Happily Everafter? episode 7

Naira’s POV

I didn’t even realise how soon my two days were up, today Kartik would come here, to take me away again. I was awake quite early this morning, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. This was the least I could do, I hurried up and before everybody woke up started working on breakfast. Remembering to put my love in everything I made. Something special for everyone in my home.

I had a made cards for my people last night, which I went and kept in places I knew they would be in if they miss me. I’d like my family to find these cards at random-est times. To bring a small little smile on their face in a weak moment. We humans are such fools aren’t we, despite being in 21st century when we have everyone just finger tips away we miss them so much.

After breakfast everyone had a bittersweet mood, to lighten the atmosphere I asked everyone to dance with me, my family being the sap they were joined me gleefully.

Kartik entered at this time and Mishti ran to her BFF, he picked her up and twirled her around to use her momentum. They were adorable.

Kartik’s POV

I entered SS, as soon as I entered, I saw her running towards me. My first gf, my BFF, she was the sweetest child on earth and named that too ‘Mishti’. I picked her up and swirled her around she was laughing, I was happy to see her happy. Last I saw her she had big tears in her eyes, I cannot ever see her like that.

I had brought flowers for her, “Pretty lady, did you miss me? Because I missed you big time.”

“Did you miss me or… Naira di? I have heard after marriage people forget their friends.” She said.

“What kind of question is this BFF, I missed you both you know that. And how can I forget you pretty lady, no one forgets their first love, you were my first GF” I replied making puppy eyes on her.

“Alright! Alright! I understand that you missed me. Btw? What should I call you now BFF? Now that you technically are my jiju?” she asked.

“You can call me anything pretty lady, it is boring to use same name again and again, now you can very well switch.” I answered genuinely. I realised I had given her a free teasing reign but I always gave her that, and she never has misused it. She was the best kid in the world.

She was also my cupid. If it wasn’t for her, I’m terrified to even think what would have happened. Naira once in a while becomes an idiot, that time she really was one. I understand she was being pressurised and everything, she was being forced to act in a certain way. Become the woman her mother was.

She tried to talk to me, but after she had rejected my proposal I was hurt and really didn’t want to talk to her. She was giving me mixed signals, thus I thought I’d avoid her totally. That’s what I did.

Due to all of this together the head strong woman I know and love, gave in. She had suffered a lot in this phase, but no, Sherni that she is, she took it all with a smiling face. Sacrificing everything for her sister. I was all set to leave the country for good. And I would have…if it wasn’t for this adorable lady talking to me. She set everything right, I cannot even explain how grateful I’m to this cupcake here.

“Where are you lost again BFF? You don’t need to dream about Naira di now, she is all yours.” She teased me.

“No BFF. I was just thinking about how special you are to me. Remember whatever happens, there is a special place for you in my heart which will always remain yours.” I told her, truthfully.

Just then my queen came in asking, “Wow! BFF moment huh? What about me? My husband has eyes for his Sali only, what about your wife? And what of your sister mishtu? Just because your BFF is here you’ll forget your sister?”

“Yes of course, sali aadhi gharwali hoti hai. And I’ll anyway take you home, her I’ll continue to miss. Right, mishtu?” I said.

“Right BFF.”Mishti replied, she was always on my side. I took her in my arms she was just custest.

“OK OK I give up, cannot barge in between two best friends anyway. Kartik I think you should go and meet everyone, so that we can leave. Dadi has asked us to come back early.”

I then met everyone, promised Naitik Sir, that I’ll treat her princess like my queen. He told me he trusted me completely to love her just as much as he did. He asked me to call him dad now that we were officially married, I did. The word somehow felt foreign to my lips. But he was the best dad ever, and not only to Naira also to me.

After taking their blessings we both set of to our place. I wanted to take her to our new flat. It was almost done. I wanted to see how she liked it, if she wanted any changes. I knew she didn’t like the decision of mine to stay alone, but she cannot understand how essential it is.

She is only seeing what they are trying to shoe her. This was my family, no one knew them better than me. They were a perfectly dysfunctional family, trying very hard to be modern. What they are is really big show off. They’ll drink foreign tea (what was that new flavour from New York), but will keep on the same orthodox behaviour typical I’m so many places in our country. I can do anything in that house. After all I’m their son. I can never be wrong can I? They won’t allow her anything, I have seen how they treat Keerti and Mansi. They are their own daughters, and even they can’t breathe freely. Naira is their daughter in law. They’ll smother her completely, she would die of suffocation.

Naira was not made to stay in that family, they’ll kill her essence, her dreams, her ambitions, and yet make her feel it was all her fault. She was strong I knew, but I also knew my family was truly manipulative. They’ll plant thoughts in her mind and make her think that it’s her own.

No I cannot do this to her. Even if she is upset for a few days, I’ll not watch her getting killed slowly in that slaughter house. I’ll take her to our new place. We’ll be alone, but happy. I have promised myself, her happiness is only thing I care for.

Authors note-
Phew. This one done too. First time I started writing from Kartik’s POV. It was only because I wanted a KarMi moment. And didn’t want Naira to barge in it too early. Also first time I used a direct hindi line, guys I tried a lot.. kuch chize angrezi ke liye bani hi nahi hai?

And the flat thing, this is what I think is Kartik’s POV in living separately. And why he is not wrong in wanting so.

Happy reading. Best Monday in a while.

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