Happily Everafter? episode 8

We went going our new flat. It was almost done, ready for us to stay in there. He had prepared for our first visit there, I could see it on his face. The excitement on his face clearly said that their is a surprise awaiting for me their. We climbed the stairs, he gave me the keys to open up.

I turned the knob to enter into darkness. He asked me to stop and went in first inside, returning just within a moment with a plate of aarti, in the brightness of lamp I could see a plate of kumkum water and a metal pot filled with rice. He wanted me to do grah pravesh in our new home. I couldn’t really deny, can I? He did aarti, looking at me lovingly every second of it. Put tika and sindoor to me.

I gently pushed the pot, spreading the rice all over and stepped into the plate with red water, and walked myself into my new world. I reached the middle of the room suddenly was showered with rose petals. I twirled around spreading my arms, “Welcome to our home, my lady.”

“It’s beautiful” I said, and it really was, he had really turned this place around. No doubt it was small yet, but it was everything.

The cozy tea corner I had said had grey chair, love chair, it was small but we could both fit comfortably. If we gain weight, I could always sit in his lap. The kitchen was small yet perfect place for a two people meal. It had cream sofa with pillows, right now they had covers with K and N. Along the window, he had put, blue curtains mixed with white, there was a small table two chairs, we could talk about everything and nothing here, sometimes have our meals their. The furniture was arranged in a way to ensure a lot of space was left, it was for me obviously. He had put in a lot of thought into designing.

On the biggest wall which was painted in blue, there was our wedding picture in the centre, surrounded by many small and large pictures of both of us. Memories of our love, this room perfectly resembled Kaira. He had worked a lot for this place of ours.

I turned to see what our bedroom had turned out like, but he stopped me. “Did you like this?

“Very much so, your choice is wonderful.” I said.

“I knew that! After all you are my choice too.” He said. I rolled my eyes to that. He never left chance to brag did he. Mendak and his tar tar..

“Come on. Let’s have dinner. And then we can see our bedroom too.” He brought food and arranged it on our table close to the window.

“Don’t we have to go back? To GV? They’ll be waiting for us” I asked him. To which he replied, “I told them we are going out tonight. And will be turning in late. To cut the long story short, they won’t be waiting. But I’m for you. And I’m hungry too”

“When are you not hungry? How do you hog down so much food anyway?” I asked him.

“ Huh? I need food, I’m bigger than you.” He replied. The way he stuffed his food in his mouth, one would think he hasn’t eaten in ages.

We continued to bicker over food, he was saying, “If you got it your way I’d never eat. I’d probably die of starvation. You eat the food in portion which is enough for birds not humans. And I’m a guy I anyway eat more…” He continued speaking, but I had tuned him out. I wanted to shut him up, and I was struck with a golden idea. I got up and gave him a soft kiss, directly on his lips, effectively shutting him up.

As far as I could guess he wasn’t complaining. He put a hand around my waist and pulled me down on his lap, I had closed my eyes by then. It was soft at first, we were both slow, gentle exploring. I really didn’t want it stop. I had a current running down my spine, it was a good thing I was already in his lap, because I could feel my knees going weak. He cupped my face with his hands, and gently pulled back resting his forehead on mine, trying to catch our breaths, getting used to the feeling.

We both opened our eyes almost at same time, each trying to gauge others reaction, we were affected equally. It was a good thing, right?

He leaned again, constantly looking in my eyes, telling me what he was planning. And I wanted it, I gave a miniscule nod and closed my eyes I’m anticipation, this one was different. It was more passionate, he went on deepening the kiss, I responded to every move of his. If I was weak at the first one, I cannot even describe what this one did to me. He had a strong hold on me and that was only thing that kept me upright. I had my hands around his neck, I was as good as clinging onto him.

He then gently carried me to our bedroom, I see that he had already prepared our room for what we were already doing. He smiled, to tell me that he understood that I noticed.

I was afraid of how was this going to be, I had heard it was painful, yet pleasurable? It didn’t really make any sense to me.. I guess I’ll just have to find out. He gently put me down on the floor and kissed me again. This one was yet different from the ones we already had, this was filled up with our hidden desires, anticipation, and most of all love which was just on the verge of completion. I had stopped thinking by the time this one happened.

He was running his hands down my arms slowly, and I felt myself shiver beneath his touch, I had my one hand running on his back another in his hair, caressing. He started undressing me, removed the pin of my pallu and pulled off the saree slowly, he picked me again carrying me to the bed, I was picking on buttons of his shirt.

He stopped, pulled my chin up, forcing me to look at him, into his eye. He looked into my eyes, question filled in his eyes, question of my consent. I wanted it, more than anything right now. There was no question of denial, yet I nodded. I knew it was important for him. That was when we made love, completing our bond. It was pleasurable once I got over the pain, it was then I understood what the fuss was about. Our first time was slow, passionate, loving, he was so worried about hurting me, only continued when I convinced him I was okay.

We made love three times that night, each was different than the previous, but don’t ask me to choose. I wouldn’t be able to.

Precap – A Phone Call
Authors notes-
Ummm..I really am speechless right now, I have no idea what to say. The last part, I had no idea on how to do it, absolutely none. If you hate it its perfectly fine.

The food fight though, can anyone guess which famous couple was my inspiration for that one? Read my bio for some clue. Correct answers get special mention in the next chapter. It’s not just that couple though, I seriously have those feelings when Kartik eats, he literally shoves food in his mouth and then tries to speak.. wow.. I have found a fault in perfect man. *pats herself*

And a really frank answer to this question, are you liking this at all? Because you guys have stopped commenting. I miss your comments guys.

I’m more or less free for the whole week so can give you more updates, but only if you keep commenting. Love you all.
Keep loving kaira, shivin and yrkkh
Happy reading.

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