Happily Everafter? episode 6

It was only around 11 in morning. I was admiring the wall hanging which held my family that i had left. I was already missing them, wondering what they were doing. I’m sure Bhabhi maa and Choti Dadi would be cooking something, saying that it was for everyone, but it really was only to help them with their nerves. If they were jobless they’d start missing me.

Dadaji he won’t say anything to anyone and keep himself in a corner pretending to read newspaper with heavy eyes. Bua Dadi she would be pretending that it’s a ok, come on. It was obvious right? What people fail to see is that her anger is just the surface. Like a coconut, hard on outside soft inside.

Gayu di would be trying to cheer up everyone, I told her to that, if it wasn’t for her I would not have had married. I would not be able to step put of the home if I wasn’t convinced that there was someone to take care of them. I trust her totally to take care of everyone. There was Karishma chachi too to take care of everyone.

Mishti I requested her to help everyone, but the way she broke down and asked if I would never come back home? It broke my heart. Kartik talked her out of it, he asked his BFF if she trusted him. If she did she had no reason to worry. As nothing can keep her away from either her Naira di or her BFF.

Bhaiyu, he’ll never say a word. His anger, his loneliness only came out in the seclusion of his room. Everyone knew he was very lonely, after Tara left he never saw a girl. He really loved her a lot, I know he felt very bad on reacting the way he did on that fateful night. But since that day his only mantra was family. He was my mother’s pillar when I had left. Mamma was everything to him. After she left and he wasn’t even here, what he went through isn’t even imaginable by me. But he would put a brave face on and take care of everyone. He always does.

I don’t even want to think about what my getting married has done to the only remaining member of my family. Papa had only recently lost his soul mate, he came out of depression of losing the love of his life and so soon I deprived him of his second love. His princess left his home for as good as forever. He will always be the first hero of my life, my first love. I so hope my family can keep him happy, because engaging him something or another is probably the only way to keep him happy. How can I do this to papa? I have to do something for him.

I never noticed when I had tears rolling down my cheeks lost in these thoughts. Kartik caught one of them, he understood what I was thinking, no words were required. He just gently wiped them with his thumb and caught me very tightly in a hug. I felt warmth return to me. I began to calm down.

He just held me for a long time, allowing me to settle down. When he said, “Look at me Naira.” Putting a finger below my chin, pushing my head up, forcing me to look into his eyes “Naira? What is this? If you are missing your family all you had to do was tell that to me! We can go there immediately you can meet them. We do not stay miles apart separated by LOCs we just have to take a car and go there. Promise me, you won’t waste these precious pearls for reasons as stupid as them”

“I promise” that was all I could say.

“OK, so let’s sort this. We’ll go to dadi and tell her we are going to Singhania House.”

We went to dadi and told her, she said “you may go children, only you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. There is a ritual of Pag Phera. And you have to do that Naira. You cannot go before that. Our priest has given tomorrow’s mahurat, that’s when you will go.”

I had to wait until tomorrow to see my family. I was upset hearing that. Kartik had worse mood than me hearing that. Apology was written all over his face. Did he think I blamed him for this? Or his family? “Kartik this is not your fault. This is a ritual and we have to do it. It’s not your families either, anyone else would also say he exact same thing as dadi.”

“OK fine! Tomorrow we will go to Singhania house. Today we can video call them ok?” he said.

“Yes I’ll like that very much jaan. And did I mention I love you?” I said giving him a soft peck on his lips.

He was shocked and shy, “You might have, but it’s good to remind me again.”

We did a video call that night after which we cuddled together in the bean bag. I loved how much he loved cuddling. I was curled upon his lap and just when we were talking both of us fell asleep, his arms around my waist my head on his chest. I had a good night sleep, not so sure about him though..

Next morning bhai came to take me home, I thought Kartik would accompany me, but he couldn’t.

Wow what are these rituals, I have to stay with my family alone for 2 3 days when he can come and get me back. They were hell bent on making me choose. But it was only for two day, and he can come to my home anytime. But I already missed him. However I wanted to go to my house.

Bhai took me home again. I had missed everyone so much. I can’t even express what all I had missed. To sum it all I had even missed the air around my place. I was going to run in when bhai stopped me, “Don’t forget this is a ritual too, you cannot rush in.”

Badi dadi did my aarti, put tilak to me. After which I ran in and hugged everybody. I had missed them all so much. They had too, they all had tears brimming on their eyes.

I was looking for papa though, I couldn’t see him. I was looking for him all around the place “Whom are you looking for Princess?” I followed the voice, it was then that I saw him, behind a projector screen.

He said “Princess! Now this is the first time you came back from your new home to us. We are supposed to gift you, blessing our daughter. But you have everything princess, and what you do not, I’m sure Kartik would get you everything. These are the only things I can gift you.”

I was intrigued! What was it that had made papa so emotional. Just then the video started playing, there were pictures and videos of me growing up, just until my bidai. Showing a pink bundle dressed in pink, I looked like a scrunched up potato, my dance I’m South Africa. Then pictures after coming to India, pictures with bhai, dadi, badi dai, all my bua’s, gayu di, mumma papa. Then suddenly I was big enough, I had missed so much in those years. Me and mumma, the day when we were united back. Kartik our banter, during yash bhai’s wedding. Our marriage.

By the end of it I had no words, I just ran into my father’s arms. And cried my heart out. He was my first hero. My first love. I promised myself come what may, I’ll always make time for my family. Whatever the life be like, how much ever the time may be constrained I would always make time for them.

I was home. My first home, whatever be the condition this is the place I would revert to. This was my safe place, would always be. I never had to think what and what not here, I’ll always get acceptance here. I was the luckiest person on earth, I had everything, wonderful parents, loving family, cutest siblings, sweetest in laws, and most of all. I had my Kartik, my everything.

Precap – KarMi (I miss them too much, if the show won’t give me I’ll make it for myself!)

Authors notes-
This guys was probably the most difficult chapter I wrote, to write kaira it’s kind of easy. For the first time i actually wanted to put a video of what im trying to say, words wont come as naturally as they always did. But I had to get this right. I still don’t know if I have done even an inch of justice to the bond she shares with everyone. Do tell me if I have.

Love you guys so much. Keep commenting. Happy reading.

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