look in my eyes, putting my hand on cheeks, I said, “Yester night was really the best night I had, this is an obvious consequence of indulging in too much fun. Let’s say over-exercise, it won’t happen when I’m used to it.”

I was blushing profusely while I said this. So was he, but he also was relieved. He’ll soon become a worrywart, if this continues. But who am I kidding, he always was one, only the way of expression was different.

We were ready to go to GV, but this stupid blush that had covered both of us wouldn’t go away. Even looking at each other made us blush, memories of last night were way to fresh. We had to leave though, we somehow managed to sneak in GV without anyone knowing.

Both of us were pointedly ignoring each other. Even looking at the each other made us red, which would obviously noted by everyone. But they noticed us ignoring each other and sneaking looks from corner of the eye when other wasn’t looking anyway. If their subtle smile was any indication they knew what had happened. Oh god. One of the disadvantages of living in joint family everyone knew almost everything.

“Why are you both so red today Naira? Did something happen.” Keerti di asked me.

I was mortified, I mumbled incoherently. To which she said, “Didn’t catch that. What?”

I said, “Voh, allergy we ate out yesterday, so may be something in food didn’t suit us.”

“Oh really, you really are a perfect match aren’t you, you both are allergic to same thing as well.” she said to Mansi trying to keep in her laughter, failing miserably. I just ran away.

A week had passed staying in GV. It was going well. Kartik had started going to his job now. He was insisting that we should leave for our flat now. I was stalling the problem really. I didn’t have any defence, but I could see the threshold of his patience approaching soon. I really wanted to solve the problem, I had tried talking to maa about what was their point of view in this. But our talk was never really completed. Someone or other disturbed us every time.

And to top it all, I was bored. Bhai, Kartik and Papa had everything in control in office, for me to go and work there would only create a nuisance. Dance academy was in final stages of its construction but there was yet some time for it to be completely built. Anyway there was nothing for me in the work per say, the construction that is, Papa had it planned for a few years now. I only had to go and run the academy. All in all I was jobless, and it didn’t go well with me. Chores can attract me only so much.

I decided to call Pungi, I hadn’t seen her after the wedding, I missed her. I video called Pungi to talk to her, she picked on the third ring. I asked her, “Hi. It’s been so long I saw you. Do you not miss me. How are the kids?”
She gave me two hoots to say it was all well. But her expression had something wrong. Like she was hiding something from me.

“What’s wrong Pungi? Is everything fine there?” two hoots again. But the nagging feeling of something wrong wouldn’t go away.

I asked again, “Tell me Pungi. You know I’ll find out what’s wrong. You cannot hide anything from me. Where is Negi uncle?”
She was shocked, like I had caught her red handed, I knew I was on the right direction. Something was wrong with Negi uncle.

“Pungi tell me what’s wrong with Negi uncle, you know there is no point in lying to me.”

She enacted he had a heart problem, that he was admitted in hospital, and that he had told her not to tell me. She told me she would control everything and it would be fine. Now to worry. I told her ok.

But how can I not worry, if it wasn’t for Negi uncle I wouldn’t even be alive may be? Who knows what could have happened if he didn’t see me that night. It was him that took in a immature Naira, and shaped the Sherni. I had to go to him. I called Kartik and told him about this.

He told me not to worry, that we would leave for Hrishikesh in the very next flight. I hoped it was enough.

We just informed the family that our going to Hrishikesh was vital, and left. I could see they weren’t happy by this spontaneous decision. Little did I know that weren’t happy, wasn’t even half of it.

Precap – Hrishikesh

Authors notes-

I had said we would take 2 3 chapters flashback, oops, it lasted a bit long. I’m new to this. I really have no idea how much things would last till its actually on paper.

And no one of you even tried to guess who was the famous food bickering couple. It isn’t hard really. One more try? If not I’ll tell the answer in next chapter.

Do tell me how you like the chapter. Keep commenting. Keep loving kaira.
Happy reading.

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